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  1. cool and its a go up and help yourself job ?
  2. Is there anyhwere doing chinese buffets these day ala the old wok inn where the crescent used to be?
  3. are her arms really so hairy? or did you stick some girls head on a bloke?
  4. how many people does this guy have to piss off before hes gotten rid off. Already hes scrapped plans for anything viable to replace summerland/auqadrome, which is something the island desperately needs if its to keep the youth happy, entertained and even providing facilities for sports for adults. and now i see that hes suddenly replaced mylcreests for supplying the roads closed cars what else is he getting wrong folks?
  5. if a network is designed for 80,000 people and another few thousand people come along of course there are gonna be issues, you cant expect MT to put in a network to support much more than their normal capactiy, and i suspect cable and wireless will be doing the same, tho obviously this will reduce the load on MTs network somewhat. Just turn your phone off for a few days, its quite liberating to not be contactable, gives your thumb a rest too from all that txting
  6. theres a few i know, not all manx, but some from the isle of man. Im a very rare breed in these parts
  7. if you can wrap up a sharks mouth its just a fish with you getting a free ride on
  8. was just curious, didnt see anyone i knew on either site, ok i saw 1 person, the rest seemed to be varied in nationality, quite alot of south americans, latins etc, maybe theres a isle of man village or something somewhere we dont know about?
  9. Just been looking on hi5 and orkut and it seems to be all foreign people on there ???? has there been a massive influx of foreigners in the past couple of years?
  10. very usefull , except for the fact the pronto network will crash no doubt will all the addtional mobiles, calls and txts during the TT period like every year excpet many more this year?
  11. i dont know if you can use it on children, but i think so. but out here in cyprus i use P20, which is applied one time per day, and never ever burn with it. perhaps you could use that on your children?
  12. true muscle does way more than fat, and also requires more calories for you body to function per day with increased muscle mass. the best way to loose weight is to eat healthily and also bear in mind when doing workouts that you do fat burning exercise rather than full on cardio. This is slighty slower heart rate etc, and also remember 20 minutes on the treadmill really is just a warm up !! Body doesnt start using fat stores till after this period, so in fact a 40 minute program is only burning fat for 20 minutes, plus a short period afterwards due to higher metab
  13. suzook


    no disagree with this statement ive made some great friends here, and when i was home for 7 months (and wasnt planning on coming back) trhey all kept in touch more so than any of my friends on the isle of man did perhaps this is a guy thuing?
  14. so no chopped off fingers yet??? thats what always worried me about learning, only done it once and yes when i was actually upright i looked quite elegant, however little time was actually spent upright. amazing show of flailing arms on the way down tho
  15. tis indeed, used to like their buffets , really nice satay sauce dip for the chicken pieces .. so they arent open anywhere else or planniong to that anyones aware of? so whats the ice rink like ?
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