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  1. QLD-Bloke

    Trump gives Jerusalem away

    Rog You referenced the Carol not the gospel. The Carol speaks of a cattle shed in Royal David's City where Mary laid her baby - therefore can't be anything but Bethlehem, I'm afraid! QLD
  2. QLD-Bloke

    Trump gives Jerusalem away

    Rog, firstly - good luck with your recovery. I hope 2018 is a better year for you. However, "Royal David's City" referred to in the carol is Bethlehem, not Jerusalem. The Gospel writers (the two who put a nativity story in) had to deal with the 'prophecies' that he supposedly fulfilled, hence the need for a Bethlehem birth. King David came from Bethlehem and was crowned there, hence "Royal David's city". This may not be an accurate term but it's a song not an historical treatise. The carol was written in the 1840's This is a different root from "City of David" (which I assume you were thinking of); this does refer to a settlement presently viewed as the original urban core of ancient Jerusalem. Note that this term was first coined in the 1920's and only really came in to common use in the 1970's after the capture of East Jerusalem (where the site actually is). The term and the location are still controversial of course Not really interested in the debate re capitals but just wanted to point out you shouldn't use the carol as supporting any particular view! Regards, QLD
  3. QLD-Bloke

    "leeches"freee money to be slashed

    AFAIK: Income Support is the payments made to those who can't work (long-term sick, single parents etc) rather than those who are in work but not earning enough to live. Employed Person's Allowance is the 'extra' money to make up the difference between what a family (and it has to be a family) earns and what it "needs". We don't have the same complex tax credit system as in the UK to convert low pay into living pay). Note that EPA replaced Family Income Support (which is a term older members might recognise) and which might be the cause of any confusion. I've not got the Pink Book to hand but I think that EPA is of the order of £10m per year and could be viewed as corporate benefits, covering up for pay below the living wage but it does include some people who can only work part-time (health, caring commitments etc) and these at least aren't the fault of suspect business practices. QLD
  4. QLD-Bloke

    Washing Machine Repairer/Installer - Recommend

    I found the Appliance Doctors to be good, reasonable and fair when they assessed and then repaired a fridge/freezer and an electric cooker for us. They used to work for the MEA - make of that as you will - and know their stuff. They can't do repairs for all manufacturers but look them up and give them a call - they'll tell you up front if whirlpool is one they can do. Smoking sounds a bit terminal - I suspect that you'll need a replacement. Currys do 'install' where the water (and vent pipe) access is already in place and I'm sure that the other (more) local suppliers (Pasco, MTV etc) will do the same - as long as they can just connect up the pipes they'll put it in but if you want to move the location or improve the connections then you'd have to get that done first. It's well worth shopping around Good Luck, QLD
  5. QLD-Bloke

    Homeophobia At Manx Radio

    Yeah cause the Catholic Church doesnt have any record as being homophobic. That quote from Augustine, TJ, is such an accurate assessment of Catholic attitudes towards gays. Not. FFS I don't know, Chinahand, the quote (as it is being used) makes it clear that being gay is a "fault" that should be "cured" which is bang in line with the view of pretty much all Catholics I've ever discussed this with. I can't say I've met that many Poles but I'd be surprised if those that were Catholic (i.e. most) weren't affected by the church's view - I be they all believe in transubstantiation as well and no doubt TJ would put that down to their Slavic culture!
  6. QLD-Bloke

    Chief Sec's Office - Grad Trainee - £23,394 - £25,611

    Do you need a degree to be an AO? I thought the required minimum standard of education for AO's was a little lower than that. £23k is within the range of starting salaries for graduates. Boredom - it does say "first degree" rather than needing a first.
  7. QLD-Bloke

    Mike Proffitt Of The Mea A Folk Hero, Savior Or Messiah?

    It would only be negative without the cable, otherwise you have 58.02 mw of "headroom" A quick Google tells me that the UK runs 14% "headroom" My post questioned the need for the CSGT and as you have now explained there was no need for it, or certainly for anything as eleborate If the cable went down, a couple of spare deisels would have been sufficient to cover the rest of the plants until it was reinstated. When the cable tripped out last time we were plunged into darkness for hours. Where was the the "headroom" then ? Headroom as Chinahand is describing it is "n-2" - i.e. losing your two largest generation in-feeds. Headroom as you are describing it is total available power from all sources against maximum demand. Both are valid approaches but note that UK total demand is sufficiently large against the size of even their largest stations that the n-2 is not the major issue for them. However, it is for us and this (I think) was the concern that Mr Lewis was reflecting. When did the UK inter-connector Cable fault out and cause a major black-out? This is a genuine question as I don't recall it happening but it might have been when I was off-Island.
  8. QLD-Bloke

    I S D Criticised By Tynwald Report

    I think that it gets tabled this month for a debate in May Tynwald
  9. QLD-Bloke

    New Council Of Ministers

    A minister for Education and Children with neither?
  10. QLD-Bloke

    Libya To Fall

    Couldn't have been - they weren't firing at Syria!
  11. QLD-Bloke

    Time To Shut Down The Mea And Join The Uk National Grid?

    Most shameful and ill-advised quote ever from an IOM Government employee? More shamefull than "the power station has been built on time and to budget"?
  12. QLD-Bloke

    In-Patient Satisfaction Survey

    Agreed - all treatment I have received at Noble's (in and out patient) has been first rate. I may simply be lucky and I accept that others may not have had an equivalent 100% experience but I'd be surprised if it was too much lower. On the other hand, the administration seems stuck in time with all the worst parts of my UK experiences repeated. I can't comment as to why there is such a difference but I sincerely hoep someone is addressing it. My recent treatments have been as a private patient and the differences are multplied on this side of the curtain - medical treatment pretty much the same, delays/rescheduling zero (as you'd expect!) but the difficulty in getting invoices so BUPA can stump up is unbeliveable. That's our money being wasted there folks - my insurance is ready, willing and able to pay but can't give the money to a depatment that insists on sending the wrong info to the wrong places! QLD
  13. QLD-Bloke

    Electrical Discounts

    Mr Cringle is retiring as President of Tynwald next July........
  14. QLD-Bloke

    Roadworks Watch

    I must apologise, it's just that I have seen masses of potholes and have never seen this machine working away. I saw something like that working away near the Droghadfayle Road level crossing and the patches seem to have lasted. However, if it was also used on the St Mark's to Ballasalla road then the repairs fell apart after only a few days (if that) and it might not be the answer to our pothole prayers at all. It might just be that the repair failed becuase of the number of heavy vehicles using the road and the location of the pothole on a bend but the (w)hole thing is back potholed and there's a hell of an amount of loose stone still rolling around. Note I didn't see the machine on the St Mark's road but the repair looked similar after it was finished - the aggregate used to 'prevent adhesion to tyres' stands out at bit.
  15. QLD-Bloke

    Government To Bail Out Manx Gas

    I repeat - to get efficient CHP use in Ransay, Peel or the South (which is what you appear to be supporting) you need a pipeline to those places. Without it, you can only really get benefits from CHP in Douglas/Onchan. Therefore it is correct to construct the extension. All that is left is to argue over the ownership/benefits of the pipe