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  1. Hahahahahahaha MTP the laughin stock of public forums !!!! Don't worry MTP I've just bought 2 new GO PRO HD Helmet Cams for more footage so as soon as the weather improves I'll get some more footage up for you. Do you really think I give a flying fCKU what you think, no my friend I don't !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. There's always going to be idiots on the road they don't have to be bikers or doing warp speeds, best thing is just to ignore them (I know it's hard sometimes) and get on withy our own business.
  3. White and Blue, 11K, Just serviced, Lovely Bike, £5500.00 424375
  4. Morning All proceeds are going to the rob vine fund and the helicopter fund. You can purchase a calendar through our website homepage. Thanks for your support in advance. The calendar is £6.49 including postage. http://www.roadracingsupporters.com
  5. I class myself as very responsible when riding my bike or driving my car. My view is that life is all about calculated risk whatever you are doing and I feel comfortable in my own ability to make sure the risks to me and other road users never go behond what I would call a safe calculated risk. Just my view, I don't expect everyone to agree. My website does not condone speeding idiots but at the same time it does suggest we can still have safe fun on the roads.
  6. Hi Grant, thanks for joining up. Top right hand corner when you have logged in, click on remember me and it should say Hi Grant when you goto the site.
  7. For what it's worth, Richard started off the original Flying-Sparks Thanks KMC, I'm not trying to get into any battlefield I would just like to develop Flying-Sparks.com a bit further if possible.
  8. Yes I've added content to a Joomla template, hope you find it interesting. The old flying-sparks, turned into flying-sparks.org and is primarily a forum with a large community.
  9. I've designed this website and hope you enjoy what I am building it up to be in the furture. Thanks for taking the time to look. http://www.flying-sparks.com
  10. TT never helps on the figures, I've lived here for years and some years there have been 7 or 8 people killed over the two week period if I remember right. Your always going to have accidents but I have always thought people should have their license for say 5 years and need to take a refresher no matter what age or ability you have. Just a thought.
  11. We have designed a new website for people who have an interest on the Island for the Mitsubushi Evolution Rally Car. Although the site has a theme of the Evo you are more than welcome to join and have some input. Our website upholds the Manx Law and does not condone speeding in any manner. Thanks. IOMEVO TEAM http://www.iomevo.com
  12. Yes I feel quite humbled to be honest with the comments of fellow members on this forum and in light of this I have already sold both evo and the bike and will stick to my little fiesta which I'm sure will be adequate for the manx roads and other road users. Wacko Jacko and Thriller, loved that film.
  13. He's a bit thick this Richard Green isn't he? I notice he doesn't fag up the forum he runs himself with these videos - why is that? http://www.roadracingsupporters.com Edit: I take that back, he is stupid enough to post them up there too: TT2008 - A good chase over the mountain: http://www.roadracingsupporters.com/phpBB3...?f=5&t=1300 As one who has never even taken a bike test I am in no way an expert on judging the riding ability of others, but that guy really is riding like a total dickhead. Hello All Yes, it does seem I can't get away from this now, shot myself in the foot so to speak. Well all I can say is it won't be happening again and I hear what people are saying on this forum about speed. I used to enjoy making video's on the bike and many people use to like watching them but it does seem that little avenue of pleasure in life has gone like many others, oh well we must be safe and think of others around us. Sorry for the upset. SLOW.
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