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  1. Sooner than I thought!
  2. You mean there's a SPAM company out there that doesn't have all the manx.net email addresses?
  3. So you must have done regular stock taking ? Sort of off topic slightly.......but roughly how many people do you reckon are dead in the new cemetary?
  4. Skrappey... Are you going to the who? More importantly, are you going on your scooter?!?! I think I will.
  5. Bit late but, for future reference, the Cork and Bottle serve all the Celtic games they can get there hands on and JAKS normally shows about 17 different games at once - looks closed at the minute though
  6. púca

    Buying A House

    Feck it. I'll just bankrupt myself. I don't care. What else can I do? I've got a mortgage, no job, no prospect of a job and the bank want my house back - take it, but also take the debt remaining on it. By the sounds of things in the 5(?) years it'll take me to get solvent again, I'll be able to buy the feckin' thing back cheaper anyway!
  7. Timewasters. Hope nobody paid, but if they have I hope the Govt wade in with 'full support' to ensure they get their money back.
  8. Gerrard gave him a signed copy of his book
  9. AVG - Free. Using it for about 4 years. I paid for it originally, but the free version is no different. Have had no problems with it at all.
  10. This would not only create more jobs and add some much needed diversification to industry, but I think it would make the island a more desirable place to come and live.
  11. We got our gas bill on Friday. £260. Normally for this time of year that wouldn't be bad for us. Last year it was £380. We had a wood burner fitted before Christmas, so I was expecting it to be a good bit less. I was a bit surprised at £260, but not overly disappointed. The Mrs checked the reading on the meter and it's way overestimated - actually should be around the £170 mark! That's down £210 quid on last year. Even with the costs of running the burner - I reckon I've spent £60 on fuel - that's a great saving. The wood burner cost £1200 to buy and fit (Blacks), so it'll take a while to pay
  12. Agree with Tempus Fugit... I'd stick with gas.
  13. I was told somewhere in Lonan sells good bags of logs at pretty cheap prices (£2.50 a bag). Anyone know who's selling them? Cheers Puca
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