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  1. I agree with the salaries statement, and the fact that big companies are wanting ready made staff. The big problem over here is if you are not a big company and can't offer offices with built in gyms, their own coffee bars, and free meals, you train staff up and pretty soon they are snaffled by the bigger companies who while they are not offering substantially higher wages offer much better working conditions. This continually having to train up staff is very costly in terms of lost revenue and is pretty demoralising.
  2. piebaps you are right about some of the comments being incorrect. It is worth nothing though that the millennium bug was only not an issue when it happened due to the hard work of many IT professionals. If you are referring to GDPR in this respect i.e. that if you are properly prepared then it is not an issue, you would be correct. If you are referring to the Millennium bug in terms of something that was made up that didn't happen it is not an accurate metaphor to GDPR. GDPR you are right is the strengthening of existing data protection laws. They are a very good standard to achieve for data handling and rightly so give power back to the individual. I hope for one they are widely adopted and properly policed. The Isle of Mans adoption of GDPR so for has been a bit of a shambles. Reducing the fines linked to GDPR over here sends out a worryingly dodgy message. Plus the inability to actually have the requisite laws in place is as you state potentially damaging. GDPR represents very good working practices regarding personal data, something which many companies have been in the past been very lax about. It is a good deal for the individual and potential a positive for the companies.I have not been sure about the Isle of Mans light touch handling of GDPR fro a while.It will only take one scandal for the whole landscape to change and we will as an island yet again be facing negative press and a scrabble to get our ship in order.
  3. Overall I still maintain that I see little or no advantage to the user for this huge outlay. However I do see the potential for cost to us. Due to reckless lending and massive debt the Isle of Man is in a strange situation where the vested interest of the energy supplier to make us use more energy matches that of the government (as they are essentially the same group). Therefore we should be very nervous of the MUA committing to any more massive spends as the likelihood is we again will be the ones to pay..
  4. On reading on smart meters: - The money saving reason is almost meaningless, with households saving on average £30 a year. - They do not work well in areas of poor cell phone reception (That's Governor's Hill then), and this can lead to false readings. - They can cause fires if poorly fitted. The big advantage to the user is they make it easier to switch providers which is irrelevant here. So in summary for the user of the service they are almost pointless, especially in the Isle of Man. I hope that like in the UK these things are optional.
  5. Ford Escort Mk2 width 1595mm Ford Focus 2018 width 2010mm
  6. The house is a dormer bungalow (of a type that McArds built a load of in the seventies) there is no attic There are (or in her case were) 2 bedrooms upstairs. For some reason in this house all of the interior walls and celings upstairs have been removed. In this sort of house there is also a bedroom downstairs. I find it strange the house is in such a state as most properties in this area are sound. Some have had elderly residents so need modernisation but nearly all are perfecly habitable. I wonder what state this house was in before she inherited it.
  7. I would suggest taxing the consumers for purchasing food is not the answer here to solve the obesity problem, only to solve the goverment must get more money to fund its bloat problem. There is an awful suger added into many prepackaged foods. What is needed is a combination of education (although awareness of this issue is much better than it has been), and pressure on large food manufacturers to cut suger content in food stuffs that do not require it. Also possibly charges for health care for those grossly overweight. the IOM has literally no sway over major food manufacturers so unless the UK bring in the law there will be no incentive for them to improve thier products. At a guess I think the result of the tax would be a cost of living rise (already a problem over here) and a little change in peoples eating habits. It could also badly effect those jobs in confection industry over here. It is also an unfair tax in so far as it effects the rich and poor the same. In fact I think there is some evidence that the poor tend to buy more of the sugar rich food so it could be seen as a tax more effecting them. Healthier food sometimes comes at a price premium so any tax on sugar would need to bought in hand in hand with incentives to buy healthy. Then possibly we would see a change in habits. This government intervention in our lives is a sad fact of modern life. Are we no longer capable of deciding things for ourselves. As i mentioned at the start possibly a far fairer way of taxing obesity is to tax healthcare for those who are fat (unless there is a specific medical condition that you are so). Then you target only those who chose to overindulge not those who just fancy the odd treat.
  8. I have used an on-line site \ app called nutracheck.co.uk it is not a diet as such but like weight watchers it is a way of helping you eat a balanced diet that meets your body's energy requirements. It costs a fee and you need to have to will power to sick with it but I can attest that if you do a good steady weight loss is obtainable. Exercise on its own is not the full solution. Its absolutely shocking what is in most processed foods even those purporting to be healthy. Using this app it was a real eye opener regarding what we eat.
  9. Millman

    Lens Flair

    Fuji X series are excellent cameras, at an excellent cost. Another option is the Olympus OMD series which while the image quality is not quite as good but very close, is a lighter system to carry around, has access to a much larger choice of lenses, and is cheaper on the whole. I have a Olympus PEN which has a ISO limit of 200 and to be honest if the systems processor is up to scratch you will not have a problem with grain and not notice the lack of a lower setting.
  10. I would also recommend the Olympus PEN series. I have the E-PL5 model (not a big upgrade from the E-PM2) and it is an excellent camera. It is small, light, and the lenses don't cost a fortune. The performance especially in low light is extremely good. I have a Canon SLR as well and the PEN can match it in many situations and better it in low light. If you do go with the PEN the 12-50 lens is well worth a purchase when you can afford it. It has a good reach, a wider angle, and rather novel automatic \ manual zoom system that is good for video and stills. also worth noting you can use all of the Lumix G lenses with the PENs. I find myself using the PEN more and more, it sure beats carting around dead weight in kit (my camera and 3 lenses including my big zoom lens is less than 2 kilos).
  11. Wow you sir are a real master of the art of discussion aren't you. If I make a point you don't agree with you just dismiss everything I say by claiming they are not as you put it "facts". Then your rapier like mind counters with a baseless claim, followed by some sweary name calling. A top argument based on solid facts and so well delivered. Maybe debate is not your thing, mindless ranting now there is an area you seem to excel at.
  12. I clearly will never understand some people. I have never managed to generate the blind hatred a few on here have for out local supermarket brand (not to mention the childish name calling). I shop in various shops in the island and by far the worst overall experience has to be Tesco. From the tiny overcrowded aisles, to rude staff, to the abject and ever changing store layout the advantage of choice is for me outweighed by the sheer stress and frustration a trip there brings. I have to agree with other posters Tesco is not universally cheaper than the other alternatives it all depends on what you buy and what offers are available. The Tescos is cheaper myth is I think largely based upon a vast advertising campaign and form the fact that those who claim it do not actually try and shop elsewhere. What can't be denied is the worth of Shoprite to the local economy. It employs hundreds of staff a number in specialised jobs that a multinational would dream of employing over here. They stock more local produce than any other major store and support local suppliers and companies. This makes me sound like a fan boy but it is a fact. Without Shoprite the cost to the island would be large. Compare this to Tesco who have been caught employing top manager without work permits, refused to stock Manx meat for a time, and can't be bothered to re-register their delivery vans like they should in the IOM. At the end of the day it is your own choice where you shop. I for one am glad I have a choice. I know is Tesco had their way we would not be so lucky.
  13. Now there has been a lot of misguided talk on here about the artist impressions. They were designed by the top government architect. He explained the following to me. "The canopies are placed at an optimal height to catch the rain. The rain falls from up in the sky and by placing the canopies higher they are closer to the rain so therefore catch it much earlier. The fact that it then empties the collected rain water onto the building frontage along the street will effect no businesses. The is because our design envisages there will be no business left after we plonk a bus station on their doorstep they will move. Hold on you might say by moving the businesses you have shifted the town center. This is true so we see a phase 2 where the bus station is extended down Strand street to offer a truly door to door service. The whole town center problem will also be solved by us granting permission for anyone to set up shop in the nearest industrial estate (see PC World). Thus removing the need even for a town center at all. Now if you will excuse me I am off to render another fantastic artist impression using minecraft."
  14. I have had a number of problems with MyMHK.im I tried to install it but then ask asked to install MyMHKsDept.im for an extra 10k a year. It then went on to publish confidential data against its own operating rules yet there was no action I could tak against it. The final straw though was that it installed MyMLC.im at a high extra cost without giving me any option to oppose it. I have tried to uninstall the app but have been told it can take up to 4 year to do so,
  15. The genres are Heavy Rock, Old Rock, and Kiddie Rock
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