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  1. Cambon

    Fancy a pint?

    Correct. Several pubs are selling take aways. The breweries had already started preparing for TT and all those ingredients have to be used or thrown away.
  2. And I reckon second peak in UK around September
  3. Bullshit! Jersey's fibre optic claim is also bullshit. The cables are there, but only a fraction can be used. The topography of Jersey means, like here, mobile coverage is patchy. Next time you are there, go down in Queens Vally and try and use your phone. Alternatively, try Plemont, Noirmont, even the outskirts of St. Helier is pretty bad.
  4. My brother lives in jersey. He has been in IT there since 1981. He says there broadband is quite good most of the time, but is shocked every time he comes here as to how fast it is.
  5. Until now, testing has mainly been reserved for people who have symptoms or concerns, and have called 111 for advice. Some of those are given test appointments. However, that number has dropped to single digits per day (see gov website - awaiting testing). On top of that, all overnight admissions to hospital are tested as a matter of course. Some doctors and nurses are also tested. Together this is only about 50 a day. I believe they are planning to test all care homes. But nothing has been announced yet.
  6. Active cases are only part of the issue. If you call 111, they give you an appointment the next day, at a time. Those are the "awaiting testing". They have over the past few days gone from virtually nothing, to 8, now 6. See what it is tomorrow, and beyond. Active cases, and awaiting testing are all that matters.
  7. Give it a week or two until the spike following Boris's changes last week. It will be back up to 5000 new cases a day at least.
  8. Sounds like you need to go to the pub for a pint!
  9. I thought they had been capped at 13mph (20kph)? Anything over that requires registration, tax, insurance etc.
  10. I think you will find few future burger flippers travelling off island this year.
  11. There was never a vaccine for the Spanish flu, a coronavirus.
  12. They probably will, if the government really are cretins. Me, issues? Of course I do. However, in this issue I am clear.
  13. LL, just in case you misunderstand, there will not be a vaccine. There has never been a vaccine for a coronavirus. It has to burn itself out.
  14. Why? I am not over 70. Nowhere near. However, I find your attitude quite remarkable. An entire family just down the road from me had it, including a 9 year old boy. Luckily they are all alive. It is not just the way lderly who need to worry. With regard to the border, it would take a completely cretinous imbecile to open them anytime this year. The virus can be suppressed here to the point that relative normal life can resume. However, the UK is buggered. There I'd going to be a massive second wave. Iom borders to uk must remain closed for at least six months at very best. In reality, two years. Borders with Ireland will open first.
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