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  1. How so? 50% of the World has been vaccinated. The vaccine seems effective against all variants so far. ioM is 75% vaccinated, with around 10% having had a positive result as well. Those getting ill from Covid now are not getting seriously ill. People are not dropping dead like flies.
  2. You are correct, but, on island, Covid has been implied in just under 60 deaths. So on average around 30 a year, so far. Each year 800-1000 people die over here. Dozens have died from cancer not detected in time. Dozens from heart issues that may have been preventable. And yet we cower to this disease which is now burning itself out. If the government truly want to end this, they should start charging for LFTs, and drop the landing permit rubbish, which is preventing people from coming here. However, keep up the boosters. People will stop using the LFTs and interest in Covid will disappear.
  3. Cambon

    Minimum Wage

    Uk minimum wage increase has been paid for by removing the £20 a week temporary uplift in benefits due to Covid. After taxes and ni the take home pay will be virtually unchanged.
  4. Correct, apart from the Brexit bit. Brexit is going to take time.
  5. Not saying there is a boat in the morning, but maybe this is not the place for you! Still, the average temperature here for the last three centuries has been just short of 10C. That is not cold. Not even cool!
  6. Interestingly, the uk deaths in the over 65s, including Covid, are below the long term average.
  7. Why bother? Why the obsession with central heating? It hardly existed until about 50 years ago. These days, with half decent insulation and double glazing it really is an unnecessary expense. We don't live in a cold country.
  8. Thing is, John, if you look at our new daily cases, the majority are pretty much unvaccinated kids. But very few are getting seriously ill or dying. The media sponsored government proper gander is now changing to flu vaccines, scaring people about dual infection. The thing is, there is no flu. It is about the NHS. Not the flu. But, why are they lying?
  9. I am not slating the profession. I am slating some of those whom have chosen it, and the current ridiculous government mitigation regarding it. Because it is not living with the virus, it is keeping the fear of the virus alive. Stop testing except where really necessary. Drop the border controls. Get the booster jabs rolled out. If you feel unwell, stay at home. If it is really that bad, contact your doctor. That goes for everyone, including children and teachers. Covid is nearly over (on island) and it is small areas of society keeping it alive.
  10. Wild speculations? Hardly! 90%+ of adults vaccinated is most. Is that a wild speculation? The vaccination does not stop you getting Covid but probably reduces the chances of catching it, and reduces effects and symptoms dramatically. Is that a wild speculation? Is that I'll informed? Because these are statements that have been made by many professionals and scientists. I prefer to believe them over some random forum poster.
  11. Teachers jabbed? Around 90% of all adults are double jabbed. Unless teachers took a stand against it, that would include them Kids not double jabbed? The plan at the moment is to single jab the under 16s. Teachers mild case? Absolutely. That is what the jabs do. Most Asymptomatic? Absolutely. That's what the jabs do. You're amazing. I know.
  12. This is it. Nearly all teachers are double jabbed. Most students are not jabbed at all. Any teacher contracting Covid will get a very mild dose. Probably asymptotic. They test positive and are sent home.
  13. And, you call me I'll informed? These teachers at home are not necessarily sick. They have tested positive for Covid 19. That does not mean they are in ICU. Most are probably sat out in the lovely October sun right now.
  14. Looking for a six week half term, more like!
  15. I think it is more teachers and unions toolkit than government. Besdes, rather than rotate attendance, why not have the "sick" teachers teach from home?
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