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  1. Everything is normal except for face masks and hand washing? They are about to start table service only in pubs and restaurants, with socially distanced tables (just like jersey). Only six people in a socially distanced group. 15 at a wedding including reception. 30 at a funeral. Again like jersey. But no, jersey doesn't have any restrictions either. Deluded.
  2. This was talked about in the early days. However, it soon went quiet because nobody was certain whether antibodies actually gave you any immunity and if it did, how long for. These questions remain unanswered.
  3. Funny, I have never seen "Smoking" as cause of death on a certificate.
  4. Yes, but if you are following the guidelines for Covid (social distancing, washing hands, etc.), you won't get flu either.
  5. Totally agree, especially since the situation there seems to be getting much worse again. They never even opened the pubs in Dublin yet the second wave is happening.
  6. Actually, herd immunity is the only way out.
  7. New big Coop in Crosby. KFC waiting to be built and run. Apple Store going into Strand (iirc). Several other businesses related to the Apple Store owners group. These alone will create many jobs, not just staffing but in maintaining and cleaning. That is just the start of it.
  8. Wrong again, banker. Flybe had quite a few staff over here. Yes they Also had engineering and ground staff. But also affected were Menzies ground staff, aircraft cleaners, baggage handlers, management, etc. It adds up to one hell of a lot of people for 8 -12 flights a day. They went under before Covid had any real effect. Once lockdown happened, we lost BA to LCY, AL to DUB and EasyJet to LPL and LGW, but gained the Loganair routes. So the airport is about 20 flights down per week from Covid. Keeping in mind private flights, ambulances and charters, the airport is actually still nearly as busy as it was before, with the exception of baggage handlers and certain other ground staff in the actual airport. Yes, the unemployment figures will go up, but I don't think it will be anywhere near as bad as you seem to think. There are always job losses and there are always new job opportunities.
  9. No. More ignorance from you. 200 due to the collapse of Flybe does not mean 200 Flybe workers. You made that up. Go and look at the government website and the monthly stats. There is always a boost to the figures in the summer due to school leavers. Around 1000 leave every year. Around 300 go to college. What do you think the rest do? The unemployable are not on disability. They are the unemployable. You should do some research and educate yourself before you accuse people of making things up.
  10. As you said earlier, we will have to wait and see. Unemployment was down again last month to under 1000. At its top it was 1300, made up of 400 unemployable, 200 due to the pre Covid collapse of Flybe, 300 looking for work having left university, 400 other, including hotel workers, and various other tourist trade related and other affected industries, along with regular school leavers looking for apprenticeships, etc. Many of these people have found work.
  11. How about you give us one good reason why we should go to test on arrival? I have asked three times. Wrighty has asked. The answer is, you cannot! Look at this weekend. Isle of Man food festival. Hundreds will gather at the Villa. It will be a fantastic event. Could not happen in Jersey, UK or Ireland. We are incredibly lucky and long may it continue. I see Jersey recorded 6 new cases yesterday.
  12. And this is typical you. You know it is true, but does not fit your holiday agenda.
  13. Sure there are a few who never leave. There are some who are currently scared to leave. However, most cannot wait for a bit of retail therapy. I was supposed to be away to Liverpool for a day trip last week. Had I gone, I would have easily spent £500. Instead, I went out for lunch and a bit of shopping in town, spending locally and helping the local economy. Yes, you can easily tell internet shopping is popular by the ill fitting clothes many people wear.
  14. The reason is if we have returning residents and visiting relatives, that is a lot more people coming through the border than just returning relatives. Add to that where are they going to isolate? Are the family going to isolate as well because you can be pretty sure social distancing will be out the window. I am for relatives being allowed to visit, but not until cases in the north west calm down a lot.
  15. Rubbish. What they are doing is their prerogative. It suits them . It does not suit us.
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