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  1. Waste of time and money. Those who want to go fast will go fast anyway. Few will be prosecuted. There will almost certainly be more crashes as frustration sets in. Most crashes already take place in restricted areas, so why not try policing those properly first?
  2. Only reason they park is because they cannot drive into the shops!
  3. In the case of electric cars, your "Petrol Station" is at home. No need (over here) for top up points apart from places like hotels and thevlike who would provide the points and charge the customers accordingly. I am not arguing against electric cars. I am arguing against the tax payer spending millions on charging points and free electricity when it is not necessary. Besides the only people who can afford these cars are the very people who can afford the charging points and electricity.
  4. MrPB, petrol is completely different. One does not keep, nor is allowed to keep a petrol supply at home. Therefore, petrol stations are essential. Virtually everyone has an unlimited electricity supply at home and only a complete numpty would leave home with an insufficiently charged car. So why do we need charging points?
  5. So, on the news today, some busybody from some tree hugging concern in the UK says more charging points are needed around the Island. This is because more companies are producing models of electric cars. In the next breath the news reader said there are 250 electric cars registered on the Island and the hope/prediction (wishful thinking) is that there will be 10,000 by 2030 (10 years). Now, what are your thoughts about charging points. If these cars really do 200 miles on a charge, and one assumes the owner has an appropriate charging point at home, they plug it in over night and each day do maybe 30 to 50 miles. Why should there be any charging points at alll? Let alone tax payer funded ones!
  6. Cambon

    Online voting..

    Online voting? Simply NO! If they cannot be bothered to go to the polling station, their vote should not count. Elections are not computer games. They are serious events where the voters have the opportunity to talk with the delegates. It is important to vote. It is even more important to talk with the delegates and be involved.
  7. Religion was created as a means of controlling the masses. With Christianity, in particular, the word was spread world wide. When enough people believed, any non-believers were persecuted. Often killed for daring to go against the propaganda. Sound familiar? Christianity is generally failing in the Western Hemisphere. The powers that be needed something to replace it. Other religions in other parts of the world are still controlling people easily, with little lack of faith. Even in the USA, Religion is still doing a good job of controlling the masses. Climate change has gone from a few paid scientists ideas back in the '70s and '80s to a worldwide trillion dollar (+) industry. People who don't believe the hype are accused of being non believers. Climate change is the new religion.
  8. Some interesting links there. One thing is for sure, Climate Emergency is little more than a cash cow.
  9. Yes. Children at school are being brainwashed about climate change. When I was at school we were brainwashed about Christianity. However, in most of the western world, Christianity is failing. Well, christianity was only a way for governments tocontrol the population. It is now being replaced by climate change (or whatever they are calling it today!)
  10. Wait until you see the latest. Signs everywhere. They look hideous. How to ruin the island scenery. Idiots!
  11. This is true. However, most crashes, including the most recent fatality, have taken place in restricted areas.
  12. Actually, they can and often do. Tyres steering and suspension can suffer immediate damage from the road surface, pot holes etc. When that happens, it can affect tracking causing rapid uneven tyre wear. If something like that happened and you took the car for an MOT the next day, they would probably pass it if the joints are within tolerance. Tyres can also suffer damage from nails and item you drive over that you do not even see. MOT means your car was probably safe on one day a year.
  13. What they did not say is that they only stop cars that look like they may have defects. At the same time they wave hundreds through. If you have a light or two out or the car looks old and neglected, expect to be stopped. Look after your cars maintenance needs and you have nothing to worry about.
  14. I disagree. How many IOM cars have been involved in RTCs in the UK, and been found to be defective? Any idea? The UK themselves are considering lowering the frequency of MOT to every two years. That is because there are very few death traps on the road these days due to better build quality, the number lease and contract vehicles where services and mot is taken care of. Old vehicles in the UK are generally exempt from MOTs. The IOM has very few death traps these days. I feel safer on the roads here than in the UK
  15. Rog is a troll. That is the only explanation.
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