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  1. I agree with that, along with all those with central heating paying full 20% VAT on there oil/gas. It is a luxury, after all!
  2. .......and the lorry the wheel came off was subject to annual tests, as most commercial over here are.
  3. Thing is, pensioners are not the problem. In general, they pay tax and spend, supporting the local economy and VAT take. Their private pensions and savings are effectively an export. At the moment, there is a boom of pensioners (Baby Boomers) which has nearly peaked and has already started to die off. In 8 years, the last of them will start to draw their pensions and most of the older ones will have died off. If they grow the population, What then? Huge surpluses that will, of course, be wasted, followed by a boom of pensioners and an ill prepared government. It is a catch 22 situation which they need to ride out for a few more years and the problem will go away.
  4. Wait till you see he monstrosity they want to build on the Marine Biological site. Six storey apartment blocks. As high as the cliffs. Imagine the traffic by the Bay!
  5. Interesting to hear IOMG response on 3FM this evening. A simple summary of the guff spouted was - "If we can shaft the over 75s as well, we will!"
  6. Barrie, the UK is higher up on the tax haven list than the IoM. I would love to distance us from that bunch of hypocrites.
  7. Exactly Woolley. TJN happily ignore them and the UK and Belgium. If TJN want real credibility, deal with those countries first. It is just easier to attack and bully smaller groups / countries without the backing.
  8. Yes, Mervin was BOE at that time. However the RBS and Lloyd's "take overs" were engineered. Broon wanted four government controlled banks Savings, Retail, Mortgage and Commercial. What the government did would have put ordinary people in prison. Even now, all we here is lies about it. Those takeovers were absolute scandle. Thank God it is now sorting itself out.
  9. I have noticed today that there are loads of uk government adds on to about travel post Brexit. I reckon uk is out next Friday with no eu deal.
  10. Thing is, if option 2 - remain was accepted, what sort of relationship would it be? UK would be punished hard for having the audacity to try to leave. Not a viable option anymore in my opinion
  11. What a bunch of over educated half wits the uk government is. Where is Guy Falkes when you need him?
  12. Woody, stop talking sense! Nobody on MF expected that!
  13. Contracting out of SERPS was a common practice from 1988 until about 10-15 years ago. What it meant was a portion of your NI contribution was paid by government into a private pension for you. It was a brilliant idea and worked very well. It was so good, the labour government had to cancel it. It is such a shame. It is the sort of scheme that, if enhanced slightly, could solve the long term pension crisis.
  14. Electric cars will not happen. There is far too little lithium in the world to produce the batteries. Like ultra HD, it is over before it has started. What will happen is restrictions on the number of cars or bikes you can have, or the amount of fuel you can buy.
  15. This all sounds well and good, but the aging population problem is temporary. The baby boomers 1945-1961) are already starting to die off. In 10 years those born 61 will be retired. More than half of the rest of the Boomers will have died and state pensions and elderly healthcare will no longer be the problem. Personally, I think the short term problem can be solved very easily by making over 65s who work pay NI. There are other tweets that could be made, but that one is easy.
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