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  1. Cambon

    The Sea

    Bluefin migrate to and from Norway down the English Channel and Irish Sea. They were nearly fished to local extinction about 100 years ago. Fishing for them in the uk was then banned. Stocks have slowly recovered and there is call for fishing to be resumed. However, modern trawlers would literally strip them from the oceans in next to no time.
  2. Cambon

    Firm closing

    Back to normal, winter hours.
  3. High interest rates will lower house prices. That is what is needed. There will be casualties, one of which could be Dandara!
  4. No. All they need to do is re-route the buses through the Sea Terminal. An under utilised, purpose built facility.
  5. Funny, in all the years I have been traveling on the SP, I have never known them use an anchor when docking at any port. Sounds like the problem was a W-Anchor.
  6. That is ok. The red part is a fender. Should be no damage.
  7. As said above, but also lack of maintenance. A couple of blokes in a couple of JCBs could have the sand moved away from the sea wall in a couple of weeks, allowing the wall to do its job. A bit of maintenance twice a year will keep it at bay until the chines / groynes are replaced. However, the powers that be, in their wisdom have decided a multi million pound project to build the wall up by a metre (which the sand will soon meet) is a better idea.
  8. Shareholder dividends come out of pre-tax profit.
  9. The point of any well run company is to make as little taxable profit as possible. Loss that can be carried forward is often preferable to profit. The big oil companies like BP, Shell, often make a profit so that an amount of tax is payable as it pleases the exchequer. The profits they are making at the moment are unexpected and unprecedented.
  10. Yes, good on them. It will not cost them anything as the amounts paid out will be a tax write off. The government will not lose as the people receiving it will have to pay tax and NI on it. Win, win situation.
  11. The problem is there is simply not enough rubbish to keep the generator going. Too much recycling, perhaps? But, yes, they used to put diesel in to keep it going. I think it was said when the incinerator was built that it was too big for our use at the time, and required waste from well in excess of 100,000 people to work efficiently.
  12. MU procure virtually all the gas, and sell what is required on to Manx gas. MU also use gas they have procured to generate electricity. The incinerator does not burn enough rubbish to generate electricity. They used to burn additional diesel in order to produce electricity but it was not cost effective. It almost certainly is now.
  13. Yes, but remember the government gas bill includes the gas used for generating the vast majority of electricity. So we are all paying, not just gas users. on that subject, since oil has plummeted in price, are there plans to fire up Peel power station, capable of generating 1/3 plus of our electricity? Would reduce the overall bill. Also, use diesel to push the generating power of the incinerator to full capacity.
  14. In the old days, the trains passed in Ballasalla, and there was time to jump off and use the toilet. The station master used to hold the train until everyone was back on board.
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