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  1. It is probably that since schools are out, more grand parents, etc are baby sitting.
  2. I don't think it will happen. Boris is using Covid passports for events and a deadline to encourage younger people to get vaccinated. I mean, in reality, are they going to keep tourists out of events because they don't have the NHS app, or whatever?
  3. OH MY GOD! I have just heard, magnetic hill does not work if you are vaccinated!
  4. Again, agreeing. Make the tests available for £3.50 each. Allow those who want them to get them, and make a bit of money at the same time!
  5. To add to that, I don't see the point in Covid passports that the uk keep banging on about. If you are 2+2, fine. If you are not, you are at risk. If you want to go to the football or a nightclub and risk catching Covid from some asymptotic 2+2, that is your decision. Your risk. When the majority are already 2+2, why penalise them to extract the minority whom are seemingly happy to take the risk?
  6. Figures don't add up again. This time, I cannot reconcile it. It no longer makes sense. Total cases investigated has only gone up by 85. Good to see see so many recoveries though.
  7. Rumour I heard years ago now, was that RBS wanted to pull out of here lock, stock and barrel. They closed Coutts and moved the business. Closed Nat West. Closed RBS. Closed most IOMB branches. And, I have heard that the Isle of Man Bank trading name is up for sale.
  8. I don't think track and trace really matters anymore. I'd you are 2+2 you don't have to isolate anyway unless you develope symptoms and test positive. The problem is the number of unvaccinated young people who are isolating and therefore not able to work, and the very young who are keeping parents off work. It is really affecting the economy.
  9. I have been searching for a podcast. Ashford (I think it was) said it on the radio on Friday morning about 10:00 am news time, I think, but it may have been Mannin line.
  10. Looks like people are all keeping their distance, to me!
  11. It is not negativity, it is reality. All 6 in hospital over here with Covid, were admitted because of Covid. The numbers are low, let's hope they stay that way!
  12. Cases in the uk have dropped, but we are yet to see what effect dropping masks and distancing will have. hospitalisations are actually increasing, as are deaths, but they always lag behind. Mixing increasing, mitigation decreasing, yes, but as I said above we are yet to see how that pans out. People vaccinated increasing, but not fast enough. I think your perception and mine of the events of the last few days differ. I was out several times and there were lots of people mixing outdoors. Indoors, people were keeping their distance. Good numbers wearing masks. One or two businesses asking people to wait at the door to be served.
  13. Guernsey's system is good, not Jersey's. I think it would work well here.
  14. I don't necessarily disagree with you, but weekend figure in the uk are always low and normally balance out on Tuesday. I actually agree with your opinion except that it has all been done one month too early. That extra month of vaccinations and the schools being out would have mitigated the situation much better. Government would not listen. Now it is a wing and a prayer as to whether there will be an autumn lockdown.
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