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  1. This is a common sense issue. If they open them this weekend, perhaps outdoor only, or early closing, it will allow people back in a controlled manner. Next weekend is payday weekend. If they open up then, it will be like "black eye Friday". If they leave it until the week after, it is a bank holiday weekend, and be even worse. I think it would be safer to open them this weekend.
  2. I watched BBC CI news last night as I was interested in what is happening in Jersey. Most things have opened up and 2M distancing legislation has been replaced by a 1M advisory as they had last year. Interestingly, their last community case was two weeks ago, on the same day as our rogue case. Today, I have been out for shopping and other things, and noticed people preparing things in a couple of non essential shops, beer being delivered to 1886, and Robinsons delivering fresh goods to the Falcons nest. I wonder if Thursday is Big Bang announcements day for opening up on Frid
  3. I a man pretty certain he did, in answer to a question. I will look on Gef.
  4. Didn't Howard say last week that vaccination information could already be put on passport records if required? So provided you have your passport whilst travelling it can be scanned and checked.
  5. I think Stay at Home ended before Easter. You cannot go visiting people in their gardens, go to the garden centre and stay at home all at the same time.
  6. If it is true, it is ridiculous. The last unknown new case was on 24/3, 18 days ago. The unexplained case on 29/3 I reckon was not telling the truth to track and trace as no other cases came up linked to it. Dr. E pretty much said she was happy that it was linked. Even if you include that case, Monday 19th is the required 21 days. By then, active cases and those in isolation will be minimal. Time to open everything up.
  7. In my opinion, he was a great man. Throughout the lives of the majority of us he has been the bedrock for our head of state, our Queen, one of the most important and influential people in the world. What QE2 has done for the world, and women in particular is fantastic. Philip was always their by her side. Bless you Prince Philip. God speed.
  8. Yes. And they are basically zero now, but waiting a couple of weeks. Wise move. So in a couple of weeks, we will be zero and then wait a couple of weeks. Wise move. Do you get it yet? We are a month behind.
  9. Due to the change in vaccination policy, most of those whom need to be vaccinated are only half vaccinated. That is the biggest mistake. Not vanity. It is simple. ONE SHOT IS NOT VACCINATION. CIs can do what they want. What they need. Our needs are different. However, the end result will be similar, and in a similar time frame.
  10. Hang on, you are not saying BANKER IS WRONG, are you?
  11. Exactly. They are ready to ease theirs now. By the time they move theirs, we will be ready, as they are now, and will move a couple of weeks later, as they are ready to do now. Do you have a problem with that?
  12. I want to see our borders policy eased in line with similar jurisdictions, but we are behind them. E.G. Jersey has 4 active cases. I.o.M. Has 58. Jersey is ready to ease borders I.o.M. is not.
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