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  1. At the briefing 11 Dec, I think, returning residents rules were changed. Residents could isolate for 14 days at home provided the entire household isolated. That was the mistake.
  2. Even more easy, used curtains that could have been washed daily to help prevent any potential spread!
  3. Correct! Jersey's economy has a massive tourist based element. Although it only forms a small part of the financial side of their economy, from an employment point of view it is massive. Iom does not have that issue. Our government is spot on in their vaccination strategy. It is a marathon, not a sprint!
  4. I am not comparing us with anyone. I am just pointing out that the uk are saying that they can vaccinate around 25 million people in 11 weeks. Over 2 million a week, without the infrastructure and without the guarantees of vaccine supply. Lets see what happens next week when the Astra vaccine is rolled out to care homes etc. Then the week after when second jabs and first jabs of Pfizer are being administered. Suddenly we are doing 3000 a week, without worrying about supply. When the supply permits, the airport hub can open and masses can be vaccinated. This is a marathon, not
  5. A while ago, when you wanted the borders flung open, you quoted that the average age of those whom had died of Covid was around 80. You also said that 90% of all deaths were in people over 70. Our current plan to give those people the maximum protection asap is perfectly correct. So the U.K. reckon they can get the first shot into all over 50s done by the end of March? Eleven weeks. Not going to happen!
  6. Ok, let's watch what happens with Jersey when people start to require second doses. They will probably have to stop or at least limit first doses.
  7. Yes, but we are limited by supply. After they double the Pfizer injections the week after next, our stock will soon dwindle.
  8. Absolutely. However, after one week of lockdown, if the majority of people are doing what they are supposed to do, those lines of transmission should have been nipped in the bud. If people continue doing the right thing, from this time next week there will be no new community cases. Construction, etc will go back. Pubs etc will open two weeks later. Best case scenario.
  9. Or, do you mean it grows as they want their vaccination ASAP.
  10. We are not in the UK. There is a small handful of community cases after one week. We will get a few more. If people really knuckle down and stay home, we will, I reality be clear in two week. Keeping the three week rolling back up is the correct thing to do. Sorry, but this time our guys are spot on!
  11. I think our plan is 1141 this week, 1841 next week, 2982 the week after and following two weeks, then 3682 after that, supply permitting.
  12. Try here, if they are still going! https://m.facebook.com/groups/450919634996975/?ref=group_browse
  13. Then it will go full circle as governments will not allow the plebs to have control of their money. Funny though. During lockdown 1, I wrote more cheques than I have in ages. Also, used cash more.
  14. I'll get the beer chilling. I have a funny feeling..........
  15. On GMTV this morning, the uk health minister said that in the uk the vaccines were being deployed asap after receipt, but could not discount the possibility of supply disruption. In addition, four different scientists gave four different sets of figures and four different opinions. The most senior scientist said that the JCVIs advice assumptions and best guess. No evidence . On the grounds of the way the uk had handled this pandemic and cocked it up, I suggest we continue to do exactly the opposite.
  16. They kind of do have random testing though, as anyone admitted to hospital for any reason is tested. That is how the lad from St Mary's School was picked up.
  17. No briefing today. Apparently, there is concern about the amount Manx Forum members are drinking at Howard O'clock!
  18. My guess is that it will suddenly be sorted on Wednesday, when the second tray of AZ arrives. Howie said "Nobody will receive a first vaccine unless we have their second in stock."
  19. Complete lie! U K health minister spelled out to Piers Morgen that uk policy was to vaccinate all over 50s and see how it affected deaths and hospitalisations before mving ahead with the rest of the population. Anything like the above headline are about encouraging the population. It will not happen!
  20. All three are correct. The error was in allowing returning people to isolate at home with other family members, all isolating, for 14 days.
  21. Is it selfish to buy specific foods... Tough one. I may have weeks worth of rice, pasta, etc in my house, but fresh veg, etc. needs to be bought. Dog food, toilet roll etc. also has to be procured. However, when I go shopping, there will be a long list! Is it selfish to travel to a place for exercise? Depends. I live in a built up area. I would rather drive ten minutes to somewhere that I will not encounter dozens of people. Less risk. Is it selfish to exercise at all? No. Exercise is incredibly good for mental health as well as physical health. It is more necessary than almost anyt
  22. Yes. I am supporting a slow roll out because after three weeks it will have to double. If they go full throttle now, they will either run out of vaccine, or have to stop first time vaccinations, effectively putting the program on hold, or chance running out of vaccine, possibly invalidating the first jabs. I don't work for government, but I understand that this is the b st policy. If Jersey or Guernsey run out of vaccine and the UK send extra supplies (without considerable forfeit) I may concede that we should have gone hell for leather. Until then, Ashy is doing the right thing.
  23. Because it would create a bottleneck due to availability. However many doses you deliver now will need to double in three weeks time. Supply will soon run out.
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