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  1. As much as you are correct about the airlines and much of the tourist industry, for every business closing, new ones are opening. I personally don't just see the negative. I see the opportunities. There for the taking, for the brave.
  2. The sugar tax is having a massive effect. It actually is generating hardly any tax because manufacturers have reduced the amount of sugar in most items to keep the prices down. Whether that be by reducing the size of a chocolate bar, or use of artificial sweeteners in none diet goods, it is having an effect. Not the few. If you go back a few pages, someone posted some graphs, one of which showed a large increase in additional, non-Covid related deaths during lockdown, because people could not get the emergency treatment they required.
  3. Simple. Even whether the virus exists, or not, countries around the world are going in to debt. Who do you think they are borrowing from, apart from Russia?
  4. Probably because there cannot be a long term plan. However, the way this thing is playing out seems similar to the Spanish flu, with similar timings, as predicted early this year. Look forward to your two week get away in 2022!
  5. You do live in a bubble, don't you! Have you not heard of sugar tax, etc to try to combat diabetes, obesity, etc? It really is NOT the few!!!!!!
  6. It is not really a few though, is it? It is getting on for half the population. It is not just the elderly, it is the infirm, the fat, the poor (to some degree), and many others. It really is not the few.
  7. Well, of the tens of millions of recovered cases, there have been very, very few cases of reinfection. This means, once you have had it there is virtually no chance of catching the exact same virus again. Mutations aside, the virus needs hosts. The fewer potential hosts, the less it can spread and it will die out. Interesting how the way it was reported made it sound like Guernsey suspended the air bridge, where in reality it was Howard!
  8. Agreed. As with most people, I want the borders back to normal, not just here but world wide. The only way out of this is herd immunity (whether by spreading or vaccine). However, just letting it run rampant as sultan wants, will swamp health services and many people will die. Not of Covid but heart attacks, strokes, and the many other issues that require hospitalisation. Slow and steady spread of the virus, as we have now, is the way to go.
  9. Already been done with the Nightingale hospitals which are mothballed.
  10. The quote misses off snogging and shagging.
  11. The virus is not as transmissible as they say. They are trying to scare people. Virtually all transmission is by contact.
  12. Early days, with new cases accelerating. Deaths will catch up. Roughly a 2-3 week lag.
  13. So 0.5 billion can travel there. 7.5 billion cannot. Those same 7.5 billion can still travel to Europe though, where there is not a travel ban. Do you understand what a travel ban is? We have one over here. It is working very well. You can even go out for a pint and discuss it with your friends, if you have any. My post never said "All travel". That is a LIE FROM YOU.
  14. You just made that up. Go back and read my post. It says nothing about all travel. Meanwhile, flights from all over the world are landing in the uk and most of Europe.
  15. No! They are locking down because hospitals are becoming overwhelmed.
  16. So, the fact that the vast majority of the the world's population is banned from travelling there is not a ban at all, and I am talking total bollocks. You really are a case. Borderline troll!
  17. Sweden have loads of restrictions, including a ban on travelling there. They do have social distancing inside bars, restaurants, etc. They did not lock down. That is all.
  18. Pay them? You are joking! They would jump at the opportunity!
  19. It is 7 days isolation, test, 7 days revised isolation, so 14 days. That is what the article is about. Jersey wont see 30:100,000 this year unless they lock down.
  20. You did read the article? People from Jersey have to isolate for 7 days and then have a test. If negative, enhanced isolation for a further 7 days still not mixing with the general public (like our 7 days and test was). So basically 14 days isolation, just like here.
  21. The link says they hope to introduce the regime On 26/10. If cases in France Uk and jersey continue to get worse, it will be shelved.
  22. I don't think so since virtually every area people can fly in from is cat 3 or 4. Including Jersey.
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