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  1. Thing is, John, if you look at our new daily cases, the majority are pretty much unvaccinated kids. But very few are getting seriously ill or dying. The media sponsored government proper gander is now changing to flu vaccines, scaring people about dual infection. The thing is, there is no flu. It is about the NHS. Not the flu. But, why are they lying?
  2. I am not slating the profession. I am slating some of those whom have chosen it, and the current ridiculous government mitigation regarding it. Because it is not living with the virus, it is keeping the fear of the virus alive. Stop testing except where really necessary. Drop the border controls. Get the booster jabs rolled out. If you feel unwell, stay at home. If it is really that bad, contact your doctor. That goes for everyone, including children and teachers. Covid is nearly over (on island) and it is small areas of society keeping it alive.
  3. Wild speculations? Hardly! 90%+ of adults vaccinated is most. Is that a wild speculation? The vaccination does not stop you getting Covid but probably reduces the chances of catching it, and reduces effects and symptoms dramatically. Is that a wild speculation? Is that I'll informed? Because these are statements that have been made by many professionals and scientists. I prefer to believe them over some random forum poster.
  4. Teachers jabbed? Around 90% of all adults are double jabbed. Unless teachers took a stand against it, that would include them Kids not double jabbed? The plan at the moment is to single jab the under 16s. Teachers mild case? Absolutely. That is what the jabs do. Most Asymptomatic? Absolutely. That's what the jabs do. You're amazing. I know.
  5. This is it. Nearly all teachers are double jabbed. Most students are not jabbed at all. Any teacher contracting Covid will get a very mild dose. Probably asymptotic. They test positive and are sent home.
  6. And, you call me I'll informed? These teachers at home are not necessarily sick. They have tested positive for Covid 19. That does not mean they are in ICU. Most are probably sat out in the lovely October sun right now.
  7. Looking for a six week half term, more like!
  8. I think it is more teachers and unions toolkit than government. Besdes, rather than rotate attendance, why not have the "sick" teachers teach from home?
  9. There is little will to push those regs through, though. Government takes 20% VAT ON A £30,000 EV, and only 5% on a £3,000 heat pump (shared) or new boiler. There is no money in it.
  10. This is the point. I realised 30+ years ago that insulation and heating by electricity was the way forward. Gas boilers are no cleaner than oil. Most people who run their house on oil use 500-1000 litres a year. Since kerosene is effectively diesel without lubrication, that is more carbon in the atmosphere than the average car uses in a year. So, if you really want to do your bit for climate change, buy a £10 fan heater and put on a jumper. Turn the real "GasGuzzler" off. Thank your lucky stars we don't live in a cold country.
  11. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55551315
  12. https://uk.motor1.com/news/500886/eu-phase-out-phevs-sooner/
  13. Problem is they only provide supplemental heat via massive radiators, which still leave you needing additional heat source especially on cold days.
  14. PEHV don't count. They are going out too. Which means there is a total of around 300,000 EV on the road in the uk. In 2019, 2.3 million new vehicles were registered in the UK. Last year there were only 1.63 million due to Covid. EVs really are a drop in the ocean.
  15. Advertising rubbish! About 1 in 20 passenger vehicles are EV. Problem is advertising includes hybrids as EV. They are not. EV us virtually dead in the water.
  16. They were saying on TV yesterday that the uk has around 600,000 HGV drivers, most of whom left the business due to extra certification requirements brought in by the EU. So, you had guys who have been driving HGVs for decades being told they have to pay for retraining for EU regulations. They just stuck up 2 fingers and changed profession.
  17. It has been cheaper for weeks. One small point, I think this panic has been purposely manufactured. 30 September just happens to be quarter end. Nothing like a couple of weeks panic buying to boost figures.
  18. Really? Athletes about to compete don't go out for several pints, a slap up meal, a boogie and bed at 1:00a.m. The majority do not have a team following them around. They belong to clubs who put each other up. They drink lots of water, eat specialist foods that they probably carry with them and spend next to nothing. I have nothing against cycling or the cyclists. However, they are not big money spinners as far as tourism is concerned. If we could attract foreign spectators, that would be a different thing.
  19. 1000 cyclists vs 250 cars? Cyclists eat and drink next to nothing. Cheap travel on the steam packet. They are more likely so camp or use cheap accommodation. Car drivers pretty much all stay in hotels. Go out eating and drinking. Buy petrol. Go souvenir shopping. Basically, the car drivers spend far more
  20. The spike in gas price is one thing, and it will affect us here. However, the overall energy situation will be worse in the uk. A large power cable used to purchase nuclear electricity from France has burnt oua
  21. It was a brilliant event. Information has been available online for ages. The display on Loch Prom on Saturday was brilliant. The motorcade on Sunday was brilliant. The people I spoke to who were visiting for the event loved it and look forward to coming back next year. A great success. Just the sort of event we need.
  22. If we stopped creating all Man made greenhouse gases today, the earth would continue to warm up at the same rate. Cutting emissions is the sticking plaster.
  23. But that (carbon capture) is what is required. Not expensive and virtually ineffective heat pumps.
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