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  1. Interestingly, since this thread began last November, the value of the potential yield from the gas field has more than tripled.
  2. News today is that they are postponing the charging so that public opinion can be taken into account before Ringo is introduced. So it is going ahead anyway. My advice is vote with your feet. Don't use it. By the way, it is funny how the barriers at the staff parking lot are always working perfectly!
  3. This is correct. I was talking to a driver that I know a few days ago. He said most drivers are on zero hour contracts and called in on an as and when basis. If it is a nice day, they cannot be bothered. Wait until TT. That will be interesting.
  4. Because it is basically free. One part of government paying a different part of government is effectively an accounting exercise. However, if they paid Tours, we are told by government that every £1.00 spent in the community is worth £1.85 in reality.
  5. Cambon

    TT 2022 ??

    Training is a wonderful thing. However, until there is a real situation, nobody knows how anyone will react. I am sure, with the mess to clear up, traumatised spectators, traumatised novice marshalls and other people, racers wishing to return to the grandstand were low on the priority list.
  6. Cambon

    TT 2022 ??

    I remember the day well. Bad crash. Fatality. Road would not be opened before midnight. Manx Radio announced that riders would be returning to the grandstand in the opposite direction. 12-15 riders decided that the MR announcement was their instruction to go back. Marshalls at Sulby red flagged them . Most stopped , but a few carried on. The Mercer crash followed. They are professional racers. They knew that they would be escorted back. The marshalls at the incident were probably extremely shocked by the crash. Marshalls at Sulby tried to stop them.
  7. Cambon

    TT 2022 ??

    Basically, yes. It may have been a single vehicle crash, but he died. That becomes a police matter.
  8. Cambon

    TT 2022 ??

    There had been a fatality and police needed to attend.
  9. Women lived longer because they retired earlier / pension at 60. That is also equalising, lowering the state pension burden.
  10. I thought it was the Tynwald Whole Area Termination System that was in charge of this?
  11. Sounds to me like the solution has already been chosen, probably by a child, and is having to be defended!
  12. Southern 100, Tynwald day and Irish bank holidays mean higher prices.
  13. Quite a few in that bracket, such as Robinsons.
  14. This is correct. The companies who make coin and note machines don't make machines just for England, or pound notes. They are universal and it takes about ten minutes per note/coin to program. They can do what they want with the parking. If it is app based, I won't be using it. I don't use online payments from my phone. That is where the majority of fraud is at the moment. Best avoided.
  15. Quite. A cheap, permanent and relatively simple solution like geothermal will not happen because it does not involve lining the pockets of big business. However, it is the long term solution. Interconnectors are the quickest solution. Just buy electricity from uk. Let them invest in green technology. They can bear the burden. They can print the money to do it. We cannot. When they print money it devalues the pound, including ours, so indirectly we are paying for the uks green ambitions already. So, spend the £42,000,000 on interconnectors. Import electricity. Immediate green credentials.
  16. Yes and no. If you have worked both here and uk, you now need to apply to both locations for separate pensions. You will then receive two pensions based on contributions and top ups. So for example, if you worked 25 years over there, then 20 years here, you can claim 25/35ths of a uk pension and 20/35ths of a Manx one.
  17. Very interesting Mannin line. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of it.
  18. They are on the Mannin line tomorrow. Perhaps we should all tune in. I actually know both of them, and they do know their stuff!
  19. Actually, they have been talking about it for several years. Vehicles are a lot better built and more reliable these days, so they are thinking of going to every two years. AA are against it, but most other bodies are for it. The cost of living excuse could actually be the catalyst to bring it on.
  20. Actually, that is not the way it works in Bermuda. Over there it works From several angles. You are allowed one private car per land tax number. So, people with large properties split it into several flats with separate land tax numbers. Problem solved. There is also enormous importation tax on cars, but no VAT, so cars cost about the same as here. However, if you want a new car, you have a choice. Either sell your car and then wait a compulsory year to buy a new one, or scrap the old one and just buy the new one. Of course, you could sell the old one and buy the new one immediately on one of your other land tax numbers. There are always ways around systems.
  21. Easy fix. Don't break the law and you will not be fined! Problem is lazy people. The only reason they park outside Tesco and Shoprite, etc is because they cannot drive in. P.S. There is not a housing crisis here. There are thousands of empty properties.
  22. Great idea. We will call them fines for illegal parking.
  23. Absolutely. It has disaster written all over it. They should just scrap the Manx pound coins now and go back to the notes, like Jersey and Guernsey. The Manx coins just confuse English tourists. They like the notes and take them as souvenirs, each of which is a gift to the iom government.
  24. If you are talking about hardship based on inflation, you ain't seen nothing yet! The inflation issue (UK) is a problem that has been building for about ten years. Now exasperated by the Ukraine/ oil and gas price issue. It will really hit next winter.
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