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  1. Clever local IT workers cannot get government jobs. There is a gate keeper, who stops any intelligence from getting in, for fear they will show up the complete incompetence in government IT.
  2. Not necessarily. I have had cause to be at the hospital several times this year. I doubt they are running at even 50% capacity, let alone 80%.
  3. It is worse than that. If left to stand, the ethanol separates from the petrol and rots any rubber parts, rusts or corrodes any exposed metal. And worst of all, gives you 15-20% (conservative estimate) worse fuel economy, meaning that you end up burning more fossil fuel for a given trip, than if there was no ethanol in there
  4. But Gladys is correct. They recently went from E5 (5%) to E10. When we were on E5, ethanol made up about 25% of the cost of the petrol. Now with E10 and increased gasoline costs, it is still around 25%.
  5. They could not organise a piss up in Okells brewery. All they need to do is dig a long trench a few meters above the water line at low tide, and let the tide do the rest. Next day same again a few meters up. Repeat until,the tide has moved the beach. Seven to ten days should do it.
  6. As I said above, we don't live in a cold country. The house I live in is about 50 years old. It has never had central heating. I put insulation in the loft and had double glazing installed. The house is south facing with large windows. Even on the coldest of winter mornings it never gets below 12 degrees inside, usually a good bit warmer. Two electric radiators and the windows soon heat the whole house up to 18-20 at a cost of about 50P per hour. They are on for about 5 hours a day, when required. They are only needed from mid November to the end of March. My winter electric bills are about £150 more than my summer bills. So heating costs me about £300 a year.
  7. Why this obsession with central heating? We don't even live in a cold country! Insulate your house and use small electric heaters. Get an old fashioned immersion heater. As for new builds, don't put central heating in and knock circa £20K off the price. It is not rocket science.
  8. And governments. Lots of extra VAT being collected from price rises is virtually all areas.
  9. Exactly! UK reintroduces imperial. Manx go metric! 30 years behind the time, again?
  10. Cambon

    Firm closing

    My theory is they want to make it one big increase and then have stability for a while, or offer discounts to make it appear cheaper.
  11. Cambon


    And over the bridge that has only just reopened having been closed for an eternity!
  12. Cambon

    TT 2022 ??

    Kell's Road Racing this weekend. Sad to hear that up and coming racer Jack Oliver died this afternoon in an incident. He was 22. MGP and TT were probably his dream. RIP Jack. God speed!
  13. Oh, the full half hour😆
  14. Sorry, not summer yet. Still spring.
  15. The climate change industry is all about getting people to spend loads of money on things they don't really need, that will make little or no difference to climate situation.
  16. The Police have already done a song about her, and I have heard there may be a stage musical in The offing!
  17. That is what I have said for ages. Charge for tests. R rate will plummet.
  18. Cambon

    TT 2022 ??

    I think the ACU will be most concerned by the fact that there were two near identical fatal crashes in the same place, accounting for three of the five fatalities. There is much speculation that the new road surface there is the issue. The thing is, the ACU approved it fit for racing. Is there culpability that the ACU want to suppress?
  19. Cambon

    TT 2022 ??

    I think the point is children are a lot more resilient than you think. I remember when I was at school, the bus I normally travelled on (I think I had choir practice) crashed and about half the kids were taken to hospital. Lots of stitches and a few broken bones. Next day at school, they wore it like a badge of honour. It is when you are older these things affect you more.
  20. Exactly. Last week, there was a convention of weather presenters, whom are mainly climate activists, in Austria. Most flew in for the occasion. Ironic?
  21. Firstly, with regard to Stu Peters, I like him, and the fact that he actually expresses an opinion. I dont always agree with them, but appreciate that he actually expresses them. If only the rest ok our MHKs would do the same! Regarding the first part of your post, you have obviously been taken in by the Governments (pretty much world wide) propaganda and agenda. Electric vehicles of any sort are a money spinner. Electric bikes cost silly money for what they are. Cars even more so. The cheapest electric cars are around £30,000 plus registration, license, delivery, etc. means around £6,000 in tax to the government. Electric bicycle £400 tax to the government. Now, the central heating system in the average house creates as much CO2, or more than the family car. A few modern electric heaters will cost less than £200. The running costs, including the costs of maintaining and replacing parts in the central heating system are much lower. But this does not bring in big bucks for the government. So they bang on about cars and petrol, ground source heat pumps, things that bring them money in taxes. It is bullschitt.
  22. Interesting RUBBISH! When it comes to your own safety, especially on the road, why would you not give being seen a priority? Forgetting cycling for a minute, in the USA, if you are riding a motorcycle, you are required by law to have head and tail lights on at all times while the engine is running. In most of Europe, daytime running lights on all vehicles are required. And yet, tomorrow morning dozens of overweight Lycra Lads will be out dressed in black, thinking they are Peter or Mark, with no lights and virtually invisible. IDIOTS!!!
  23. If only cyclists would actually make themselves visible, instead if generally wearing black, maybe they would be seen, and not cut up. I am a cyclist, and I am sick of other cyclists abusing the law and blaming everyone else.
  24. Cambon

    TT 2022 ??

    There has been an extra boat a day, pretty much.
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