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  1. So, £100 of electricity currently costs £105 with vat. 15% increase means £115, and then £120.75 with vat. a further 15% means £132.25, becoming £138.86 with vat, a 33.86% increase in real terms.
  2. You are quite simply wrong. Unconditional (immigration) visas require interviews, proof of identity, financial backgrounds (including information on mortgages, life insurance, etc.), employment records, information about family members, previous marriages / long term relationships, and much more. Most of which one possibly would not think to pack when fleeing from murderous thugs. Seasonal visas require very little other than a passport and proof that you have guaranteed work and pay, which could easily be waived.
  3. It works both ways, Kopek. When uk gov suggested that the seasonal "fruit pickers" visas be used as they are quick and easy to administer, they were shot down by the Wokes for expecting the Ukrainians to pick fruit. They were not. It was a quick, easy fix. What theWokes are pushing for are full immigration visas for people who firstly don't want to be here, and secondly will be gone as fast as they can.
  4. Kopek, they are not immigrants. They are refugees who will probably leave to go home (or somewhere closer to home) within a year. They don't want to be here. They just want just want to be safe .
  5. Kopek, they are not immigrants. They are refugees who will probably leave to go home (or somewhere closer to home) within a year. They don't want to be here. They just want just want to be safe .
  6. Maybe they could adapt the Lady Isabella to pump the poo.
  7. We don't. Can't transport or store it. The alcohol part actually costs more than the petrol part. Hence the difference ever since E10 was introduced.
  8. You mean, so they think they can control people.
  9. The difference is MUA has a choice. Either burn the gas or import electricity from uk, which ever is cheapest.
  10. Yes, but Manx Gas is a customer of MU. MU is, by far, the biggest gas user on the island. By merging both companies requirements, MU can hedge a better price for both. Besides, why shouldn't MU charge MG more? MU have to hedge and arrange the purchase. They probably pay for storage too.
  11. I had loads of trouble with the app. Deleted it and went in directly to NHS website. Works perfectly. I reckon it is an iOS issue.
  12. Cambon


    Bit blowy in Port Erin!
  13. Cambon


    Ah! So it actually is going to be a storm, and worth naming. I am getting tired of these forecasters who say the weather is worsening because the wind might blow over your garden chair. It is called Storm Force 10 for a reason. If they want to name every time it blows a gale, call it Hemingway gales, not storms.
  14. Or more realistically, another cable to the UK, and purchase all our electricity from them. Let the UK spend the money on windmills and nuclear. As a point, windmills need a good amount of wind to work. However, on days like today there is too much wind so they put the brakes on and stop to prevent damage.
  15. Did I hear that correctly? £42,000,000 to Net Zero this year! Biggest vanity project. Waste of money.
  16. Hopefully by putting an huge green tax on EVs, as they are far from green.
  17. At least charge them 20% vat on the electricity used to charge them.
  18. Hopefully, the smart meters will be smart enough to be able to identify the electricity used to charge EVs, and apply VAT at 20%, as is appropriate.
  19. Yes.a month before us. Alf will have to bring ours forward.
  20. 1) Agreed 2) Agreed 3) No. Still provide, but charge £5 per test. Only those that are really needed will be taken and reported. 4) No. Due to 3 above, numbers will plummet giving the doom covern a sense of relief. 5) Not necessary due to 4 above. 6) Just scrap all masks.
  21. Cambon


    I have no problem with border controls, but the information should be collected by the Steam Packet and airlines, and forwarded to the relevant department by them.
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