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    HQ FoI !

    True, but Beth Espey on Mannin line today said that the holiday cottages had tenants in.
  2. And she actually has an opinion! I would like her to stay on Mannin line.
  3. Many if not most of the vulnerable had a third jab, and will soon be getting a booster (4th jab). In a couple of months, the winter will be over and the virus will subside for the summer. It is then questionable as to whether we will get jabbed again in the autumn, along with flu.
  4. My understanding is they are prone to both urinary and bowl issues. Short lives compared to most cats. One local vet around 30 years ago worked on trying to breed the issues out, with reasonable success. If you take ne on, I recommend you take out insurance.
  5. Not at all. Charging lower NI than the UK, not updating the earnings thresholds for NI, not increasing the maximum earnings for NI, are three things that should have been addressed years ago. That is before we even start on the actual Manx tax system.
  6. There is already an inheritance tax, just most don't realise it. As for additional inheritance tax, no thanks. Sort out the existing tax system first!
  7. Need to start charging for LFTs. Bring this thing to an end.
  8. Allison on the news at 9:00 and 10:00 am this morning, talking about Liverpool landing stage. Said he hoped it would be ready for the TT relaunch in 2023! Mistake or cat out of the bag?
  9. Isn't it? Covid is going mad in France at the moment, but it is mainly Delta not omicron. Delta is not a cold like omicron. It can knock you for six, even if fully vaccinated. That is just one example. It makes sense to err on the side of caution.
  10. Seven days or less isolation. £300 per week is more than £230.
  11. LFTs, yesterday, 118. Today 270. £300 anybody?
  12. Cambon

    TT 2022 ??

    Yes. It really was quite brilliant.
  13. Cambon

    TT 2022 ??

    They used to do a tt course race during cycle week years ago, including radio coverage. It was exciting. Actually, the whole week was really very good. A few people complained about road closures so it had to go.
  14. Cambon

    TT 2022 ??

    Maybe we should get some flumes at the NSC? Oh, hang on........
  15. Cambon

    Peel Marina

    Of course it isn't. Until the marina was there, the silt ran into the sea, exactly where it should be going now.
  16. I think the pubs did well last night!
  17. Thanks. On the grounds that you can fly in from Heysham Port at any time of day, I am not surprised; apart from how much longer the public will stand for this horrendous civil unservice!
  18. So, shorty before Christmas, I heard Alf say that anyone arriving on IoM had to take a LFT within 12 hours, and then One a day for 7 days, and report the results. However, there is nothing on IOMG website that displays easily from google, etc. Any thoughts?
  19. Actually, the quickest way to achieve the living with it mantra is to stop being considerate of others and not take steps to try to mitigate its spread and let it infect as many as possible as quickly as possible. With regard to the army being called in to help London hospitals, there is a lack of staff due to people who are not sick but have tested positive and have to isolate. The hospitals themselves are actually very quiet apart from Covid wards and A&E where ambulances are arriving with mainly Covid patients. Most other wards are pretty empty because so much has been cancelled. The same is true here. The hospital is very quiet from an inpatient point of view. There are probably 100 people not in hospital due to recovery from operations and treatment because of 9 Covid patients.
  20. It is Peel Crabs scared of someone putting Peel back on the map for six months of the year!
  21. Sorry RM, how many people have died or will soon die from misdiagnosed or undiagnosed cancer and heart disease, and many other treatable issues over the last two years? Even just the last six months because people are being prevented from going to hospitals, doctors, because they may have a virus that affects a minority of people, and kills a tiny proportion? It is now ludicrous.
  22. Gladys, I think this is the whole point. If you feel well, or have a slight sniffle, why should you stay at home? You are basically ok! Yes, you may pass it on, but chances are you will pass it on to people who may only have a slight sniffle, or nothing at all. Take yourself back 5,10,15 years. We went to work. Someone always had a cold. You may or may not catch it. Rarely would you be off work with it. However, some infirm and elderly people may catch it from someone and end up in hospital. They may even die of it, although they would call it pneumonia. We now need to accept that this is here to stay, and crack on with life.
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