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  1. As I have said several times, omicron is only one of several variants doing the rounds, some more harmful than others!
  2. Ramsey - Testing your throat means the swab will pick up in what you have been consuming. It is a well known fact that orange juice and many other drinks can cause a positive test. Unless you snort OJ, your nasal swab is all that counts.
  3. The Old Git - please remember, omicron is here, but Delta, and all the other variants are still there too.
  4. I feel sorry for you. Leaving the EU was never going to be easy or quick. However, all those billions paid out by Brussels have to come from somewhere, and they have lost their second biggest contributor. The EU is on the brink of collapse. It has been for years. I think Ireland will be next, in the next few years, and they will form an alliance with the uk. I could go on, give reasons, but cannot be bothered. Let's just see what happens after tomorrow.
  5. I think you need to go back and re read his post. He is talking about being open for business locally, not locked down. Only with tight border restrictions.
  6. NHS app now requires iOS 11 or higher. I will have to get a letter.
  7. Actually, Macron is probably doing us a favour. The vast majority of cases in France are Delta. 209,000 new cases yesterday, and it is only so low because their PCR testing facilities were overwhelmed.
  8. Although this is true, what is also true is that of 60% of Covid positive tests are Omicron, 40% are still Delta or other variants.
  9. The answer is simple. Charge for LFTs. People will no use them. If you are sick, get a PCR. At the moment, loads of people are probably looking for Wed to Fri off. It will all calm down when he schools are back.
  10. So, it's not just the government trying to scare people into cancelling their own Christmas, in order prevent massive spread and enforced restrictions? Scotland and Wales have imposed restrictions. England has not. Quite rightly. But, need people to be very careful over the next two weeks. This good news sneaking out is not helpful (it is in every paper today, including your "bible"). Therefore, the scare tactics.
  11. I am not sure. The daily numbers of new cases is quite steady. Not going up. Should start to drop with schools being out.
  12. As much as you are correct, I predict that by this time next week, our daily new cases will have halved. Maybe even dropped to the teens. Similar in uk. Simply because students and many workers are not doing LFTs. Also, look at the Independent or most other daily news papers about omicron and the symptoms. They have changed. It is now fatigue, headache, runny nose, sore throat and cough / sneeze. Same as a cold? In fact, experts are now saying if you have cold symptoms get a test, it may be omicron! That is scaremongering. Covid-19 has now mutated into a common cold. It is over!
  13. Not quite. Everyone over 18 who wants one will be offered a booster by the end of the year. In other words will be offered an appointment, most likely in Jan or Feb. Besides, why worry? The longer you leave the booster, the longer until your next, if required.
  14. Funny thing is, in the last month as Manx gas have been butting heads with the government, the wholesale price of gas has dropped from over $5 to $3.80. And lt looks like it is going to continue dropping.
  15. It will be quicker than that. I reckon Easter.
  16. Actually, I did read most of it, and yes, people were not admitted because they were too ill for Nightingale hospital. They needed proper full care hospitals. Critical care nurses were at the full care hospitals, quite rightly.
  17. Sure, but the type of people required to staff Nightingale hospitals don't need to be critical card nurses. Those nurses are needed for intensive care in proper hospitals. The type of patients in Nightingale hospitals are not that ill, and under observation. Possibly on oxygen. Anything more serious would be in a proper hospital.
  18. They could have staffed them if necessary. There were and are plenty of people willing to volunteer. Just as they did for the vaccine campaign. However, I think the U.K. Government know that the NHS will not be overwhelmed by omicron and are using it as a big stick to try to get people boosted and vaccinated. Not saying it is wrong to encourage that, but scaremongering at this stage is simply wrong.
  19. Correct. At that time Nightingale hospitals were being set up all over the place for fear of the NHS being overwhelmed. If omicron is really as bad and vaccine evading as we are being lead to believe, and there is fear of the NHS being overwhelmed again, why are they not setting up Nightingale hospitals again? In fact, they are taking more NHS staff out of hospitals to increase booster jabs. It really does not make sense.
  20. Ok. If you take a quick and simple look at the UK stats, in April /May last year, there were literally very few cases compared to the current figures. However, there was a massive spike in deaths. In January this year, they had a massive spike in cases and also deaths. Possibly their worst time. However, since the relaxing of measures at the beginning of the summer, deaths have been very low, even though positive cases have been high. Almost as high as the January figures, but deaths very low. Omicron, moronic, omigod, whatever you want to call it is another excuse. Get vaccinated. Get your booster and crack on with life before it leaves you behind!
  21. Yes, SA has a very young population. However, that very young population is also a very sick and generally unvaccinated population. There is no comparison. We need to live with it and move on.
  22. And your post is completely naive of the 21st century. These days, Governments are more bothered about financial support, not armies. What big pharma says, goes! The CEO git from Pfizer was on tv being interviewed the other day. He basically said we will all be having boosters for years to come, but he had a smarmy, sly look on his face. Liar. Git! Covid is done. It is all about money now. Nothing else.
  23. No, but I do believe governments have great difficulty relinquishing power once they have assumed it and will go to great lengths to retain it. Doctors and scientists similarly like the limelight and exposure as it helps boost their profiles and ultimately their careers. The Covid scaremongering has gone too far. It has to stop. By Easter, omicron will have been proven to be little more than a common cold. Mark my words.
  24. The uk figures keep saying omicron is doubling every couple of days. Did anyone every consider that they have only just sequencing it, yet it has been doing the rounds for months. It is not doubling at all. It is already there and being discovered. Media hype and government lies! Scaremongering again.
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