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  1. Probably not much point. (He can never be wrong- and his shredder will testify to that!)
  2. Good temp. for storing the Covid vaccine.
  3. Ahhh. . I thought that maybe Geoffrey had given her the Boot!
  4. Maybe he would benefit from some "Media Training".
  5. . . . . . and not for the first time?
  6. Yep. . . I mean those brown shoes. . . . !
  7. Big H says he has lost 95% of his smell! Phew !
  8. KERED

    Manx Care

    It would require someone who is fluent in Gobbledygook.
  9. Wowww! Extra large BOLD Font! (Is this what they taught you at the taxpayer's media training course?)
  10. Anyone know why The Manannan returned briefly to Belfast this morning?
  11. KERED


    There, their, they're, Sid. Try not to let it upset you.
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