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  1. There might have been a problem with the SeaCat linkspan, John. So the Cat was using the Ben's usual berth, and the Ben had to wait until the Cat left for Dublin, before being able to get into her berth. (just an idea)
  2. Iv'e got a Haematology appointment for May 2023.
  3. KERED

    Tim's Time's Up

    Sort of " a big boy made me do it"
  4. KERED


    We could call it JeTTski.
  5. Errrr. . . he DOES look good in a wig and a frilly frock!
  6. But, does he ride a Harley?
  7. I also had my Jab No5 on Tuesday, and already, all 5 are showing on my Covid Pass.
  8. (In recent years mire people have been killed walking on Scafell Pike.) Don't tell him, Pike!
  9. (Yes. David Ashford.) Some of us wish that he could be terminally screwed!
  10. Yes John - I was wondering the same, as I am gonna have my Jab No 5 next week, also.
  11. Yes, Glad. . . and even when I was much younger than that!
  12. I used to have great French Lessons form a teacher called Fifi La Tour. (But the counting always seemed to stop just short of number seventy!)
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