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  1. The words LEAP and HENDERSON don't often appear in the same sentence.
  2. Maybe the famous Chewy-Gobbler could be adapted to clear the drain holes?
  3. Yes - This seems to have Ashie's hand all over it!
  4. (Already covered in another thread.)
  5. I am fairly sure that at the briefing , Ashie said "exasperated" instead of "exacerbated".
  6. "Sewerage" has now been changed to "sewage" on MR website,
  7. Aren't MINISTERS considered to be still "in Office"?
  8. Maybe The Head of News, The News Editor, and the Deputy News Editor are all having a weekend off?
  9. So - he's not ALL bad, then?
  10. KERED


    Thanks Andy (Although it is not exactly "South Quay" as reported on MR. That berth is what used to be referred to as the "South Edward".
  11. I think they should all go back to Tasmania!
  12. Has he asked MR for a Point-by-Point rebuttal? Has he said that the MR News Editor will be jailed if they don't retract the story?
  13. From MR: Family pay tribute to driver killed near Lancaster and: Seventy-four-year old Pauline Edwards was a passenger in a Honda Jazz which was involved in a collision with a BMW. Back-seat driver?
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