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  1. KERED

    Manx Radio

    Yes - agreed, Gettafa. He WAS making calls to his ex-bird! (Wonder if he also sent her some Tweets?)
  2. KERED

    Manx Radio

    On MR's News Page today: 50 year old Peter Michael Birchall of Richmond Close appeared before magistrates at Douglas Courthouse. . . . . Birdcall’s case was adjourned while psychiatric and pre-sentencing reports are prepared . . . . .
  3. Yep - Them Marx Brothers are very good.
  4. He looks as if he's feeling the strain.
  5. Is it true she has a slow-puncture, and keeps going down on you?
  6. KERED

    Manx Radio

    From MR News: A body has been caught in a fishing boat's net near the Isle of Man. A trawler, Elegance, was fishing for prawns in the Irish Sea when the decomposed corpse was retrieved from the ocean.
  7. Maybe she thought her name was too humble?
  8. Very comprehensive, John. Thank you.
  9. KERED

    Manx Radio

    Thanks Wooley - that was my view on it.
  10. KERED

    Manx Radio

    From the MR web-page: The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has applauded the ten year targets set by the Manx Government, to reduce the toll on Island roads. Who knew we had toll roads on the Island?
  11. KERED

    Manx Radio

    Yes- it was corrected on the website, eventually. But the same mistake was repeated on the broadcast news at 11 pm, and then again at midnight.(Plus another glaring mistake, when the wrong sound bite was played, and the girl didn't even appear to notice.)
  12. KERED

    Manx Radio

    Yes,thanks, Hammy. That was how it was originally, both on air,and on the web page. They have since corrected it on the web page. However, she still read the incorrect version on the 11pm news. (this is because it is pre-recorded, so it wasn't corrected)
  13. KERED

    Manx Radio

    From MR, this evening: MHK backs new plan for silt disposal A lack of annual maintenance would have prevented the build up of Peel harbour.
  14. KERED

    Rob Callister

    Do Buffoons have balls?
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