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  1. I don't have any pitchforks, either, but I do have four candles.
  2. He did NOT jump to the wrong conclusion, Glad. He simply convoluted two different cases!
  3. Careful, HD! (She might be more Lioness than Cougar)
  4. Yes. . . as long as you and your dick both wear face coverings.
  5. . . . . but he's NOT a naughty boy - he's the Messiah!
  6. Thanks for sharing all this with us, John.
  7. So - not much point in DA knocking on your door to solicit your vote, then, Glad?
  8. Yes - still waiting for the coming days to come!
  9. . . . and what about cunt stubble?
  10. I am finding Ashie's rising inflection at the end of each sentence becoming more and more irritating.
  11. Patience, Glad! The rebuttal will be issued in the coming days, (Remember, Ashie gave his hard-working staff Easter off.)
  12. I'm gonna win it with: Hi-di-Hi The lady in question Thank you Chief Minister No - I have nothing to add. You have explained that beautifully. (and hasn't Molly got a lovely smile again today?)
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