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  1. KERED


    There, their, they're, Sid. Try not to let it upset you.
  2. KERED

    Manx Radio

    Rob is a great man, and he spent the best part of an hour telling the listeners what a wonderful person he is. (Seems I have been underestimating the size of his ego.) I don't agree that it was a well conducted interview. All it needed was Micheal Aspel with the big red book, and it could have been "This Is Your Life."
  3. KERED

    Manx Radio

    Thanks DDB - I'm sorry that I was unclear. I was not thinking about the Jordan episode. What I meant to say was that my problem with Mr Peters was that during his years of hosting Talking Heads etc., was his incessant pushing of his own viewpoint over and over.
  4. KERED

    Manx Radio

    Of course a presenter should have a viewpoint, and state it, if he/she desires. However - my problem with Mr Peters was that he seemed unable to resist the temptation to keep harping on about it over and over and over again.
  5. If a toilet is incorporated, it could be the Baker Loo Line.
  6. KERED

    Manx Radio

    I don't have it in for him, but I have never been a fan of Mr Peters. I am not surprised that a complaint has (apparently) been made about him. In fact I am surprised that it didn’t happen sooner. I did not hear his comments, so I can’t say whether or not I think they were racist. However – I agree with other posters who have said that he is not the right person to host a phone-in show. He does not seem to have the ability to play “Devil’s Advocate” which is to remain impartial and to put forward opposing views, even when they differ from one’s own. He destroyed Talking Heads for me with his bigoted and opinionated views. Contributors who disagreed with him were given a hard time, whilst those who agreed, were awarded a cheery “I like the cut of your jib, young feller!” Some, who had the temerity to question his authority were told to “wind yer neck in!” Towards the end, I found the best parts of the show were when Frank from Ramsey kept winding him up, until getting himself banned. If he is allowed back on air on the Island’s National Broadcaster, I hope it will be just as a regular presenter, and not “unleashed”. BTW - Is the Communications Commission investigating this, or not?
  7. I didn't think I would listen to the old commentaries, but I accidentally caught a few, in my car, as my radio was tuned to AM, and I found myself enjoying them. In the intervening years I have forgotten most of the results, so it's intriguing to hear them again. On the down side - I had forgotten what an annoying, smarmy prat Fred Clarke (Ballaugh Bridge and Hairpin) is/was. But on the plus side - I had also forgotten what a really good commentator the late Maurice Mawdsley (Ballacraine and G|en Helen) was. - Very knowledgeable and softly spoken. He is a joy to listen to.
  8. (He probably would have preferred to have given her a "Bunch of Fives"!)
  9. Has the Swiss Chalet ever been burned down in the past?
  10. KERED

    Manx Radio

    As long as 2 seconds, Albert? Your reactions seem to be slowing down!
  11. KERED

    Manx Radio

    I see that the duty news-hound has changed it again: Police attended a four-vehicle crash in the south-east of the Island yesterday afternoon.
  12. KERED

    Manx Radio

    When did Union Mills relocate to the South of the Island? From MR News: Police attended a four-vehicle crash in the south of the Island yesterday afternoon. Officers say they were called to the incident at Main Road in Union Mills.
  13. The Duct of Atholl.
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