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  1. He has probably already shredded all his notes!
  2. Thanks Twitch. Yes - he DID say that.
  3. Ashie says that People caught using false documentation to enter the Island will be jailed. So now he is Judge and Jury?
  4. But is that statement from the horse's mouth?
  5. Not sure that I entirely agree with U, Glad, about knowing they were wrong. It is like a kid who nicks his brother's sweets, and Mom forces him to apologise. So he grudgingly says "SOR-REE"!, but doesn't really mean it. Woodward has been vociferous in demanding an apology - so Ashie, with an eye on the elections in September, has issued a grudging one.
  6. I didn't feel that he sounded very contrite, and he was only pushed into "apologising" by Mark Woodward from the Steamy.
  7. Boris = Howard Hancock = Ashford Cummings = Robertshaw?
  8. Just listened to Ashford, in the Keys. What an arrogant, smarmy conceited little tw@t! His words, and the way in which he delivered them are in insult to Dr Glover, Julie Edge, the Keys, and the great Manx Public! I really hope that he will be voted out, in September.
  9. I'm surprised he didn't do a Road Trip to NZ and return, on the pillion of Charters' Harley.
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