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  1. Following your recommendation. I went and the place is shut!! Bugger.
  2. http://www.three.fm/news/isle-of-man-news/mhk-asks-what-makes-a-product-manx/
  3. I would certainly agree that means testing is a must!
  4. Whilst there is no capital cains tax, no inheitance tax, no stamp duty (sort off) and low interest rates then I would buy a property. Property will always go up and down. the IoM market is flat at the moment but looking at long term trends even in the 70's and early 80's when the IoM was really in the shit then property has faired well. The secret is getting a good tenant, keeping them and looking after them so they dont even consider wanting to leave. Good luck!
  5. Andrew Jessopp - Chairman Seacliffe Ballaveare Old Castletown Road Braddan Isle of Man IM4 1BB Telephone: 622937 This morning he was on Manx Radio talking about the high cost of maintaining the working cottages in Cronkbourne and therefore the Braddan Commissioners have decided to consider selling them. These date back to the middle of the 19th Century and have a connection with Archibald Knox. Its ironic that Andrew Jessopp has gone on air with this as there are countless planning notes where he has objected to numerous properties being redeveloped in the private sector because they were uneconomical to manage in their present state. He has in my opinion lost all credibility now, and the planning commitee should take note of this U turn in all of his future planning obstructions/objections which he has and no doubt will continoue to put forward on a personal level. His above contact details taken from the Braddan Comissioners web site. I will be writing to him.
  6. It will cost you £3,541.00 + 5% VAT assuming others do the redecoration works.
  7. Its a shame. i think he would have made a good Chief Minister.
  8. Day 10.... and its bone dry. I am spitting feathers. The ducks are scratching their heads. And the guy who was on his Kayack this time last year up Parliment Street in Ramsey is at home sulking wondering why he is no longer able to masturbate.
  9. Long may it continoue. Its looking like it will smash all records for the driest February on record for the IoM.
  10. Also I am trying to understand why he called it Callows Yard???? it sounds like somewhere you go to dump rubbish.
  11. What did the Children's Centre go bankrupt? If so how did it back onto its feet. I have always thought it was state owned, who owns it then? Is the Chief Constable involved in the operation of a private company, which has direct interests in the work the CC has to carry out, especially if he is a member and a Director, I cant believe a Chief Constable would be permitted to a member or a Director of any private company at all, especially if it is trading? Not falling for that one Buster. Anyway, since the origional posting a couple of days ago it looks like John Knight has now handed in his notice according to recent media reports. Lets hope the next Childrens Centre CE is more alligned to dealing with local suppliers, contactors and businesses! I will be writing seperatly to Peter Karran so he has some of the other side to the story.
  12. Its about the Childrens Centre complaining that its gone 'off Island'. Do as I say not as i do....
  13. http://www.manx.net/isle-of-man-news/69309/backbench-attempt-to-stall-child-care-contracts Who did the Childrens Centre award the contract to for constructing their new building on Bucks Road a few years ago (the strage looking flat roof thing). Was the contractor local... No???? Did they pay local sub contractors before they declared themselves bankrupt? Ask the questions Peter!!! What goes around comes around. The Manx are fighting back... Join the revolution Peter and protect the Manx not just your votes.
  14. Why in the last year or two have we got so much scaffolding on the hedge rows? Whilst I appreciate it gives the marshalls a better view, I dont believe the riders would appreciate getting stabbed by unnecesary poles which stick out over the track just to give the scaffolding firm some free banner advertising around the track. Check out some of these crashes, a few of which are close to areas where such scaffolding has been erected http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHidS8AjMS0 It is only a metter of time before a rider gets stabbed by one of the poles in my opinion. If the scaffold contractor has provided this free of charge for the advertising space then fair enough. if not then I believe all the poles which stick out should be removed.
  15. Its black eye Friday tomorrow. I think he should its timer the minister told us all how to behave.
  16. Must be new people running the café and restaurant upstairs. They now take credit card, and the food is fantastic.
  17. I guess it would depend upon the time of year, outside temperatures etc etc
  18. Can't wait to read the book. However in the meantime I will go on what Wiki and the American historian's say that he is as Manx as the hills!! (and a very nice gentleman)
  19. well, according to Wiki he is as Manx as the hills! I stand corrected if you can prove otherwise...
  20. Per head of population we are probably punching above our weight on fuel reserves.
  21. The new box office animated film Free Bird... All about the saving of Turkeys used for thanks giving meals. The time machine takes them back to the first thanks giving meal in New England and the main part by captain Standish, who in the film was portrayed as a nasty baddy :-).... Anyway Captain Miles Standish, was part of the original history on the first ships which sailed to New England back in the 1600's... he was bloody Manx! From Sulby no less.... what a guy - and remembered all these years later in an animated film!!!! Who needs Pinewood.
  22. watch this space... Castlemona will be next! and part of me believes that the Government should take control of it (for £1)
  23. Having apparently generated a wave of righteous indignation, let me explain the reason for my earlier comment. Numerous people are on distro lists for official press releases, not all of them journalists. In those cases it's a 'heads up' so that people at - say the DOI - can see what the police response is, and if there is - for example - the likelihood of further investigations and possible charges being brought Whilst I find the publishing of these on an internet forum like MF, or Facebook for example to be questionable practice, I understand that we're in the information age and that it's likely to happen increasingly unless the sender locks down the system to accredited journalists only. Not to give them the 'scoop' denied to the public, but because they will have been trained in legal responsibilities and official protocols. My biggest concern with what AC did (however innocently) was to include the 'Notes to Editors' line. This is a 'heads up' to journalists and is NOT for reporting. It may explain why police are running an investigation the way they are, it may give more of a description of a suspect, it may explain the apparent cause of an accident...but it is NOT for reporting to the public as it might hinder an inquiry, cause undue alarm or speculation or legally prejudice legal proceedings. In this case (fortunately) it didn't do any of those things, but what if the family was named in the notes (for example) and relatives got the news from the internet rather than a grief-counselling trained police officer? I'm no self-appointed custodian of common sense or wannabe moderator, but I understand the system and the reason behind protocols. Stu, you fucked up. Are you a qualified journalist? Heart breaking for all concerned :-(
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