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  1. I will remember him for the way that he voted against the investment and promotion of the TT for the works on the grandsatnd (creation of TT shops at the rear), but in the same year he took advantage of the free hospitality and did the meeting and greeting at the start line with the riders. He was on a Jolly again this year in the Manx Gas hospitality tent. He really does need to grow up. He is no longer a kid, but he does seem to go against what he says and believes - actions speak louder than words. This is the sole reason why I have contributed so much towands this thread.
  2. Waste of money. Our leaves get wet and soggy. Great for dry countries.
  3. spermann


    Presumably we can use this wood after it has been processed though a wood chipper for Biomass heating??? http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=66240
  4. Story in today's newspaper about the £400k spend on ticket machines should pay back within two years. Fraud is one of the issues with the existing system.
  5. Didn't the south African fella link the HIV sexual health and education issues with the local gay group in his interview.
  6. The one way system works. Make governors bridge one way from the roundabout with a left hand lane for Victoria rd and right hand lane for glencrutchery rd. leave the dip open one way for all north bound traffic both onchan and the mountain. It worked last week!
  7. She has worked her way back to the top again after a re brand...
  8. Open sky's is the way to go. If you restrict and regulate you could end up with a steam packet service.
  9. It illustrates to me just how safe the TT is when you can have a bike crash into a load of spectators in such a fast and dangerous spot and nobody is killed. I mean there is nothing left of the bike... Then a couple of days later at an F1 event, you get a marshal who is killed assisting in the recovery of an F1 car. It just shows why F1 should be banned along with Wind Surfing, mountain climbing, rugby, cycling.... all of which have had more fatalities in the last year! If you are not a fan of bike racing then stay off the course and dont buy a house adjoining it.
  10. Apparently they were feeling hungry having not eaten for 43 minutes.
  11. So even the drivers own shop stewart has said that the recent stike has not been effective. http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=65560 did they think that they were going to get public support by causing stress to the students taking exams and pissing off our visitors. keep in paying your subscription to unite guys, I am sure that it has been worth every penny
  12. You forgot the Human Resources Manager, the Business Office Manager and the Sports Editor. You're right that this elaborate structure would be more suited to a much bigger station for a much, much bigger nation. In addition they seem to have managed to get themselves graded against Manx Civil Service scales (themselves prone to nation-itis), rather than the going rate for equivalent posts elsewhere in the media. Of course this may save their bacon as down-grading them or making them redundant[1] might suggest similar action could be done elsewhere and that would never do in our wonderful Bellocracy. [1] Remember that in the three years up to April 2012 just one civil servant was made redundant. Roger - if you've ever employed staff you'll realise that titles cost far less than pay rises. Ask our new Executive Hot Beverage & Hospitality Coordinator at the Coffee Exchange. Stu, you dont even know what all these so called managers and Directors are earning so how can you make such a comment. Even out MHK's dont know what these people are extracting from the system. I really do believe that you will be shocked and saddened when you find out. you have argued in the past on these forums that MR is not taking One million pounds + per annum from the tax payer and you have been proved wrong. Now you are shortly going to find out where it is getting pissed away.
  13. When he finds out how much the tax payer (in part) is paying Pugh and the other two...
  14. I have heard you on several occasions plugging it and I dont listen every day. Certainly if I was a coffee shop owner it would put me off advertising with Manx Radio even though the overall running costs are subsidised by the tax payer. This is different to the free advertising that Alex Brindley gives the groudle railway because your coffee shop is not a charity. What would be the point of complaining to Mr Pugh? We cant even find out what he is being paid even though the tax payer pumps in over a million pounds plus every year, year in year out to the station and yet he feels hard done to.
  15. If it is true that the militant drivers led by the union are bullying the other drivers who have accepted the new terms 9as suggested on the radio this morning) then this is shocking and the police should get involved to bring this scum to account. The Liverpool based union need to understand that we not accept bullying on the Isle of Man.
  16. Would you care to elaborate? Yes, at the health and safety executive he was able to work with Bent Ham, That is a skill in itself. Then at the office of fair trading he led some interesting enquiries, which did alter government policy for the benifit of the consumer. During the recent bus strike I thought he stayed firm and strong which is what government need right now and its what will be needed at DOI to implement new projects at a reduced capital budget. The other choice may well have been Anne Reynolds... Have I elaborated enough?
  17. I believe they were in Harry's cafe eating.
  18. I think for the stats to be accurate then all reported acts of crime should be logged. http://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/55407/home-affairs-crime-figures
  19. They are too busy eating and sleeping.
  20. Good point. I have just searched for it and it's gone. Some censorship going on here? Shout up Moulton?
  21. I don't think Unite will be all that bothered so long as the bus drivers keep paying into their UK empire...
  22. Dumb and dumber.,, http://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/55408/the-manx-radio-debate-1-
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