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  1. Stu is right with this one. All parties could get taken to court. If you publish you publish... and that could be facebook, newspapers, radio, TV etc etc Stu has a responsibility in this case to protect MR, as well as the person on the other end of the line from the court room doors. Having said that, a good journalist knows how far they can push it with awkward questions. Stu does not seem to have the skills or training to do this and MR seem to spend their budget on 'unknown saleries' for high senior management positions than they do on their presenting staff (freelance included) and journalists. Their argument being that such saleries are lower than the BBC.... wake up and smell the coffee, its a tin pot radio station serving a small Island community costing the tax payer in excess of one million pounds per annum year in year out... Stu, I love you and you know it!
  2. dont panic. we have still got BA to London City!! I would rather flybe go than easyjet. Bigger aircraft much better.
  3. oh shit, Anne will be wanting Three Million quid for a new map....
  4. and the bus drivers continoue to give the greedy scousers cash month in month out....
  5. Let the drivers go on strike, show them what a waste of time it is and how we can cobble together a service.... Then use this situation as a reason to make the drivers who dont want to work to the new T & C's unemployable and replace with new keen employable drivers who realise what a good number they have....
  6. What a stupid thing to say Spermann. He is not in "the closet" and what the fuck has his sexuality got to do with his role as CM? When I deal with people at work I dont tell them my sexuality so why should he? This kind of abuse when he has done the island proud, is pathetic and would likely result in you being charged with an offence in other country's. The IoM has had negative press in the last few days (including the BBC polotics show) due to the lesbian couple not being allowed to rent the house and the lack of equality legislation. If Bell came out, then this would demonstrate how forward the IoM and the 'majority' of its people are... A country with an 'openly' gay Chief Minister voted in on a public mandate. This would be a big decician for him so I will leave it at that and it is very much a private matter. Like I said in my origional post he did well and he is a very good leader in what is a difficult time for the IoM.
  7. Bell did well there. He should be proud. Hope he is CM next term. He should publically come out of the closet also. The time is right.
  8. I like the idea of the thumbs up campain. Definatly worth a small payment for charity. This could bring the Island community back together (apart from the fat, lazy, greedy bus drivers) and actually have a positive impact. It sounds like the chief minister is getting involved now and he is right to. The UK unite union needs to know that we are not controlled by them, they will not shaft our economy and we will not follow the UK way of doing things. The bus drivers who pay into this union really need to stop and think about why they are doing this. They are taking money out of their houshold and placing it into another country. Ask yourself what researves they have and what are these union officials being paid. Its your money. Do you think that an english bus driver would join a French union?
  9. So the english union think they are being clever trying to disrupt the TT and the GCSE exams. I think the public are now fed up with this. Time for change. Time to sack the drivers and outsource to the private sector. We cannot go on losing money on an unsustainable service. It would be cheaper to let the tax payer fund taxi's for the vunerable. Enough is enough.
  10. Has he upset the church and its backers? http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=65227
  11. http://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/54906/ecigs-for-prison-
  12. I would be very surprised if he moved Mr Shimmin from DED, Shimmin is one of the more capable MHKs and despite what is being posted on this forum, the Sefton deal is not that big an issue for most people. I agree Robertshaw will stay as is, it would be mad to move him while he has not finished his work in that department. Mr Cannan does have potential but his current MO is making him like his father, no one will want to work with him so he could well become, just like his father, a lone voice in "opposition" That may satisfy his Michael constituent's but with no power, or opportunity to change things for the better for the whole island. His father has been treasury minister and was in the running for chief minister at one point.
  13. There are private organisations who will buy bus Vannin even with service delivery agreements and price guarantees on ticket charges.
  14. It was the right decician if it allows the organisation to trade though this summer and allow a sale to go ahead minimising job losses. The current board should consider their position. I personally think that our government should submit a planning application for the middle march site as we all know that the Sefton cannot fund a buy back, so the time is right to get the ball rolling (after all there will be objections, building control etc etc so it will take a few years to go through the system in any case)
  15. I thought they used such cash to contribute towards uk political parties (who bare no relevance to the Isle of Man).
  16. He has learn't a tough lesson in life. Now he has to decide does he pay the fine or go to prision. I think if you go to jail there is the possibility of not being allowed in certain countries (including USA).
  17. What I should have said is many events don't get money, reading about available funding doesn't tie in with the statement on MR a week or two ago when one of the orgainsers said there was no money from IOM gov. Then again the Sefton group hasn't been illegally rescued, Pineword is a dead-cert to bring in money and... Cobblers you just a cardboard keyboard warrior
  18. Isn't it lovely outside!!
  19. Bollox, Fact! The Island of Culture is not financed by the government at all, all money comes from the private sector. MR are obviously lending the name. Every thought about finding out the facts for yourself or are you just a cardboard keyboard warrior? It is, Department of Community, Culture! Fact.
  20. I wonder how much MR are getting paid for this: http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=64975 Yet another Government subsity for a loss making radio station.
  21. Yet another duplicate thread Spermann - you seem to have a propensity for this lately. There is already a massive thread on the Sefton. This is a general hissy fit from our CM and quite right too. Its not all to do with the Sefton. The lady man is not for turning.
  22. http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=64867 Bell call Karran for vote of no confidence.
  23. The tax payer is subsidising Manx Radio circa One Million pounds per annum. Therefore you are getting a good deal on advertising. Well done!
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