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  1. The uk is fucked. Lloyds TSB, RBS, OXO....
  2. http://charlielambert.wordpress.com/2013/04/18/why-i-wont-be-with-manx-radio-this-year/
  3. So they pay for the electric that they use, they pay fair market rent for the central location. And the salary and pension contributes of the staff are covered in the price of the food also?
  4. If only!James Davies: "So Mr XXXX you think that this issue is XX and XX, isn't that right?"Interviewee: "Yes"He's always telling his interviewees their answers in his questions.John Moss: "Now, I'm going to tell you how to live your life. Drive extra carefully today because the roads are wet. You should wear a scarf thismorning. Don't eat your earwax; it doesn't taste nice. Don't forget to breathe in as well as out. I'm here to instruct you in everything. The papers are in." In your JD example, its up to the interviewee to expand on the answer if he/she wants to make a point.There's nothing l
  5. 26 years of economic growth. High house prices are a sign of prosperity which is why London prices are soaring. This guy is obviously struggling to get on the property ladder.
  6. http://www.manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/54325/mhks-abseil
  7. Have we had it clarified yet if the trouble makers are striking during TT fortnight?
  8. Very poor journalism, and I often support energy in my rants aimed ar MR. One of our MLC's should get this news release amended.
  9. Probably a worthwhile visit. Don't understand the apparent secrecy though?
  10. Senior Civil servants have control of our elected representatives. This salary does seem excessive, particularly if it is not performance related.
  11. Waltons advertising that they are for sale is not a bad thing. There figures since the MEA have closed may actually be on the up! The island is not in recession but I do hope that those who are out of work find something suitable soon.
  12. I was critical when I first learned that this vessel was going down there. After watching the documentary on BBC 2 I stand corrected and take back my negative comments. Well done Isle of Man!
  13. Chris Hayes behind it I believe.
  14. Thanks for coming to my defence, and no I am not an MR reporter. Perhaps this topic should be started again.
  15. What caused the fire? RIP and sympathy to his friends and family.
  16. Yes, the results will prove that bendy buses are worth their weight in gold and that they should be purchased without delay.
  17. The sooner we build the sewage treatment works in Peel the better.
  18. Beecroft came on the radio this morning to discuss this matter and reaffirm that she took no notes and remembers fuck all.
  19. Interesting point SMUJ. I expect the correct response from us would be 'black or white'? Former would result in an Americano and latter a Latte I suppose. But we're not planning to have jug or instant coffee, or anything faintly Bavarian UNLESS there's a demand for it, as we're quite relaxed about providing what customers want as long as there's a profit in there. Its about time the Island reintroduced a lap dancing joint.
  20. Did I detect in the press release the hint of a strike at the end of May, i.e. TT fortnight. I think Government are going to have to seriously consider hiring some mini buses and drivers to provide a service to prevent the risk of biker using their bikes to and from the camp sites after having a few beers on the prom. Striking last month to affect the kids was one thing... but adding to the drink drive/ride risk is another level. Food glorious food!
  21. With a name like mine you dont want me supplying the cream. Happy to join you for a coffee though, my shout!
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