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  1. Perhaps the 'I Support Our Sheep and Not the Bus Drivers Strike' facebook page has had an influence on this decision. An appalling page but unfortunately around 3,000 have 'liked' it. The vicious comments directed at the bus drivers have been nothing short of shameful - including comments from a very senior civil servant who is on, I would imagine, a very healthy salary indeed. I feel quite depressed today about the future of the island. If we continue to turn on each other in this manner, the only people who will really have to tighten their belts through a recession will be working peopl
  2. Front page of today's Examiner. Unite won't work with Prospect now. Keep paying the subscriptions guys!
  3. I would rather the million quid tax payer cash that Marx Radio get on an annual basis was given to DASH.
  4. Bendy trains next for the Isle of Man!
  5. This is it. After learning the salaries, expenses and property portfolios of the fat union cats i cancelled my subscription. Disgusted, so i was. I now detect a certain amount of disdain from my colleagues who are members and are currently in discussion with management over our futures. Apparently, those of us who decided to leave the union (and there have been many!) are getting ''all the benefits'' of consultations without paying the subscription. All that subscription money leaving the Island. It's crazy!
  6. Page 3 of the Examiner. It's April 1st!
  7. Page 9 in yesterday's guardian money section. Advert for an IT support job at unite the union grade 8 position. 41k position plus London weighting of 3.5k for a 34 hour week. An indication of where some of the subscription money goes at unite for an average post! Their advert not mine. No wonder they think the bus salaries are acceptable. Keep up the membership boys!
  8. The drivers want £3k in pay every year to eat food.
  9. It is about more than naming and shaming an individual (although that should happen), it is about the media proving that it reports, as Mr Karran might say, without fear or favour... In the Juan Watterson incident there was evidence proof of what happened and as I recall he came to the media to apologise first. Perhaps on this one with no proof of anything happening they can't print anything. So the incident took place in an area which had no CCTV then?
  10. That would be a good solution. The unions would have to agree that it is trading at a loss, and the new Bus Vannin (2013) could then introduce new drivers and terms.
  11. I dont think you would have to change much with the current sea terminal, other than stop a proportion of the parking. This inside waiting area, cafe, toilets, shop, cash machines, information centre and external shelter is already in place. unless I am missing something, I think the capital cost would be minimal.
  12. http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=64467 yay, another one!! Have you noticed that their strikes never run over lunch break.
  13. The bus depot and the front of this terminal is similar in size to that of the Sea Terminal. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liverpool_South_Parkway_railway_station The sea terminal has to be the best choice by far for a new bus depot with little capital expenditure.
  14. I dont know whether I agree with you there. Do you think we will have another MEA or another Mount Murray in our generation? I dont. I also dont believe that the local media would hide a big scandel such as the Juan Watterson case if another one was current and existed. Afterall it was the local media who raised the JW sick on the bus issue and it was only then that he apologied to the public.
  15. I think you will find the farmers actually cleared a lot of the roads. You cant round herds of sheep up (particularily on the mountain) in just a few hours. Its a lot more complex than that... Its just unfortunate, but at least sheep are still being rescued alive. The OP probably hasn't left his bedroom yet.
  16. That's bollocks and you know it! I get the same flak as anyone on here and am quite prepared to discuss anything rationally whether I agree with someone or not - witness my sensible reply to Strauss. But you make little sense and seem to have trouble understanding issues. Shouldn't the question in your mind be 'why was DASH's funding given to Motiv8 when by all reasonable accounts DASH was doing a superb job for very little money'? Or 'whatever the issue, why wasn't DASH asked to tender for the service it had provided successfully for the past 17 years'? Or even 'why did the government obtain
  17. I would have thought it would be better to leave it open until such time that an alternative use for the space could have been determined. There was too many staff, but thats government for you. Is the time not right to put the party area, play area frames and cafe out to tender and let a private operator run it under conditions. That way it would be a revenue generator for government. Also, they could have re opened a proper cafe for the upstairs area to service the cinima and re open the external balony for summer time use above the gardens. At present there are a couple of vending machines
  18. To be absolutely fair spermann, you missed out the vital point. The youngfella in his role as Minister for Home Affairs of the Isle of Man Government had just delivered his Christmas speech on responsible drinking. It is convenient to forget that and maybe one day the dark powers might airbrush it out of Manx History, but it is, as they say on Stu Peters Talking Heads programme "FACT." Irony and hypocrisy all rolled into one? Call it what you will, but it will be forever worth remembering. Fair point
  19. Yeah, next thing you know they'll be swigging cider out of the bottle and making drunken tits of themselves Says MF Soothsayer . sure that means something, dunno what though I wondered how long it would be before this one rears its head again. All he did was have a few beers and fell asleep/puked in public. Why do people keep posting this after a year YES MORE THAN A YEAR. Its like there is nothing else interesing going on in your lives!!
  20. New routes http://corporate.easyjet.com/media/latest-news/news-year-2012/01-11-2012b-en.aspx?sc_lang=en
  21. The new chain is a load of tat compared with the old one. There is a story regarding the insurance, perhaps the media should do some digging. I believe they could not make a claim until it was determined if it was lost or stolen....???? and they dont know which??? Its not right that a claim cannot be made, whats the point of getting it insured.
  22. and you only get fined £100 if you are sick on one.
  23. I support the charity btw and I will be signing the petition.
  24. Perhaps there should be more talk about the charity rather than the girl 'Shelly'.
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