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  1. The only way to sort out the "cash in hand" issues if for the person who pays cash in hand (along with no VAT) to get prosecuted also.
  2. There is a possibility this could be means tested so that the wealthy pensioners have to pay IMO.
  3. Something needs to be done to get it open again. Can we not use the local unemployed youth to assist in getting the top structure walkways safe again and painting of the railings. I realise it would not be economically viable to run the small train on their again but to get the walkway re opened would be splendid. Better to pay for this thean to pay out on dole and it would provide some experience for the CV's and a feel good factor. Appologies for dragging this one up again after so many years but it is an important issue and its fast becoming an eye sore.
  4. Henderson needs his political career; as without it; he will be too old to go back to what he did and will probably end up working in a local Spar IMO. Do you think Spar would have him?
  5. Has Juan's judgement ever been called into question before? I questioned it a couple of years ago after he did not vote for the works on the grand stand yet the following TT he was swanning around on the hospitality gravy train. If he does not support the TT he should not drink the free beer.
  6. He probably doesn't get paid for being off work with a hang over also.
  7. The contracts director?
  8. If the drivers got to keep their paid lunch break following binding arbitration then the Government would face the risk of the department making drivers redundant to make the £300K saving. This is the last thing that they would want as finding alternative employment for such a skills base would be difficult and I can't see Tours or any other company wanting to pay these sort of salaries for bus drivers. Its difficult and the PR spin from the union has been poor.
  9. http://www.isleofman.com/News/details/53318/bus-cctv-will-remain-in-place
  10. Bus strike tomorrow. No doubt it will rain again after our drout. The poor drivers will have to wrap up and get some bacon butties :-)
  11. To view these splendid works of historical art http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-21654248
  12. I don't like bullies and this is a bullying thread - that's my reason If its a bullying thread why do you insist on keping it active. You are one of the top posters of this thread and not all of your comments have been positive for Juan Watterson. If I was him (and I have just nominated Geoff Corkish for MLC) I would probably want this thread to go away.
  13. Next months Hello magazine. MF got the story first.
  14. With NI, pension and expenses it will be nearer £1.3M
  15. so they are not disrupting the 5pm rush hour...instead they are going for the school runs nice one chaps - i am sure the parents will love you ;-)
  16. Geez, that could make someone up there drunk and incapable to the extent that they remain unconcious. Then they could spew up all over the place taking part of the facility out of action. That would be bad.
  17. Whether true or not, the lads who were on strike at that time in the morning were then sent home as they were 10 minutes late for work! Missing out on a days work. Like I said, can't confirm with the bus strikers but got told from 'management' in the bus dept. If that is true then hats off to the management. Solid effort.
  18. Nice to have a beer whilst watching sky TV http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-21590353#?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=facebook Hope you like the spelling...
  19. Apparently they are going to go on strike for 3 minutes on February 30th.
  20. and let's start with the board of a public owned radio station...
  21. how times have changed since this thread.
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