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  1. It amazes me how quickly people forget what a state Euromanx were in just a couple of years ago with flight schedule delays!
  2. Changing lights / electrical circuit is notifiable if you are not an electrical contractor registered with NICEIC or ECA. More bloody red tape!
  3. FFS. Its comments like that where you end up getting into trouble. Wake up to reality.
  4. try and swim lots to maintain fitness without causing further stress to the injury. I would leave the football for this season. focus on getting back for next season, its more realistic.
  5. Believe me its bad, both of my kids were pucking up last night and they are rarely off sick. If you suspect it, keep them of school so others dont catch it.
  6. I suspect it would be more likely 100% contribution towards profit and overheads - big difference. No, just greed. If it was greed it is likely that they would be un competitve and they would go out of business as the market dictates, unless they have a monopoly?
  7. I suspect it would be more likely 100% contribution towards profit and overheads - big difference.
  8. I dont think that the garage has done anything particularily wrong. They replaced the pads after 2 months and a leaky brake cylinder could occur undetected 8 months after the service. Its the risk you take when you buy a used car, and dont forget, the brakes are classed as consumable wear and tear items (not usually covered by manufacturers warrantee).
  9. hang fire until January and watch the prices drop.
  10. spermann

    Sky Tv -

    Dont plug it in. The computor will work out your life style and you will get lots of junk mail through the door....
  11. I believe the costs of buying local meat is increased largely due to the operating costs of the abbatoir. Perhaps a stratigic review of the running of this facility should be looked at, on the basis of eliminating duplication and waste to improve efficiency and thus lowering operating costs. It is a good facility, built to provide quality meat, however the local consumer is led towards off island produce simply because the price dictates. I think that most people would buy Manx if it was a similar price. Another example of this is milk, you can buy organic milk imported from the UK in bot
  12. Offer a rebate on travel costs on the previous trip when they book and pay for their next trip. Great way of getting repeat business / tourists.
  13. The non-organic farmers should insist on vaccination of their stock so that the public can get on with their lives.
  14. Energy FM Website: Colin McRae feared dead in helicopter crash It's feared rally driver Colin McRae may have been travelling in a helicopter which crashed this afternoon, killing everyone on board. It came down on land close to the thirty-nine year-old's home, near Lanark, about twenty miles from Glasgow. Friends of McRae - who's known to be a keen amateur pilot - say they've had no confirmation and are waiting for more news. Journalist Gordon Chree's visited the crash site.
  15. no doubt the local commissioners will object to the planning as there is no marina to support it!
  17. have you asked the question on the steam packet website blog?
  18. Announced on the local news today that the supplement is to remain for residents who have worked for 10 or more years. The people who come to the Island to retire seem to be a little upset by this, why? Do they not think that the local workers deserve a little extra in retirement to cover the additional cost of living? These people have afterall worked on the island for at least 10 years therefore putting a little back into the local economy. If i worked for a large proportion of my life on the Island and moved to the UK to retire, i would not get upset by the local pension allowances.
  19. I just want to get a point over from the other side of the fence. I think you have pointed out the problem above without even knowing it. When i worked for myself a few years ago finding the time to call round and produce quotations was difficult, when you have to carry out the works and do your own invoicing etc. I soon learned who the time wasters were and found it easy to work out from speaking with the customer who had phoned up everyone (such as yourself, 7 different quotes!) and i spent time purely on the customers where i believed i had a fair chance of getting the work. It is wron
  20. Go to Haldane Fisher, and ask for a deal on ex display goods.
  21. Yes perhaps its time that the organisers paid the marshall a small fee for their services. That way they could request additional cover in quiet areas. To be fair places like Ballacrain are fairly built up areas, walking distance for a lot of marshalls. Any marshalls who did not want to accept a fee (probably the majority) could request for it to be donated to the helicopter fund.
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