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  1. The same sort of contract that Manx Airlines had at Heathrow prior to BA buying them out?
  2. The guy who organised the girls at Castle Mona (Lee Crossley) has something to do with the Clinchs bar complex and organised girls over TT fortnight there. He may be the best person to talk to. Good luck!
  3. Only if it is sold to Tesco and they build a great big supermarket on the main runway. Otherwise I very much doubt it Dubai Aerospace may not want an IOM slot...?
  4. fuckin hell monkey man, thats a bit harsh on me. Explain the random attempt at non-story link with the Isle of Man then, and tone your language down please. many appologies for the foul language - no harm meant. dont need to explain any posts to you, random or not Mr Monkey.
  5. fuckin hell monkey man, thats a bit harsh on me.
  6. From The TimesAugust 21, 2007 Investors eye Gatwick as BAA contemplates a forced asset sale David Robertson, Business Correspondent Potential buyers for BAA’s Gatwick Airport are positioning themselves ahead of an anticipated £3 billion-plus auction for the transport hub. Sources close to Dubai Aerospace, which has bid $1.8 billion ($900 million) for Auckland Airport in New Zealand, have revealed that the company would consider a bid if BAA made Gatwick available. Wilhelm Bender, chief executive of Fraport, which owns Frankfurt Airport, said yesterday that he, too, would be interes
  7. If yes, i think it should be transported to the energy from waste plant rather than pilling it up for the tides to spread it all over the beech again.
  8. Good info thanks. I had no idea that there were so many of these lifts on the Island working at the same time. I have seen the photo's of the one on Douglas head, it seemed to be a lot larger with a greater capacity for carring people. If as you say the budget for complete restoration was circa £1M. I wonder how much of this could be paid by the national lottery trust. I dont recall any projects which have been funded over here on a large scale and as an Island nation we have been buying lottery tickets for some time now.
  9. http://img207.imageshack.us/img207/6020/c187pipbd7.jpg
  10. It is a tricky one. I think to start with, any new tennants should be means tested and then a slow intriduction of means testing for the rest over a perod of say 5 years. As regards downsizing of housing, as is often the case a woman may be widowed shortly after have family have grown up and left the home. The last thing she would want is to move from her own gardan, friends and neighbours at a time like that. So careful consideration should be saught on an individual basis.
  11. The suggestions which you list could not happen as certain parcels of land are now now in private ownership, moreover these scemes would require huge capital investment and would therefore struggle to get Government approval. I am sure that the majority of the Manx public regret these being allowed to decline, however in times past things were not as they are now. I understand that the lift ends up at a private office block hence my suggestion to have it restored and relocated to a new position. This would be a great project for a large organisation (such as the IOM Law society) to
  12. On the site where the Lord Street Police station is sited was the 'singing kettle' cafe. There was a different round about there then and the ashphalt was worn to a shine, often the place to have a cup of tea and watch a prang when the surface was wet. Another interesting cafe i remember was in a bugalow adjacent to the traffic lights in glen vine shortly before you get to the Marown straight. It was the bungalow on the right hand side of the road on the corner of the junction as you are heading west. It was like the owner woke up one day and though 'I know, i think we will have a cafe in
  13. at least they got the TT out of the way, just... they would have had spare boats in those days. I feel for the guys on the ludo, did they survive? must have been a smallish timber hull boat.
  14. It alright Terry, there is a piece of 6 x 3 timber propping it up!
  15. my life can now continue in peace.
  16. take it to the tip and treat yourself to a new one if it is old. By the time you have fucked around with the old banger, for it to probably breakdown again some time soon, 200 quid sounds like a better option. unfotunatly things like that are not built to last these days - hence the 200 quid cost of replacement.
  17. spermann

    Sick Pay

    I think you can safely say he is not a civil servent!
  18. Do things need to be economical?. I remember using the old lift - a part of promanade culture. OK i know the Falcon Cliff is now an office block, but the pully system, lift and motor still remain (perhaps they need a little TLC). Anyway, why not relocate the old system and incorporate it at the end of the promonade adjacent to the tram station on that cliff, that way, you can get of the electric or horse tram(s) and take the lift to Strathallan Road direct to the foot of Onchan Park. The cost of such a scheme could then be met by Onchan Commissioners, Douglas Corporation, Dept of tou
  19. Google search on this product: Tubby Bath Paint Resurfacing Kit The Tubby DIY Bath Paint Kit is a durable two-part epoxy-based bath paint for renovating baths. This proven formula works on worn out, discoloured or badly stained surfaces - saving on the cost of replacement or expensive resurfacing treatments. The Tubby DIY Bath Paint Kit has been developed over many years by the world's leading bath refurbishment company, who have resurfaced many thousands of baths worldwide - including those of major hotel groups. Their professional product has been so successful that in the mid
  20. tad harsh maybe? i think she has just been a little bit silly.
  21. I would be interested to know what happened to the cabin secon and the main superstructure of the ship. was it removed and disposed off or is it now buried in the sea bed?
  22. couple of drinking sessions and you will be lovers again! after all that must be what you want if you have given him the resort and hotel details? have a think now though, is that what you really want and is it fair on the kids? if not i suggest you alter your hotel booking, but still allow him contact with the kids during the day. LIVE BY THE SWORD DIE BY THE SWORD.
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