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  1. can you run the central heating on it Central heating oil is not hit with the same level of duty as road diesel so there would be no cost saving.
  2. I second that! thats two people i have agreed with today.
  3. I agree to a point, but if you recall in the mid 80's there was a period for 4-5 years where it was benificial. i suppose the secret is to get in early. My current car is a diesel and cant be converted, but i would consider LPG as an option when i decide to replace it.
  4. Well said John. I recall at a CoC event Alan Bell saying just the same. I have always found the steam packet and the airport shops to be very helpful in giving english currency change when you ask for it. I wish our Government would bring back the plastic notes as a gymic! OZ have plastic notes now, presumably so when you get get attacked by a shark or a crock your money stayes intact.
  5. if you go on the web there are companies who specialise in such conversions, it means a steam packet fare on top to get in done though.... In New Zealand where a lot of cars are converted to run on LPG they have a lot of larger Merc's as taxi's, thus i dont think it would be a problem to alter the injection system.
  6. Not in a million years did it move. Each window used to have a little plaque on it showing the compass direction it was pointing to (North, North East, etc). I agree that it should be a restaurant again though. So how do we start an on line petition?
  7. The photo in today's examiner says it all, great views over the harbour and Douglas prom! Get rid of this rediculus office space for the DOT staff, relocate them to a proper purpose built office unit (God knows there is lots of empty office space in Douglas), and lease out this floor space to a good quality restaurant operator! The Manx people and visitors need a good venue to eat and drink in our capital - freedom to flourish and all that... seagull stuff!
  8. Don't Tesco have a card too thou which you carry on your keyring and get deals (points) with??? - i think there is such a card but i dont think it is a discount card.
  9. when you say barge, do you mean a boat or a shit car? what type of engine is it at present? i.e. 4 stroke pertol?
  10. Brendan Odonell's, Corner House and Clinches for me!
  11. Three FM website today: PLANS SCRAPPED TO PHASE OUT MONETARY SUPPORT TO EMPLOYERS Posted on 14 Aug, 2007 The Department of Trade and Industry is scrapping plans to phase out the monetary support given to small employers on the island, who take on trainees. The previous Government had planned to withdraw the support, so that the limited amount of money available could be directed into addressing skills shortages here instead. However, because of concerns that small to medium sized employers may not be able to take on apprentices if the money was withdrawn, it's now only goin
  12. load of bollocks - what great august fun you have?..?..?. i wish the news room would get on with some proper reporting on importatnt local issues, rather than filling the papers with this sort of tripe.
  13. i dont shop in shoprite because of clubman. i have never been happy with the knowledge that to get the best deal you have to carry their advertising on your key ring, therefore i have always shopped in tesco's or M & S. if the suggestion is true that you now get the best offers without the clubman card then i may consider shopping there again.
  14. it seems a shame that if he has to go into a home, his family have picked the other side of the island. i would assume that most of his local mates would live in the north and therefore a ramsey home would have been more appropriate for local visitors who perhaps cannot drive.
  15. You have a timber frame house. It is unlikely that the internal walls or floors are insulated (except for the party wall). Your best solution to improve the SRI (sound reduction index) is to purchase low density furnishings - thick curtains & carpets, spongy settee etc. Put a pin board up on the kitchen wall if the kitchen floor is tiles (you will need it in a few years when the child goes to school). Good luck! and consider your neighbours when creating a sibling for your child...
  16. I think if it was the case, he would have the guts to make a formal announcement to the press. He'll be back next year!
  17. Allow them to park at the old summerland site for a couple of quid a day. Within this cost give them a return ticket on the horse tram = reduced traffic in Douglas town centre and provides the horse trams with a meaningfull existance....
  18. It was just that my 15 year old nephew think that its changing next year.
  19. Does anyone know when this is changing from 16 to 17 on the Isle of Man?
  20. I think you are limited to the Hilton or the Mount Murray for those sort of numbers. Good news is that their prices are pretty much the same. You would need to budget for circa £7-10K for a full sit down meal on those numbers.
  21. Yes I have used SCS in the past and their costs are not bad considering they are a large firm registered with all the major trading organisations.
  22. yes i agree the management should be birched instead!
  23. If a teenage mother is a good, loving, caring mother to her child then I have no problem with them. If they treat their child like an unwanted toy then they should be shot. Teenage mothers dont necesarily cost soceity any more than mothers who are claiming maternity benifit - in some instances it can cost less. Teenage mothers will have less health complications during their pregnancy, than say mothers in their late 30's and early 40's (As a general rule.... )
  24. There was one swimming towards Fenella beach on SUnday!
  25. I have said it before, labell all of our raods as being part of the TT course and they will be perfect!
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