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  1. To add to this a heave been informed (a bit more than pub talk) that the commissioners are looking at turning the existing ice cream shop on the sea front along with adjacent sheltered arches into a reastaurant to be leased to the private sector. I have not been to DOLGE to see if an application has been made yet?
  2. Is this kick Jake day? Jake go out and get some fresh air, Ans is playing with you such that you are going to end up being sick on all that bait! Going back on the topic, it should in my opinion be the womans choice, however if she is in a stable relationship then the father should be given his fair say also, otherwise the relationship should be terminated and perhaps not the unborn baby. abortion should never be used as a family planning technique (in my opinion Ans)
  3. can we not take a photocopy before handing them back? Nah, lets go green and keep them here where they belong. People in England have never heard of the Isle of Man anyway, unless they subscribe to MCN.
  4. I was pointing out in a sarcastic way that making 'tongue in cheek' comments about rape and abortion, as Jake did, isn't smart. I thought it made sense. Perhaps not. fair enough
  5. Energy FM website: Another chance for employers to air their views Local employers will meet with members of the Department of Trade and Industry this evening to discuss concerns they have about building sector apprenticeships. A number of employers, especially those in the plumbing trade, are expressing fears over the proposed withdrawl of DTI financial assistance. At a recent meeting empoyers confirmed they'd be unable to take on any new trainees this September unless grants are reintroduced. Stuart Clague of SCS Limited says this meeting will hopefully be a step
  6. Rape and abortion are always subjects primed for witty asides. how sad of you to think that. I guess you didn't quite get that, sheesh. No I didnt get it. Perhaps you could explain further please...
  7. Rape and abortion are always subjects primed for witty asides. how sad of you to think that.
  8. Front page of this weeks Examiner buisness news section 'Firms hit out over training grants wrangle'. It looks like the Employers Federation are in support of the DTI according to this report? Quote "Louise Furniss, secretary of the Employers' Federation, said that more than 500 letters had been sent out to everyone who had taken on an apprentice in the last five years but only six of the people had responded" Are there even 500 apprentice employers to write to on the IOM? Has the DTI provided funding to the Employers' Federation in the past? and if so, is the EF representing the emp
  9. Stu, I would rather examine a polished turd than a shite turd...
  10. Patchwork at the top of the Whitebridge Rd, beginning of the LA straight. It nearly chucked me of my bike... does anyone know if this is a temporary repair or a long term job? It was in the past quite a fast stretch of road - not now :-(
  11. I agree, turning Ramsey around is more than just a marina. I think the most important thing that could happen is the the government to relocate some offices / departments 'up North'. A main problem is Parliament street - the structure of many properties is poor - ideally it would all be demolished and rebuilt. Why would Government take on office space in Ramsey when they know that the majority of civil servents would refuse to work in such a shit hole as Ramsey is now without a Marina?
  12. Just to re affirm, Marina's to generate income for the local area where they are sited. Take Whitehaven as a case example before and after their Marina was commissioned - the town has transforrmed. The contractors bring new income in during the build phase and there would be ongoing generation on income when opened both from visitors and locals who service and use the facility. In my opinion, although I am a supporter of the Ramsey Pier and I support local herritage, I feel Ramsey will keep slipping unless projects like this are brought forward. GIVE RAMSEY A CHANCE TO IMPROVE (GRACTI)
  13. The same thing happen last year, only a month and an hr earlier, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  14. I wouldnt worry, now the British Government is on the brink of a big fall out with Russia, we should soon see Nat Gas prices rise again. :-)
  15. Dont agree. When you own a yacht you require security which you would not get if berthed on the battery pier. The marina provides for this with access codes and CCTV. You also dont want other vessels berthing up next to you, particularily when the Ben or the sea cat come in which produce turbulance whilst turning and destroy your fenders or worse. To say that income is not generated is strange? Have you not been down to North quay recently, Coasters is now twice the size, the Railway re vamped, Clinchs is flat out busy, not to mention the reinvestment made by DOT down to Ridgway Street. The pl
  16. There is usually an engineering solution for most situations. I think if the residents of Ramsey (and I used to be one) dont want a marina then the matter should be closed, and save the Manx taxpayers funds. If they dont want: Increased leasure tourism Spin off from support services Wealth generation New restaurants bars amenities and so on Then thats fine, it should not be forced upon the residents of Ramsey, and they may be content to leave their house prices lower than the rest of the Island. Perhaps more pressure should be put onto Port St Mary which could house the Isl
  17. A lot of Government organisations (likely the Corpi also) employ people to do their PR and send press releases to the media. Cushy number.
  18. Assuning that it is the Joey Dunlop connection, the its Jurby that should twin with Ballamonney not Douglas.
  19. So if the trial is complete, why have the authorities not dealt with the Solway Harvester yet?
  20. Would there have to be a gap period of no chemical use on farms for it to achieve organic status? If so this could put a farmer in a non trading position for a few years. An all island policy on organic farming should be the way forward and promoting it as an organic island would be great for Isle of Man branding! Come on Government, get off your back side and support it all the way....
  21. We need to use up all of this fuel, sooner rather than later. If we try on conserve the existing fossel fuel energy that we have then there will be no incentive for new technologies and incentives! Get it used up so we can move onto more environmentally friendly ways of energy use. It may also stop a war or two along the way!
  22. good for consumers and good for the farmers to promote their produce, win - win.
  23. I went to the Sea Terminal on Saturday to book a Steam Packet package break to Dublin for next week - boat and hotel. I did not use the web because its a good site when booking the boat only, but very restrictive when trying to book a package. I did not expect a particularily good price as we were going to book so close to the time of departure (i usually try and book early to get a lower fare). Anyway, the girl at the sales desk said that she could book us on for the boat to Dublin, however Steam Packet Holidays was a seperate company which was closed at weekends? Perhaps they should join up
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