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  1. They must be buying all the staff that resigned leaving presents because they have put the prices up again. Bitter now £3.25 in my local, apparently went up in Tuesday. Unbelievable!
  2. Neither side comes out of this smelling of roses and all it has done is damage the reputation of the Isle of Man in the way it can organise these events. I suspect in some ways egos are to blame. Oh well we still have the tin bath races and Viking boat races to bring the punters in. Not proud to be manx at the moment.
  3. Cannot be bothered reading through all the comments but has anybody mentioned that probably less than 10% of the children that use the schools approach from that direction.
  4. Andy Mac is still with us and residing in Nice I believe.
  5. Do not see what the fuss is about, I travel the coast road from Douglas to Ramsey most evenings in the TT period and when it is busy you would struggle to get up to 50mph most bikers seem pretty chilled out on the road because they know the speed traps are usually out at the well known spots eg. Laxey (just before the Queens) and Glen Mona. The only trouble I have had was with the "supercar" drivers, one of which decided to overtake a line of cars just inside the 50mph speed limit sign and just before the sharp right hander that leads you onto the straight into Glen Mona. When a car appeared round the corner coming the way everybody disappeared in tyre smoke. A phone call to Ramsey police and somebody was dispatched to Ramsey Park Hotel to point out to a certain Ferrari driver the errors of his ways. This trip had to made a few times I believe, Derek will know better.
  6. The janitorial supply company was a profitable and thriving business when it was sold by Jonathan Irving to Manx and Overseas, no staff were made redundant at that time.
  7. This shows Mrs Beecroft in her true light. The problem she has is that she only listens to her own voice and not the people who know what their talking about as is highlighted by the the Ramsey Cottage Hospital farce concerning the doctors and the Meals on Wheels and Hospital/Schools Catering issues.
  8. Derek, when we as a company first alerted the OFA of our concerns of the possible future problems of supply of these measures Tony Brown was Chief Minister and whilst the OFT was seemingly in favour of falling in line with the rest of the UK the Council of Ministers wanted us to be different.
  9. The news report is totally wrong all metric measures are clearly marked 25ml on the front of the optic. They are also available in 30ml and 35ml sizes amongst others but I think in these days of so called responsible drinking that these might be frowned upon in certain quarters.
  10. You are correct,they are still currently available on the Island most of them coming from the company I am employed by, but we have been informed by the manufacturer that the template they are using is aged and the cost of renewing it is not worth the future market demands.
  11. Speak slowly time (for non-believer). The whole thing boils down to the fact that in the near future there will not be a manufacturer prepared to supply a 1/5 gill optic measure in the UK because of lack of demand. The licensing laws in the IOM at this present time do not have an alternative legal measure to 1/5 gill. The Brewery along with others were asked for their thoughts on this matter, no more, no less. And I do not work for the brewery.
  12. As far as I am aware most of them are done by 1 man.
  13. Notwell, the OFT are involved because the Trading Standards are part of OFT and they are responsible for the measuring and stamping of all 1/5 gill optics and measures in use in pubs,clubs and restaurants. They cannot be approved or stamped in the UK because 1/5 gill is not a legal measure over there.
  14. Sorry to ruin a good conspiracy story but it is not been driven by the brewery it is the OFT asking interested parties their thoughts on changing the alcohol measures because of the increasing difficulty in sourcing a regular supply of 1/5 gill optics and measuring glasses as it is only the Isle of Man, some private clubs in Scotland and certain areas in the Far East where it is still a legal measure.
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