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  1. Posh sewage farm on Port Erin beach and a sewage treatment works in Laxey Harbour - tourists, welcome to our island.
  2. The right lane has actually been bodged to also have a forward arrow with the usual right one, but it isn't the clearest and most people seem to miss it and/or be confused
  3. I don't think you can pinpoint that just on anyone people might label as a "woke generation" (a name which has been created just to lazily and quickly close down any debate). You can probably pin that on most people of all ages. Just look at all the Mail and Express readers for example - mainly middle aged to elderly and THE worst people to try and have any form of rational or factual debate with.
  4. I went in there yesterday afternoon. It was relatively busy with a queue snaking around a couple of aisles, though because of the space between everyone, the queue looks longer than might initially appear. They're operating a one-in, one-out approach and its quite well organised. I did pass a couple of people who were chatting to each other at the end of an aisle. They didn't appear to be noticeably unpleasant nor masturbating. Customers generally acting as requested, maybe a couple of people briefly forgetting the arrows as they spot things when passing the end of an aisle, but didn't seem to
  5. Pretty sure that having beautiful countryside doesn't have much influence on crime here. Doesnt appear to make any difference accross. Maybe it's the fact we have fugly towns and villages but highly unlikely. More likely to hear the many local "have nots" using the excuse of the few tax dodging "haves" as an illogical reason. Can't imagine a criminal thinking "I'm going to and commit burglary, I want something I don't want to work for." And then realising "Oh no, I simply must go and enjoy the beautiful countryside instead." Perhaps we should blame it on that "Dark Skies" nonsense (tha
  6. Should we not be calling any of the Telegraph pieces as "adverts"rather than nice articles. They're being paid to print them - they're not just doing it because someone from the Telegraph decided it would be "nice" to come here
  7. No, it isn't. It's just a real shame that the Island "where you can" settles for a second rate, colourless, mass-market, regenerate-by-numbers, it-could-be-any-faceless-English dross-scape that now disfigures what was once a pleasant little corner of a pleasant little village. We get given shit and appear happy to live among it. Can honestly say I've never seen any part of England that looks like Laxey Station. I've seen plenty of shitholes in England covered in gloomy tarmac - you know, like it used to be in Laxey station. It's ashame we'll never get a proper old school quaint English style v
  8. With the mountain road being closed 5 or 10 minutes after its reopened each time this year, the Douglas to Ramsey coast road has needed to be kept as a clear way. Laxey tends to get snarled easily with a small increase in traffic. The rest of the village has been inundated with traffic today for the bike show on the promenade as there is no general car parking available. Unfortunate timing to be visiting the village (unless you were walking down to the bike show on the promenade of course). Not that the true number of accidents and deaths will ever be published for commercial reasons, but
  9. O rly? Thats the kind of theory the Daily Mail implants on its sheep-like readers to ensure that people believe the bullshit it prints when people are presented with any hint of a fact or reason. But if that works for you, crack on
  10. You'll get lots of people saying its much safer than England etc. but it really depends where you compare it to. There are some places here which would be less safe than some places in the UK. We have a knack of frequently repeating generalisations as accepted fact (he says before writing expansive generalisations!!) All in, you shouldn't expect much difference in terms of the facilities and the people to small towns in north west England. No village here has the quaintness of the most picturesque of English villages. But many villages here have beaches, glens and coastal views whilst many
  11. Yes there was some oil there the very first day the trams were running. But there's far greater areas of dark slate chippings which will be exposed to oil than there is of the pavings. Did you take any other pictures around the station so that people can see more than some drops of oil - the grass area, the restored/replaced huts etc? I don't think many people have shared pictures to show how little granite there actually is compared to what the transport enthusiasts etc were saying and I didn't think to take photos myself. Or did you just photograph some oil?!
  12. Laxey station is a damn site better now than when it was just tarmac everywhere and looking run down and very un-Victorian. From the stories I'd heard, I expected the whole of the station area to be paved with granite. I'm not even sure it's near 20%. The only question in my mind is whether it's right to spend that amount of money when finances are tight. Same applies to Castletown.
  13. Is that it? Took a look today, not sure if it's supposed to be finished but hope not. Dark slate chippings instead of the lighter tarmac which makes it all more gloomy (and wouldn't have thought particularly user friendly for the less mobile/stable and has already filled in the gaps in the tracks/rails), new rails and silver posts to support the cables. All in all, generally pretty dull to look at. Not completely sure what to make of it other than 'how much?' and 'for what return?'
  14. Judging by word for word e-mail similarity, Julios Douglas (juliosdouglas@hotmail.com) may have reinvented himself as "ludris vent" (lucrisvent@gmail.com) and Charles Williams (charlesw024@gmail.com) in the last month.
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