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  1. Yes, there was a Kickstarter appeal last year to raise funds. I understand from Steve Sullivan who is directing it that they might be coming across to the island to interview people as the IOM was quite important to Chris Sievey. Also he wanted to talk to anyone who had more information about the wheelbarrow tattoo that Chris got in Douglas. http://www.beingfrankmovie.com/
  2. Earth to Peters - the ' great unwashed' already do pay your Manx Radio wages. Good to see that you are still a man of the people though, you'd fit right in as a MLC.
  3. So basically a couple of blokes out of the band turn up and play their records? Well worth £30 of anyone's money.
  4. Please tell me I'm not the only person who gets a vision of this... ...when people talk about Rodan?
  5. NoThe first I knew about the meeting was from looking at a message on Miracles' recruitment twitter feed last night, after the meeting had ended. The only other mention I saw of it was on the Manx Radio news page, posted at lunchtime yesterday, which I missed and only found today because I was specifically looking for it. If I had known, I would definitely have been there as it's a minute's walk from my front door. And the only mention I can find of tonight's meeting is on the post above yours which I have only just read and that started nearly half an hour ago. So I'll just have to base my voting on the manifestos and media, unless someone buttonholes me when I go to vote tomorrow - around 6ish, Ballaugh Parish Hall, if Paul wants to come and give me a smack.
  6. I don't know whether it was Paul himself or someone else who posted it. It was either delivered during the day (when most people including myself are out at work, earning money to pay the taxes which pay MHKs' wages), in which case I wasn't there to answer the door, or in the evening, in which case the door would have been answered had someone knocked on it. I don't particularly want to speak to him, I think I know all I need to from reading his manifesto, his posts in this thread and hearing him on Manx Radio. Nice attitude you have there Mrs. Heavey, typical of a lot of people involved in Manx politics, it seems.
  7. Same here - and I haven't seen hide nor hair.
  8. With one day to go we have yet to be doorstepped by Cannan, Heavey or Talbot. Although we did get the Talbot card through the door a couple of weeks ago to say, 'I called but you were out'. While we were in. Oh, and I saw Alf Cannan driving through Ballaugh taking a (I presume) very important phone call. Probably someone giving him directions to Ballaugh. So thanks for all your efforts, chaps.
  9. We got a copy of the Lib Vannin manifesto through the door last week. Which was a bit pointless as we don't have a Lib Vannin candidate standing in our constituency.
  10. That link is to an article in the Daily Mail. And for that reason, I'm out.
  11. I will write 100 times "I must ignore Pierre Lunatic" Oh, I thought Silentbob was talking about you.
  12. I didn't hear it but I'm 99% sure it's David Talbot you're talking about. I still don't know his reasons for picking Michael but I strongly suspect it was to do with there being no sitting MHK at this election. David has actually joined ManxForums and posted in this thread (after a fashion) so David, if you are reading, could you clarify?
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