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  1. Are you a member of canal boat resort affilated to RCI? If so, you can try an exchange through RCI to Cherry Orchard in Port Erin.
  2. When you are issued with your ballot paper at the polling station the teller will actually write your electoral roll number on in the ballot book stub - so in theory it would be possible to go back and see who has voted for who.
  3. You do not mention if you (or Mrs jimhall7) need a work permit, see http://www.gov.im/lib/docs/dti/employmentR...heisleofman.pdf, if you do then for most jobs you will need to be an exceptional candidate to be considered over an Isle of Man worker.
  4. RCI RCI.COM Are you a member of RCI points or are you using RCI to exchange your weeks. The Resort Development Organisation (www.rdo.org) is the European trade body for the holiday ownership industry and they can offer advice/help. PM if you want any further info.
  5. I’m afraid you are wrong. Credit Card companies treat transactions to gaming sites the same as a cash advance where they would typically charge 3 per cent. This is taken from the t&c’s of the FlyBe card application process: “Cash Advance” means an advance of monies made to you or on your behalf, or to an Additional Cardholder or on the Additional Cardholder's behalf, including but not limited to cash, Cash Advance Cheque, foreign currency, travellers’ cheques, prepayment of mobile telephone airtime through an ATM or cash related transactions such as gaming chips, on-line gambling and other forms of betting or lottery;” These are not really free flights as you do have pay taxes, charges and baggage fees. Where they do have some value is if you have to travel at short notice when the flight prices can be quite high as you can basically get a flight to London for example for £70ish return.
  6. This suprises me because March had 31 days and I thought that would have helped keep the numbers up. I wonder why they don't seem to include the number of pax carried on the Manx 2 operated DHSS charters to Chester - I would imagine this would account for a significant number of the missing Liverpool passengers.
  7. ste1205


    I would not waste your time/money, you will not win: 3.4.6 If you do not show up for any flight without advance notice to us, we will cancel your return or onward reservations Full T&c's here. The "real" low cost operators do not have this problem generally as they treat each flight independtly.
  8. ste1205

    Sky Digital

    This is to allow for the reduction of VAT which came into force on 1st December... http://www.sky.com/portal/site/skycom/skyh...ticleId=5281110
  9. Credit card/charge card suppliers charge companies for processing credit card payments – this will range from around 1 to 5 per cent depending on the service/goods offered by the company, the level of risk (MOTO and online transactions being classified as the most risky) and the volume of business. This charge pays for the infrastructure and goes someway to funding the Section 75 protection which comes when paying by a credit card. In the case of debit cards the charge is much less – from 0p to 50p – this will be dependent on the type of debit card and volume of business. This charge covers the infrastructure behind getting the money from your account to the retailers account. I have no problem with retailers who pass the credit card charge on, but it is really is taking the proverbial for the likes of Flybe to charge £1.50 per sector for debit card payments.
  10. If you pay by debit card online there is no charge. Credit Cards attract a 2% "administration charge".
  11. And of course they are not allowed to build the new apartments until the "new" hotel has been opened.
  12. Staff were told this morning that the Grand Island would be closing its doors on 9th February.
  13. I agree that Crossroads do excellent work in the Isle of Man. In additon to the excellent help they offer adult carers they provide essential support to "young" carers who may have to care for a parent, grand parent or sibling. I would also like to recommend the Ramsey Young People's Project (aka The Shed) which provides a drop in facility 3 nights a week for up to 150 people each week. They would use any funds to cover the running costs or run training courses: http://www.iomtoday.co.im/north-news/Ramse...urse.4755174.jp I have contact details for both organisations if you would like to help them.
  14. It's amazing that they would choose to release this exciting news on the day before the Select Committee on the Steam Packet publishes its long awaited report.
  15. As Gladys mentioned you need to make sure that it covers you as an Isle of Man resident. You should also make sure that you are covered for a missed connection. If Johnny Foreigner does knock you down - make sure the policy covers repatriation back home and not just to a hospital in the UK. Mann Link has a policy that ticks all of those boxes.
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