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  1. Let's go over the first lot of questions from the most recent session to see! "What actions he is taking to restore business confidence and the Island’s reputation following the Panorama programme and other media coverage?" Shimmins - Fair question, worded poorly. "Whether the Isle of Man Government Brussels Office has reported on the impact of the European Parliament’s investigation into the action plan for a single EU VAT area and any changes to VAT which may come into force prior to Brexit; and if he will make a statement?" Edge - Fair question, even though you know the answer is "no, it's a pointless office" "What plans he has to simplify the process for claiming free TV licences by those aged 75 and over?" Ashford - Fair question, worded poorly "How much Manx Radio has invested in Radio Visualisation camera technology, the anticipated staffing and operating costs; and how it plans to develop this in future?" Caine - Bullshit question "Whether the data in the Cabinet Office report on National Income 2015/16 [GD No 2017/0057] refer to calendar years or tax years?" Moorhouse - Idiotic question - It's something you ask in an email or phone call, not Tynwald. I hadn't quite realised what a dumbass this guy was. And reading through the rest, except for Moorhouse and Caine throughout, and a couple that could be answered by a google search (presumably being asked to try and embarrass the minister in charge of that department to score 'points'), the questions seemed relevant and can lead to a change in the way things are done. Remember, many of these questions are simply things the MHKs want official answers for, so they can reply to their constituents with honest answers. The most recent one in my mind that has something changing in a major way just because of the questions being asked is the questions brought about the MER and it's braking system, and the subsequent release of the information that says the system is actually unsafe as balls, and suspended.
  2. Paper files... no computerised audit trail... It's no wonder they say they end up doing more desk work than street work!
  3. You seriously think mentally sane people would elect Peter Karran repeatedly? The man's an utter trainwreck, of almost Buster proportions
  4. Sure. They repeatedly elected Peter Karran, and then to put a little cherry in the turd pile, they then elected Zac Hall.
  5. Some other doyles will join Lib Vannin to get elected in Onchan (I swear Onchan is full of the thickest people on the island, even worse than Foxdale)
  6. Yes they do. Into the recycling tanks is the best thing for them, it is their civic duty.
  7. Oh sod off with the vulnerable people. We're all vulnerable people.
  8. Can I just ask that you post a list of the crazy rejected names when you get a chance? Edit: If the waiting ones appear on the "New Members" bit, we can watch it ourselves. It is Friday night after all, and the Tarding Hour may begin later.
  9. I do like that cuts are coming to the health service, and I love that Beecroft got handed this to do. She's doing it at least, as remember she was the biggest thorn in the side of getting any cuts done there when she wasn't minister.
  10. That's a shame, she was being stonewalled a lot and I can only imagine her frustration at "Why can't we do any of this stuff like the government pay review if we're running out of money?!"
  11. Basically "I'm not working on a Sunday!" mentality, utter twats
  13. Tarne

    Strang Road

    Exactly, or throwing small children out onto the road
  14. Tarne

    Strang Road

    Just the shear minded stubborness rather than admit they were wrong "BUT THEY WERE EFFECTIVE". At causing accidents maybe. And no one will be told off, or fired
  15. Turns out it's about twice what Britain will lose.
  16. Yes Barrie, Prince Harry's son will be an American citizen with a claim on the throne of England. Just needs Wills and both kids to snuff it (I believe it's absolute cognatic succession now right?). We'll be long dead by then, but that's the long game they're going for, definitely...
  17. Just out of curiosity Bobbie, you're putting what the UK might lose. In the interests of being balanced, what are the figures for what the EU might lose if it's a "no deal" brexit?
  18. And this post is what you get if you give a keyboard to a quent.
  19. ROFLMAO. That's what you get when you give a hi-viz jacket to a retard I guess
  20. My point is people bring it to the recycling/reuse bays generally so someone in need can use it instead. Instead, you get tip wombles grabbing the stuff straight from your vehicle to sell, not giving people a chance to find something they might need.
  21. Ooh, skip rat, I like that one. They are horrible little creatures, and they're always back, and in greater numbers
  22. The tip wallies who post shit on manx.net sales and the facebook groups up there are atrocious - someone drops something off, and within minutes it's up on manx.net or facebook for £30.
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