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  1. It's hella better than a weasle of a salesman at current 'Manx' stores selling a TV for hundreds of pounds over what the real price is.
  2. It's how they make their money - Air fares even with the money you paid for your bag is still cheaper than Manx Airlines ever would have been. Also, it's right there in writing. If you broke the rules, tough. We're lucky to have so many different airlines and destinations for a small airport. But yes, just for a ranting tangent to join Mr Tatlock, it may be cheaper for passengers if the airlines didn't have to pay the IoM airport so much. The baggage handlers should be privatised as they are on stupid money. It *beeps* me right off that they get paid more than that new first officer who's flying your plane. But nothing will happen, it never does *sigh*
  3. Deleted as it's not important
  4. Err, let's see what's going on in my depressed mind... HMV to close even more shops House prices stay stagnant on the Island as more wealthy types move here from Europe/UK, leaving them even more unaffordable for people here Wage gap between public and private sector increases - IOM Gov Civil servants given a below inflation payrise, whilst the private sector pay stays stagnant or decreases TT2012 to be the most attended in ten years (due to success of film) Oil drops below $70 a barrel
  5. All that will happen is that it will get added on to the ticket price for everyone...
  6. Hehe, we've all done it (Except the being sick on the bus, that's just hilarious!)
  7. My router died so went looking for a new one. There was one in a certain computer shop in Ramsey, however it was a bit of a silly price (£49.99) - The exact same model is less than half the price on Amazon. http://www.amazon.co.uk/TP-LINK-Wireless-TD-W8901G-Detach-Antenna/dp/B003V4A5YI/ref=sr_1_25?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1324294129&sr=1-25 I'm not entirely sure why I bothered to share that story...
  8. I just got an SSD in my gaming pc - from pressing power button to fully booted up takes 15 seconds on Windows 7 - loading times in Skyrim are less than 5 seconds. Definitely a fantastic buy
  9. Schadenfreude! Makes me feel better anyway
  10. I can thoroughly recommend Cyberpower, I've just ordered my second rig from them. Great tech support too if you have any issues.
  11. Tarne

    Dogs In Pubs.......

    Eh, I'm ambivalent either way. Can't see a problem with the dog being in the pub during the day when food is being served, but at the same time I don't really want dogs around when I'm getting drunk late at night! I'd go for the same rules as kids, heh
  12. So, going by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Air_Passenger_Duty Does that mean that £11.00 (or soon £12) of every ticket goes to the Government? Ouch. It's no wonder airlines have to sting people with extra charges
  13. This is definitely more the 'Case that shames the Isle of Man'
  14. What's the big deal, it's a global economy - if it's higher quality and cheaper, why not go elsewhere? (Also applies to workers!)
  15. If the level of English language is as poor as the above paragraph, I can see why they are not being hired! But no, the main reason for someone who is a NEET to not have found work is that they are either (a) unwilling or (b) it's not worth their time compared to the amount they get in benefits. There are plenty of minimum wage jobs around but they just don't want them, hence why there are so many work permits are granted for those that do want to work in these jobs.
  16. Actual figures are here; http://www.gov.im/li...1paxfigures.pdf Basically shows Liverpool is up, but everyone else is suffering. Very very dire figures on Southampton and Bristol for FlyBe considering the capacity, that works out less than a third full if my calculations are correct. Birmingham is up, as is Gloucester. Dublin is only 12% down, which is surprising considering the huge delays over the past month. So the sole reason for the figures being not as bad as they could be is the dumping of fares by Easyjet on Liverpool, which is great for the travelling punter who wants to travel to the UK cheaply and will then spend more on the train, and not so much for the passengers who want to travel through the lesser airports and are being charged more by the airlines to keep the routes profitable.
  17. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-15637365 Surely the figures are wrong in there, because 287000 visitors equalling £90,000 is about 31p a person
  18. 1. Have fun 2. Half of everything is just turning up 3. It's time to go to Dignitas
  19. About the same as FlyBe punctuality style - unless it's foggy, then my money is always on FlyBe.
  20. A 20% increase in costs at the airport where passenger figures are barely holding steady? What the hell are they spending it on?
  21. Forgive me for being dumb with regards to accounts, but is this not a good thing, showing a profit?
  22. Tesco Online works wonders for me up in the Barren Norths... why shop local, when I can get it brought to my door.
  23. Well said Terse - people want their politicians to stand for something and lead, not to just whine about their opponents from the side lines.
  24. There are still many stamp collectors out there, and yes, these are a great little advert for the island.
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