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  1. This is the main problem I have regarding benefits - surely if they are at the level that they people are discouraged from working, then they are too high
  2. Yes, it is. However, I am very pessimistic of things actually changing. I will happily vote for anyone who has it on their agenda though.
  3. I just tested it myself, and it's fine... (crap copy and paste below) "For readers of Manx Tails, we've got a deal for you - Book below! Why not pop over to Blackpool as your gateway to North West of England? Or even bring a few friends over to the Isle of Man for a long weekend? Our rock-bottom fares from £15 are available on selected flights throughout the month of September, but only if you book by the 15th of August! " And pretty much every flight is at £15... [Edit: Also, £89 one way for August? When I looked there were some for around 30 quid!]
  4. It wont be long before the whole operation is privatised. The problems we have on the island are that the airport is a vital link, and thus shouldn't be completely privatised. However, lots of sections of the airport should be privatised, such as security (which is already done) and baggage handling (there is no reason why these boys are on more money than a new First Officer) Unfortunately, because it's a vital link, the airport management know that the inexperienced Government will throw loads of money at it, and thus we have much higher salaries at the airport than we need to for an airport it's size. Could just be an island thing though - I don't know what the situation is like in Jersey or Guernsey, but I imagine it's pretty much the same as here.
  5. Tarne

    Bay Festival

    The news of this was about as surprising as finding smarties in a box of smarties... sigh
  6. ... There's no mention of them being an airline in the link you posted?
  7. Tarne

    Bay Festival

    Has anyone got their refund yet? (Due on or before the 29th of July I believe)
  8. If only our government could cut 1600 CS jobs just like that...
  9. As a single mid twenties person, I find the rents and quality of accomodation v.bad compared to other places I've lived. 500 a month for a one bedroom flat is utterly daft. *shrugs*
  10. The rents over here are rather high anyway. I'm all up for them plumetting through the floor But as it's the Isle of Man, nothing will happen, they'll get propped up again and again.
  11. Tarne


    All that will happen if it has to be checked in the hold is you'll end up paying for the bag at the desk, that's it. Odds are you'll get away with it though, they're mainly sticklers for weights rather than size.
  12. Speaking of ATC actually, there's a posting on the jobs site for an Air Traffic services assistant (Internal Only) paying 26-35k a year, which is quite nice. Shame it's internal only as I imagine it'd be a popular one to go for, heh.
  13. Isn't it sad when all I can do is look at these figures, sigh, and crack on with my low paid private sector job, wishing I had aspired to be a bus driver instead of my current path?
  14. Remarkably I had also heard a similar swindle rumour for the loaders. But I hadn't heard about the getting rid of the overpaid baggage handlers thing - for one I don't believe AP Director would attempt to go to any of the handling agents with a remarkably sensible idea like that.
  15. *looks around* I see no error in this calculation
  16. Tarne

    Easyjet Fees

    The rumour I heard was that that EasyJet have a deal with Liverpool for lower fees and charges if they carry a certain number of people through there - and they were coming up short, so they needed passengers to pass through there. Therefore, even after operating Liverpool to Isle of Man with a loss, they are saving a ton of cash at Liverpool itself. No idea if its true though.
  17. Good post.But free University education..that cannot last..Consider yourself one of the last lucky bastards from this Island that have everything handed to them on a plate..I will have to pay for my childs University fees.By the way what Degree have you studied for ?.. Aerospace systems and the like. At the time (and probably still the case, hence why the government pays for them) the university fees for Isle of Man students were the overseas ones, so mine were approx £7K a year, as opposed to the English students who only had to pay a grand or so every year. It's one of the more valuable things the government offers, though I've no idea why Manx students are on overseas rates! From what I've read the Dept of Education upped the A level grades in the past few years that are required to get the grants which is a fair compromise and did some other bits. (Sod it, I went and found the document with full details http://www.gov.im/lib/docs/education/guide201112final.pdf)
  18. I chose the "Not sure" option. I'm Manx, but was drastically unhappy here throughout teenage years - but the Manx Government paid for my university degree, so I went to Manchester for University and loved the cheapness of things over there, and spent three years working alongside the BSc. However, after university I came back here (2007). It took me 6 months to find a proper job in my field, which isn't bad considering some of the horror stories, and I started at the bottom, which was expected. However, then it went bust and I was offered a job in Ireland. So I went there and the salary was twice what I was on here, even after the tax of 21%. Rent was cheap (€450 all bills included for a house share with one other in north Dublin) compared to here, and the people were smashing, even after everything started going tits up and i felt like I was taking an irish persons job! The property prices were the same price as here for the most part, but the salaries were much much higher and the exchange rate worked out perfectly for me (back when the Euro went from 1.3 to almost parity with Sterling). Had a smashing two and a bit years there. But then things went tits up over there, and property prices fell, and voila again I was out of a job. So I came back here and got a job again as the person who had it before me was heading back to their country. Rent is silly here, and property is way out of reach. The cost of living is probably slightly less than Dublin if I was earning the same amount, but on the much lower salaries over here it's a higher chunk of your monthly outgoings so you have less savings. I haven't really been back here long enough to judge on whether things are going to be worth it, as it reminds me of Ireland so much in certain ways (Usual spiele of overpaid, overstocked Civil Servants, house prices through the roof, a private sector that is paid maybe half what a civil service member is paid, low corporate tax that everyone expected to save jobs and didn't). However the good bits here are that we are only tiny, we can get a crap load of money if we entice a couple more rich people here, and we do have reserves they can use rather than a bailout from the EU So financially, not really worth it for me. Family wise, kinda worth it, as they are mostly all here. *shrugs*
  19. Ah, I didn't mean it to slate low cost carriers - My main point was that it's a much different way of doing business. Back to the card charges thing, I agree, they are a pain in the bum. It's approx an extra fiver on the cost of each ticket no matter who you fly with, but hopefully the OFT will finally say that all business (not just airlines) get rid of their card charges. However, when they do this, the price of flights will rise to cover the cost. At the minute, it's pretty difficult for one airline to stop doing them if all the others are doing it. "I wouldn't fly with Cheesyfly, they're always a fiver more expensive than TotherAir" There's only one airline I know of that flies into the IoM that offers an all in service with bags and card charges (Blue Islands) and they cater for a more upper class market than myself! I'm still amazed that after taking into account the current fuel prices, cost of pilots salaries (they aren't cheap, and for good reason!), cost of aircraft themselves and the associated maintenance, cost of airport taxes (20% of every ticket or there abouts), cost of paying out compensation if it's delayed more than two hours, and after all these, I can still get a return flight to Belfast for sixty quid. -- Anyway, if I was the airport director, and wanted more people to fly, there is one thing I'd change: Security.
  20. Pretty much what Willow said. With all airlines, the vast majority of people pay via card on the net with no problems. It's not cost effective to have ticket desks at all airports, though I thought they still let their handling agents do it here on the island. All the airlines serving here have a call center you can call if you don't want to go on the website, and they can take card details over the phone. (Though at a higher price than the web) Manx Airlines had a face for people to talk to because that was how business was done back then - it was when tickets were actually tickets, instead of just a confirmation number. Remember, there was no useful internet back then. Plus they weren't crap - aviation was a bit of a different game in the late eights/ early nineties before the Low Cost Airlines (Easyjet/Ryanair) took over. Out of curiousity, was it an airline you paid for your flights via an account transfer or a travel agent?
  21. Apologies for using wiki as a source, but it does say they hope to start flights from next year (2012). So if it is just a scam, we haven't got long to wait http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Excalibur_Almaz
  22. Yay, someone who understands what part of the problem is! But of course, now he's shot himself in the foot and will find it difficult to garner votes. Hopefully those not in the CS will outnumber the CS voters...
  23. The ATC costs are typical of a small airport and well 72k is probably the max end of the payscale. I think when it was advertised on the Gov website last time the starting salary was around 40k. And yes, we've all heard the rumours of loaders on over £30k a year just to load bags on aircraft but until there's some way of proving it, nothing will change. (And even then, nothing will change... it's the isle of man, nothing ever changes )
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