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  1. I don't agree with everything you've said (It's not the polices fault, they're just there to enforce the rules. ), but I agree penning them into certain areas to go wild is silly. Relax the rules, not tighten them
  2. This was them at Ronaldsway when they first arrived
  3. Tarne

    Easyjet Fees

    Easyjet Flexi on a flight departing tomorrow was up at over £150 quid to Liverpool - eep. And the changes are quite limited too, it's not truly flexible like FlyBes and Manx2s ones are.
  4. Tarne

    Bay Festival

    http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=52132 When the previous thing lost millions last year, and sweet FA has changed, why in the hell would you run it again if you weren't trying to scam people? For once I actually support the Manx Government for not giving this tool the time of day
  5. Yeah, it's down at the airport at the minute. Was a nice surprise to see that come in
  6. I didnt write the Irish Investigation Report, are you questioning the official findings? He's talking about June...
  7. I remember this because it was right near the start of when EasyJet first started here, and I was over in Belfast. Sounds like the quote is taken out of context. FlyBe and Manx2 both flew that day because they waited on the ground for the fog to clear at their respective airfields and just delayed their flights, rather than cancelling it straight away.
  8. I've randomly found 'A new airline for the Isle of Man' when browsing the web. Does anyone know anything about it? Edit: For anyone joining the thread, we've discovered it's a scam.
  9. On FlyBe operating into and out of the island, with Easyjet and Manx2 offering flights less than £20 to Liverpool and Blackpool, I imagine they're struggling on the NW England routes at the minute. (And, AFAIK, Easyjet and Manx2 don't charge fuel surcharges. Card fees are still a b*tch though)
  10. Looks good, is there any graphics card included in the above or just as is?
  11. Yep, if you know the driver is over the limit and you do nothing to stop it, you're just as culpable
  12. Ah, that's funny enough, but at least they admitted its a cock up!
  13. They wouldn't have the entry credits...
  14. "Come to the Isle of Man, where our taxes and charges are THROUGH THE ROOF "
  15. This and the airport one were rather damn good
  16. It really is a cheap publicity stunt... and I don't think the Scientologists will get many recruits over there
  17. Erm... That's really quite racist T.I.N.G.
  18. I've just recently heard that one too Utah. Though I'll believe it when I see the Orange Hairbus sat on the ground at Ronaldsway!
  19. Tis always nice to be reminded we do live on a nice island and that most people are pretty damn decent!
  20. Yeah, the flights to Charles de Gaulle that Aer Arann are doing in Feb are on their usual London City aircraft too. Yay for a useless extension!
  21. You're right. But well, politicians find it very hard to get elected when their manifesto involves legalising drugs!
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