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  1. Just to sidetrack it a bit - talking about strike action when money is being wasted on things such as "a Hockey and Badminton Development Officer (3 Year Limited Term)" position (25k upwards) http://www.gov.im/isleofman/vacancysearch....ll=1&page=4 It just makes a private sector employee a bit peeved off...
  2. Number one is Kenny Loggins!
  3. Surely a big kick in the arse could be given to the Gov by a Manx company setting up a more successful shopping portal than the waste that is shopiom.
  4. It's bad PR to leave large groups stranded I believe
  5. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RFA_Largs_Bay_%28L3006%29
  6. The police officer did a very good thing that day, hope he's rewarded
  7. Any other airport this would not have been a problem. Jobs-for-the-boys loaders getting away with it again...
  8. I remember him from army cadets! Wow!
  9. Sligo is a small regional airport that links the Sligo area with the main hub of Dublin via Aer Arann's funded public service obligation. A rather large wedge of Irish governments development funds goes towards it. It is also the home of NW base of the Irish Coastguard, which has helicopters up that way. Mainly, their runway extension is for safety, as the wikipedia entry shows "A current safety concern surrounds the fact that the runway ends just metres from Sligo Bay. In addition, the peninsula upon which the airport is situated is less than 2 km (1.2 mi) long. In 2003, a Euroceltic Airways Fokker F27 aircraft carrying the band Aslan overshot the runway and the nose dipped into the sea. The accident caused no casualties." But yeah, Sligo airport is really rather small overall, maybe like Ronaldsway was about 15 years ago. As for how often the charter flights on larger aircraft are in to Ronaldsway, I think there's at least one a week, maybe more in Summer. And of course the RAF uses Ronaldsway for a bit of training every now and again. So the extension is probably needed, but we do seem to have gotten robbed on price!
  10. Tarne

    Aer Arann

    They would do I think, but London City Airport shuts at 1200 on a sunday! (Just reread - completely misread the question, sorry!)
  11. The flights with Manx2 are on smaller aircraft (around 17 seats), but they're perfectly safe and nippy.
  12. Its on the final fare, so you can use it to pay taxes and charges
  13. No catch from what I can see, just looks like a bloody good deal! Good find
  14. Nope. The strike was only Swissport, and they don't handle Flybe at Manchester. And I think they aren't going on strike anyway now!
  15. Its ok to visit, simply because you'll go to the Mooragh park or perhaps have a hike up the Albert Tower - but living there is pretty bad. There aren't many shops left in the town, and any that are sell goods for a rather large mark-up. As for jobs - you can forget it!
  16. I recently got offered a job in Dublin, so I was checking out flat prices - its about 400 euro a month for a double room just on the outskirts of town. Which is probably much cheaper than flying! The times of the flights to Dublin from the IoM are a bit naff for commuting too!
  17. Woo, its a raise by less than the rate of inflation - you're actually getting LESS purchasing power! Good for business though
  18. In Bush's defense, the actual leaker of Valerie Plame's name to the media was Richard Armitage, not Scooter Libby. In fact, the Democrats complete lack of interest in Richard Armitage shows that they seem to care less about the actual leak of Plame's name and cared more about using this so-called scandal to attack the Bush administration. And the trial was a farce.
  19. I would hazard a guess they're the ones caught up in Glasgow
  20. And I wonder if the "Religion of Peace" is responsible? On the other note - they're pretty incompetent!
  21. I was at university and didn't get any voting information sent to my Isle of Man address or anything, so it kind of just passed me by.
  22. Just a bit of information from the CIA World Fact Book about the Gaza Strip here ; Median age: total: 16 years male: 15.9 years female: 16.2 years (2007 est.) --- Well, make your own conclusions from this... but as for them being kids, yeah, they mostly are. Violent chavvy explosive kids
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