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  1. It's Ramsey - there isn't anywhere else to work
  2. I know I shouldn't feed the troll, but.... Mobile phones work perfectly at altitude. Really, they do. Try it next time you are on a flight. No really, do. Flying a large airliner such as a 757 is actually alot easier than flying a Cessna or any other light aircraft, the level of automation is vast. As for saying 'why did it only damage the surface?', well, it did alot more. 'The 757-200 caused damage to all five rings (not just the outermost one) after penetrating a reinforced, 24-inch-thick outer wall. As 60 Minutes II reported in their "Miracle of the Pentagon" episode on 28 November 2001, the section of the Pentagon into which the hijacked airliner was flown had just been reinforced during a renovation project. ' (Which had been going on since 93') Cockpit voice recordings - Yes there was. Go listen yourself. Intercepts of rogue aircraft are based of enemy, usually Soviet plans to launch a pre-emptive strike. This means the west coast has most of the fighter cover. The military didn't know much about what was happening. Go listen to the NORAD tapes, they were released last year. --- Anyway, I'm bored of debunking you, and I'm going to do something better. I've answered your 'statements', if you've still got any problems, I suggest taking A-levels, or a further education course in something. Obviously, you aren't intelligent enough to actually give us 'facts', as we asked for. I bet when you talk and put an upward inflection?... on the end of every sentence?... like everything is a question? Cheers Tarne
  3. The calibration aircraft that usually does Ronaldsway isn't a Nimrod, so it was probably just the RAF doing touch and go's.
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