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  1. It doesn't make sense at all - the Museum should be open on Sundays. Not this token "let's open it for 3 random sundays, and oh look, we didn't get anybody in" farce that they're doing. If they're going down the "we can't afford to-" route, then technically we can't afford to open them at all.
  2. They don't take local tours as such. The cruise ship organises tours, and the people pay the cruise company £50 quid for coach trip to Ramsey and back. We do not need to spend a penny more than what we have now. Cruise ships can use tenders - as they do now, and as they do across the world.
  3. I really hate snowflakes. I guess that's why so many of them commit suicide.
  4. The bottom bit puts it into content I think, for when the history books look back on it.
  5. Rofl "The island was much safer 20 years ago" - rose tinted glasses there I think, there were numerous fights constantly in Ramsey on a nighttime. With the nightlife dead now, at least that has stopped
  6. Holy fuck that guy is super deranged. I just had a glance, and he's just talking to himself with caricatures of forum members here. That person really needs locking up.
  7. They do strawberries and all sorts now, but the power consumption is enormous - the only reason it's economical is because they access to so much geothermal power (and already hot water). And they still cost a lot over there
  8. oh god no, I'm sticking it in every hole i can find, but I'm not a prince
  9. So what are we going to do about it? Nothing! Hooray!
  10. If you're a prince or princess, you have a duty to marry someone that will grant you an alliance or some sort of benefit to the country you're royalty in. He has fucked up. She's a two bit floozy that's already been married and fucked it up.
  11. Yup, absolutely tons of "workers cottages" sprouted up
  12. Tarne

    New Rules

    You can even change your subtitle text GeeCee!
  13. Tarne

    New Rules

    I heard my name and I came. Then I wiped it off, and here I am.
  14. Well, the Isle of Man gets about 7 hours 20 minutes of sunshine, which for most people means they're stuck in work all during that. Being so close to christmas, no one does anything special
  15. Hey, remember last month where Catalonia was going to break away from the EU? yeah, that didn't go well... but at least it's been forgotten about
  16. That's one of the findings the consultants have too.
  17. Tarne

    New Rules

    Awww, no late night meltdown last night. I know we didn't get them all, they're lurking there, like a jobby that just won't flush.
  18. "You're missing out the massive privatised space market by not having our own Spaceport and rocket launching sites. It'll cost <insert figure> and you must have it to attract private launches. SpaceX. Elon Musk. Tesla. Imagine yourselves driving around on an island where all the roads were smart roads paved by Elon Musk himself. Hyperloop." says the con artist Government Idiot: "You're right, we must spunk millions on consultancies. Do you happen to know any?" "Why it just so happens I do..." smiles the con artist "It just so happens I do"
  19. http://www.desertsun.com/story/news/2017/11/25/mad-mike-hughes-cancels-rocket-launch-prove-earth-flat/894587001/ There's a shocker, he couldn't get off his driveway.
  20. Ooh, we're approaching midnight, otherwise known as the Tarding Hour. Which puppet will it be today?
  21. Eh? Never heard of that. Chinamen are relatively 'new' to the island. I think the only 'mass graves' on the island are from asiatic cholera http://www.isle-of-man.com/manxnotebook/famhist/v11spc.htm
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