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  1. So let me get this straight, some insane person is going to make a fake forum, where he's going to portray us? I mean, I think that's for the best for TJ - no longer will he need all the sockpuppets here because he'll BE all the sockpuppets over there. In his safe space. Where he's safe. And locked away for good.
  2. It's coming up to midday, they should be getting up about now, straight onto Manxforums. Won't be long before they shriek and batter the walls with that extra strength before running through the hundred of so log ins to try and find one that is still working.
  3. Usually involves beheading an infidel or Mohammed fucking a child i think
  4. (Insert muslim fables joke)
  5. Of course that's what they're do. They aren't stupid. They know the government is never going to change the grants system
  6. I'll just point out that some of those shirkers were just people on job seekers who got pushed towards incapacity. Not just to make the unemployment figures look good, no sirree, definitely not. Definitely for their own good, oh yes.
  7. People like to invent monsters. Then they seem less monstrous themselves. When they get blind-drunk, accept dirty money, cheat, steal or beat their partners, they like to think that they are better than the monsters they invent. They feel better then. They find it easier to live.
  8. Yep, few thousand on a jolly to the Falklands is fine, but increasing your benefits by a couple of thousand - that's jail son!
  9. And now France has a bigger economy than us. France. A muslim nation.
  10. Yes, our justice system works but has flaws - this highlights it.
  11. I enjoyed Iron Fist and the Defenders too, and Punisher is just chock full of goodies. But yes Albert, I get them too (they are VERY threatening), filed straight into the bin
  12. Just on the whole "have a go" hero thing - http://www.iomonline.co.im/article.cfm?id=37185 here's another example of someone putting themselves in danger without thinking of the consequences. If it goes well, congrats, you've done something good. If it goes poorly, you get people calling you an idiot for trying. I guess it's all up to personal choice
  13. Eh? I was there. The Irish could have done what the Greeks do most of the time and just not done it. It wasn't the end of the world either, as demonstrated
  14. It won't, unless they work for said firms, in which case they may lose their jobs.
  15. So the first post was, like most things on here, slightly correct. http://www.iomonline.co.im/article.cfm?id=37171 Caterers given six month to up their game.
  16. There are a few options here: a) He postpones it / calls it off b) He does it and it fails to launch c) He does it and dies.
  17. What the hell - her stuff has been covered up. I just searched for some articles I know were published but they're gone... Well, that tells us the media CAN be gagged.
  18. Love it, the Iranian Whale of Money Laundering.
  19. Sadly we don't section people here, they're just free to roam around until they inevitable a) throw themselves into the harbour b) Hang themselves I am being flippant, but it's still true.
  20. It's hilarious, the autism kicks in pretty regularly and they REEEEEEEE out. I thought it was just two trolls, TJ and that fella that keeps hurling abuse , specifically at Notwell.
  21. I wonder if it's a yappy dog that barks at all hours annoying the neighbours... I can see how someone could get driven to this level of demented.
  22. Oh look, they've put a burkha on the statue.
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