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  1. "The Peter Karran role" - I like that phrase, conjures the image of a tit that just asked questions and never did anything!
  2. Tarne

    Floodwatch 2017

    Oh I utterly cringed at that. She'd be a single mum too with kids with that name.
  3. More words about tax evasion and transparency, probably no actual action though. APD might get scrapped though which will make short haul flights cheaper
  4. Doesn't need to cover it, just needs to put it off for a few more years.
  5. Tarne

    New Rules

    Actually rather than all this over 1 person, are we not going about it the wrong way? They are harassing people online and in real life. That's what harassment laws are for surely?
  6. It already is. Even the daily mail pushes the feminist narrative http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3573927/Agony-50-50-mum-Women-held-upper-hand-custody-battles-fathers-winning-EQUAL-access-mothers-struggling-cope.html
  7. If it was the other way around, Loose Women would be off the TV in a flash.
  8. Are you two really having a tiff on a thread about beach rubbish?
  9. You know what the worst bit is? The comments here are better than anything that's going to come out of Tynwald tomorrow.
  10. Yup. On one hand "It's only fair", but from personal experience it's a UTTER pain in the ass to sort out with the social (who are often people who are much less capable of work than some of their clients) so much that people just do everything cash in hand. And if you can do part time work you, in the rules of the system, are capable of ALL work and would lose your incapacity benefit. It's a very flawed system that is abused constantly. As Woody says those who need help don't have the energy or know how to get more money, and the rest don't. Just from my experience I'd say it's about 25% really can't work, 50% could work a part time job but it's not worth it for them to do so, and 25% blatantly taking the piss.
  11. Same can be said for tax avoidance/evasion. It's not a doctor's job to assess someone as incapable of work (as you well know, heh!). It is for the Social to assign criteria to which they'll either pay incapacity benefit or not - which they won't do.
  12. Honestly it's worse than the UN. "IT'S THE NUCLEAR OPTION" "oh?" "YEAH, TOTALLY NUCLEAR" So the nuclear option is passing a resolution to prepare a formal request that the Council activates a preventative mechanism provided for in article 7.1. If they refuse after all this, then they MIGHT suspend their voting rights in the Council (Which affects fuck all, there's just not votes where Poland's votes could swing it, and it'd just push Poland more towards leaving the EU, and joining Britain in "EU2 - Reichbusting Boogaloo") I think people need reminding what a nuclear option actually is...
  13. But it's 183 pages of people not proving the world is round Neil! (well, in the eyes of Paul's Got Wright)
  14. The Pondy is full of those on incapacity benefit who are able to work, they just have a better quality of life on benefits than they would do working in Shoprite - and the Social supports it, as they don't show up as on unemployment benefit this way so the Isle of Man can continue to claim "Less than 1% out of work", which is utter bollocks. I think they SHOULD be more restrictive on benefits but I don't really care one way of the other, if they go down the route of assessments again it'll take at least a year before someone is selected to do them, and then there's all the appeals people can do, rendering the whole thing pointless. The amount of money actually spunked on bennies is nothing compared to the amount of money spunked on other things.
  15. I've been around the world. I've seen things you people couldn't even imagine. Attack ships on fire off the coast of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
  16. Yes, they're interesting questions, it's almost as if the answer would mean that the world is spherical
  17. Tarne

    New Rules

    And yet that is the root cause, especially of the harrassment that John had.
  18. Tarne

    New Rules

    There's an old thread on invisioncommunity that speaks of easy way to locate duplicate IP addys associated with accounts. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/236550-looking-up-duplicate-ips/ The, what, 100 odd accounts, that the problem character has can't be hard to locate. I've ran my own forums (now we just use Reddit), own MUDs, own gaming communities and there's never been a way NOT to deal with problem characters robustly. You can filter out people who have the same workplace but are different people pretty easily so you don't affect them. I'm on, what, four bans now because of a couple of sockpuppetting fucknuggets - I had never had problems in the previous ten years I've been on this forum until that (Sorry Ans) really stupid sockpuppet clause got brought in - The mod response annoyed me as it was letting those with puppets just open another account straight away to avoid the ban whilst those of us with one account were left scuppered.
  19. But I am pinching "It's like giving money to a cat", because that is the best phrase I've seen used to describe an idiot.
  20. I honestly think flat earthers are just bots designed to waste people's time.
  21. Tarne

    New Rules

    Jesus wept, seriously someone is doing that? Yep I can see this place shutting down and then yer man will be cracking one off on facebook over how he got the infamous Manxforums shut down.
  22. You have a point - but other companies are also in receipt of government money who are part of the Chamber
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