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  1. He's still wittering on about Hillary... Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump Crooked Hillary Clinton is the worst (and biggest) loser of all time. She just can’t stop, which is so good for the Republican Party. Hillary, get on with your life and give it another try in three years! 5:31 AM - 18 Nov 2017
  2. Honestly Skelly is a decent person when dealing with in business - I used to do it a few years ago. Since becoming a doley and seeing what a shambles has become of it I do wonder whether it was him, or his department that really screwed up - and he's just taking the flack.
  3. Oh come on, Ans just closed this wank fest.
  4. Yes, plenty of people avoid tax, you can say that if they ever get their lawn mown by a bloke for twenty quid - he won't be paying tax on that. That isn't the issue. The institution of avoiding tax is insane. There are entire multinational companies set up to handle tax avoidance - that's the real issue.
  5. Should they pay tax? Yes Do they basically control the laws allowing for them to dodge tax? Yes Can we do anything about it? No We're basically serfs in medieval time, just wealthier.
  6. Perfect time for a Tamela Jane breakdown. I don't know why he just doesn't have the operation and be done with it.
  7. You nugget. And I don't mean that as in "Nugget of information", I mean that as in "poo nugget", that you just keep wiping and wiping but it's like a marker, still poop.
  8. You say "Divided", I say "People just like different things" Of course there are some divisions such as: Muslims like raping school girls, I like bacon. Tomayto, Tomarto.
  9. We all saw it. You nugget.
  10. Do you really think they give an accurate rating of ANY country? I can guarantee those in charge of putting out the report also have money squirrelled away.
  11. THAT MEANS YOU'RE ONE OF THEM!! *tinfoil hat*
  12. Usually, but occassionally I get lucky. I tend to prefer to save it until Countdown, bit of Susie Dent sexyness
  13. Based on the loads I dump in married women whilst their husbands have been at work, I really don't see how anyone can ever trust a spouse, hah!
  14. And yet people keep posting there... It's entertaining to read their drivelings, in the same way that it's entertaining to read conspiracy theorists or push old people down the stairs.
  15. Can't say I've noticed it. Cask Marque is generally good at checking places
  16. Whup di fucking do. It's a cock in the sky. As for "no training value", bullshit - At the very least you could demoralise enemy troops by drawing shapes in the clouds above them. Or improve morale in your own troops. I bet a woman is involved with this complaint.
  17. Here is a fucking corker from today in the IOM facebook groups --- <NAME CHANGED TO PROTECT THE STUPID> to ISLE OF MAN NEWS AND POLITICS 8 hrs · We the people have a problem right now in our courts, a constituent is being denied his inalienable divine rights as a human being to use the law to defend himself, namely the Human Rights Act 2001 for the protection of the individual against a tyrannical state!! Can our politicians please explain why this constituent is being denied his rights please? it appears the fascists have taken over our courts and law society and why are we paying politicians if they are not representing the constituents by checking and balancing a rogue judiciary ?!!! This situation needs taking in hand NOW !!! --- I am howling with laughter. inalienable divine rights!!111
  18. They're going to spunk so much money at this it's crazy. No one will be at Bushys offering I'm guessing Hooded Ram is actually quite loss making, just shored up by that rich fella.
  19. http://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/another-manx-gas-protest-tomorrow/ It's ok, there's another protest tomorrow. I bet on 10 people, because it's cold
  20. And that's why we have these shit things, because no one can be bothered to stop it. Unlimited power.
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