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  1. Remainer rules are to accept the result of the World Cup, but have another one in about 4 years and hope to win that.
  2. Source: https://www.rajar.co.uk/docs/news/RAJAR_DataRelease_InfographicQ22019.pdf
  3. Hardly a big deal today’s delay. The deal will probably pass on Tuesday. People get so annoyed about things. Remember when the Tories were told Parliament had to back any deal May came back with and the Brexiteers said that was against democracy and then decided they didn’t like the deal and voted against it. Or when Boris was told that we couldn’t perogue Parliament to force through no deal and the courts were the establishment ganging up on the people apparently. But it didn’t really matter either way because Parliament didn’t really do anything in the extra days they got back and Boris got a deal anyway. And now they take a bit more time. Ensure the deal actually becomes law and isn’t scuppered by ERG shenanigans to force a no deal through. No delay really - still leave with a deal on 31st.
  4. Nonsense. You might as well say the novel died when families stopped sitting in their parlour of an evening reading by gaslight and started listening to the radio or going to the pictures. Yet in the U.K. 90% of the population listen to radio now. And the average listening time is 20 hours per week. Only 24% of listening is in a vehicle compared with 60% at home. Additionally, lots of people listen to the radio via the internet, so the removal of a radio device in cars isn’t going to change much - they just find the station on their phone.
  5. All the popular ones are available on DAB, Freeserve, Sky, Streaming on-line.
  6. It's the same choice in the Isle of Man.
  7. I sympathise with Balladoc and Rushen Spy's positions. I think perhaps a better way of structuring it would be Insurance Companies rather than landlords or owner-occupiers, own most property, they make these into funds where the rental income pays a dividend then Retirees buy into their funds for a regular income. Property stock is maintained professionally. Landlords are professional. Young people don't need to worry about getting on the ladder. Property costs lose the interest element. People are not relying on an ever increasing property value to maintain wealth. Old people get a safe return on their investment. I think there'll be cultural resistance in the British Isles though.
  8. Stu's not my mate. https://www.radiocentre.org/9-out-of-10-people-listening-to-the-radio-each-week/ "The latest figures confirm that overall radio listening remains strong with nine out of ten people (89.2% of the population) tuning in each week for an average of 20.8 hours." Also commuters have had alternatives to radio since the invention of the cassette. Your suggestion that television killed radio is ridiculous. -- I'm not too bothered by the changes to MR it's never really cut the mustard for me. I've always felt that most of it's programming is aim at someone older than me. I guess now I'm ancient I should be firmly in their target market - interested in local politics, Manx culture, involved a bit in local arts - but it has always felt like it was run for a clique of people like Howard Cain who seem totally unlike and disinterested in the people I know.
  9. 90% of people in the UK listen to radio every week.
  10. Disappointing that they've cut back the Late Junction hours.
  11. I've complained to them and received an answer.
  12. The licence fee is justified by the bbc tv, all the radio stations that people are now turning to now they hate Manx Radio, the website, the iplayer. There is a complaint that there is an under coverage of local affairs and this is an effort to address that. Seems reasonable.
  13. It's good news. BBC aren't funded by the Manx Government - they're answerable to licence fee payer.
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