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  1. Declan

    TT 2022 ??

    So the DoE has paid one of it's employees / board members (?) to whitewash its environment conscious?
  2. But those buses would need to be double deckers - to cope with the peaks. Also it’s worth remembering the current timetable has worked well enough for five years or so, this a temporary staffing issue resulting in the loss of a handful of buses, that will hopefully be solved by recruiting new drivers soon. The solution you’re proposing is to cancel far more buses permanently.
  3. Your solution to cancelled bus is to cancel buses. in any case I was on the return Port Erin to Douglas bus just after 12 and it was full by the time we got to Douglas. The buses are popular at different times in different directions. Sunny summer Saturday afternoons the buses to Port Erin are packed. Coming back there was standing room only until Castletown. You’d probably need to run double deckers to accommodate the peaks of less frequent service.
  4. Yeah it was good. But I did find out during the game that me grandad played for Cammell Lairds in the 1920’s.
  5. Driver today said it was his second day so hopefully this is a start of a return to normal.
  6. No he'll be back as a minister in a couple of years.
  7. To be fair that's pretty commonplace in the UK. Minister resigns as minister not as MP.
  8. Well she hadn't been sacked at that point.
  9. It actually just lists the services "at risk of cancellation". So at the 15:25 there may or may not be a bus from the City to Port Erin.
  10. I think people were leaving their cars there for weeks whilst on holiday rather than getting dropped off or using one of the off-site car valeting services.
  11. I don't think the "that and she's the partner..." etc is a quote from the cop, just an inference Rachel has drawn. I do know that the police were ineffective when a colleague's family were victims of a harassment campaign.
  12. Or if the President had widened the debate to include the tribunal findings apart from the non-disclosure issue. It is his discretion.
  13. At the constituency meeting for Rushen the Crogga issue came up. All the candidates spoke against it. She's put an explanation on facebook. She points out that during her campaign most in her constituency wanted a green agenda. In any case the claim is that Crogga won't produce any gas before 2030 so is not going to impact the current cost of living crisis.
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