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  1. Declan

    University Life

    Thinking back to my student days, I'm not sure what's up with these kids. So you're away from home and parents for the first time. Food is being delivered to you. Someone will have blow. You're trapped in a building with hundreds of horny kids your own age and applications on your phone that mean you can arrange an assignation without actually having to talk to them first and you don't even have to get out of bed to attend lectures!
  2. See I thought that I'd made quite a good joke.
  3. Fair enough. But if we let the proximity to scenes of past horrors put us off our drink there'd be no pubs on the TT course.
  4. He has a point but it's probably true of his parents generation too, assuming they're born in the 60/70s. Most will have both partners working full time unlike their parents, retiring later on worse pensions than their predecessors. And it's probably not his grandparents or parents fault anyway - they're probably just ordinary folk who got up each day and went to work - they didn't invent capitalism, cut them some slack. The better educated comment is naive. I mean I've got a degree, but the workplace training, vocational courses, the experience gained from doing stuff, the places I've been, the reading I've done are a bigger part my education. I'm pretty sure the training needed to be a mastercraftsman of old is equal to a few modules on "Management Theory".
  5. Exactly the more you look at that sentence the less sense it makes - there's an unclosed set of brackets, two thats doing the same job... "It is recommended that wherever you are self-isolating (e.g. a hotel room, or alone or in an excluded manner from the rest of the household (who are not self-isolating) that other visitors must not attend the specified premises for the period of your self-isolation." They're locking people up and can't take the time to make the rules intelligible.
  6. Barrack Obama was a community organiser in the Eighties and he did worthwhile stuff. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barack_Obama#Community_organizer_and_Harvard_Law_School For me Community Organiser brings to mind someone like the woman who runs Soundcheck or Bill Dale or someone who manages a food bank - you know organises stuff. Not someone who organises the community to protest - that's an activist. There's a place for both in politics, but I think an activist needs to demonstrate an ability to deal with practical things (even that's he manages a coffee shop).
  7. Is it making two points? It is recommended that those self-isolating do so in a hotel room or a room separate from the rest of a household There must not be any other visitors to the premises during the isolation period But does "the premises" mean the room (which presumably must be en suite) or the whole building (which is hardly practical for a hotel)?
  8. It does feel like they’re sending people to prison for being stupid. So if purpose of the sentencing is to deter others, well, is it possible to deter stupidity?
  9. I was thinking about Devon at lunch. The cafe had a special of Manx Crab with Avocado.
  10. I think it probably stuck to him because he wasn't on the telly as much as the Tories and Labour and it created the image of him being weak. Plus Liberals have no sense of humour. Steve "Interesting" Davis's image was probably harmed too. Year later we've found out he's probably the only interesting snooker player of that era.
  11. But Dilligaf raised it to make a point against me. What worries me, is each time the issue comes up (John raised it last time, Dilligaf this - not me) he plays the victim, as if calling a sexual harasser a likeable rogue is innocent. When he originally talked about the likeable rogue it was to downplay the discrimination and harassment, and each time he justifies the comment he does it again. He needs to stop raising this issue and stop trying to justify himself each time someone else does.
  12. Dilligaf raised it, and you mentioned it before me, Neil.
  13. I’m not sure what your point is. Spot the odd one out... You called someone who had just been found to have sexually discriminated and harassed a woman a likeable rogue. I said child abuse penalties are too low. Gladys said that sex with an underage girl causes anguish.
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