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  1. Declan

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    Have I understood this correctly? The Private Wing is being run at a loss, so that the NHS is subsidising BUPA, AXA etc?
  2. Declan

    12 Rules For Life - Dr Jordan Peterson

    Isn’t Barrie doing the same?
  3. Declan

    Man waves knob at traffic

    “Nicholas Derek Jones, of Peel Road, dropped his shorts to his knees and thrust his hips back and forth causing his genitals to fly upwards as witnesses looked on in shock.” I think it was more like amusement than shock.
  4. Declan

    Roseanne Barred...

    Does the interview ever finish a question?
  5. Declan

    Manx Radio

    Returning to my Depictationion ... Neil “Falling” Down is there too.
  6. Declan

    Manx Radio

    diii - No it isn’t sorry.
  7. Declan

    Manx Radio

    It’s a visual dipictation of your inner monologue.
  8. Declan

    Manx Radio

  9. Declan

    12 Rules For Life - Dr Jordan Peterson

    What a whinny git he comes across at the start of that interview. Even the delightful Cathy Newman couldn’t make me sit through that.
  10. Declan

    Plans for lord street

    The problem there is the driver. Two driverless cars would sort it out between themselves. A driverless cab would flash the human driver to go ahead.
  11. Declan

    Court of General Gaol

    It's just an alternative spelling of jail.
  12. Declan

    Court of General Gaol

    https://www.courts.im/court-information/court-structure/court-of-general-gaol-delivery/ It's the Highest criminal court and has greater sentencing powers.
  13. Declan

    TT Grandstand

    I think that question should be directed at the Duck of Athol, because he brought up Heysel. The Duck remembered a broken chain, but not that people died. I remember the 1980 TT, it would have been one of the last where I watched the racing itself, but don't remember that there were deaths. I'm not sure why the Duck brought up Heysel because what every one remembers from that match is that there were deaths. We don't remember that there were deaths at the 1980 TT but do remember that there were at the 1985 European Cup Final. Why's that?
  14. Declan

    TT Grandstand

    But you can recall that people died.