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  1. @GizoIt's not losing anything. It's a public service that comes at a cost.
  2. It does sound like the kind of thing they'd say. And having the cap in the lowest volume of the year then pointing to lower numbers seems likely.
  3. I agree that's it's a transition period, and recognise the concern about the owner's lack of investment in recent years (we're not really up for sale, they're looking to sell share capital to investors - which if anything that could be an incentive to invest). I rather expected this season to be underwhelming and for us to start badly, admittedly we've exceeded that expectation! Time will tell if Klopp can adapt - he's earned that right. TBH I get a bit annoyed at Liverpool fans moaning about being ninth at the moment, still in Europe, still in the cup. It's not that bad - try moaning to Chester or Bury fans about that. My biggest worry is we'll be sold to the investment wing of some authoritarian Petro-State.
  4. It's too early to call that. My belief is this is a blip, possibly a season long one. I think Klopp and his team have launched comebacks often enough for fans to have faith in another one.
  5. Has there been any news on the bus cap? Is it going to be extended when it expires in January?
  6. OK lets talk about Liverpool. Liverpool have won a trophy this season.
  7. Since the competition rules state the performance should be for a family audience and costumes are optional, an Elvis impersonator could probably enter. What is meant by drag isn't very well specified here. It's basically like an old variety show turn.
  8. They're students. It's dissertation time. Probably the first student told her class she found a helpful group of people who love expressing their opinions on random stuff and survey design! Obviously they're going to be new accounts - they've not needed to conduct a survey before. And that also explains variable nature of the surveys.
  9. How do you know it's the same IP address? I don't think it matters what area it's posted in I barely notice what anything is posted in.
  10. For that you're going to need a couple more trophies (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_football_clubs_in_England_by_competitive_honours_won OR many more points (https://www.myfootballfacts.com/england_footy/football-league/all-time_top_flight_points_table/ ) Or Liverpool to spend several seasons in the Championship (http://alltimeleaguetable.co.uk/ )
  11. The best places to visit on holiday are socially vibrant. Create a pleasant place with interesting things to do for the locals, then tourists will want to come. We've been putting the cart before the horse for decades - make the place somewhere great to live and the tourists will come; make somewhere great for tourists and no-one wants to live there.
  12. I don't think there's anything he's done solo that comes near the first three Stooges lps. And part of his "hype" is kudos for being an early adopter of the Punk mythos. Subsequently he's been a bit a the mercy of the variable quality of his collaborators but he has had good songs and lps throughout his career. Sometimes his bands are a bit too polished and he needs a rawness. Fun live too.
  13. What? There are hundreds of people including kids and drunks stood alongside the road to the golf links, nor are there fat people who will park anywhere near an icecream shop. However, please don't twist my words, you nasty lying bastard, into opposition to this proposal.
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