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  1. Declan

    State of the place 2018

  2. Declan

    State of the place 2018

    No that was Euclid.
  3. Declan

    MLC in court for data protection breaches

    What's the purpose of this complex structure? Why not just have one company, registered in the IOM that they register for Data Protection here? Why have the licence owned by an IOM company that does nothing else. Some of the activities with another company in the IOM, some (including local news) done by a UK company, and then have another company in the BVI? Why when the concerns came to light didn't the Turners just register the companies and activities the Data guy was concerned about?
  4. Declan

    12 Rules For Life - Dr Jordan Peterson

    Take a book. You're never alone with a book.
  5. Declan

    12 Rules For Life - Dr Jordan Peterson

    I would fight Hitler but the dishes need doing.
  6. Declan

    Private medical care terminated at Noble's!

    Have I understood this correctly? The Private Wing is being run at a loss, so that the NHS is subsidising BUPA, AXA etc?
  7. Declan

    12 Rules For Life - Dr Jordan Peterson

    Isn’t Barrie doing the same?
  8. Declan

    Man waves knob at traffic

    “Nicholas Derek Jones, of Peel Road, dropped his shorts to his knees and thrust his hips back and forth causing his genitals to fly upwards as witnesses looked on in shock.” I think it was more like amusement than shock.
  9. Declan

    Roseanne Barred...

    Does the interview ever finish a question?
  10. Declan

    Manx Radio

    Returning to my Depictationion ... Neil “Falling” Down is there too.
  11. Declan

    Manx Radio

    diii - No it isn’t sorry.
  12. Declan

    Manx Radio

    It’s a visual dipictation of your inner monologue.
  13. Declan

    Manx Radio

  14. Declan

    12 Rules For Life - Dr Jordan Peterson

    What a whinny git he comes across at the start of that interview. Even the delightful Cathy Newman couldn’t make me sit through that.