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  1. I see the questioner who asked if "words had consequences" has learnt they do. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48687744
  2. Also voters knew that Blair would stand down at some point for Brown and Blair said he would before the 2005 election. I think there's a difference between an orderly hand over (Wilson to Callaghan / Blair to Brown) that is essentially a continuation of the elected government but with a new figurehead and a bankbench rebellion that ousts a PM (Thatcher to Major, May to ????). There was even more legitimacy in the Cameron to May handover, because the referendum was a clear signal that Cameron's plan for the country had been rejected.
  3. It all started in this thread. .. I asked a simple question, because I know nothing about gambling, it was probably naive because I didn’t know that these companies barred betters who were too good. Intermittently over the subsequent 5 years you will launch bizarre rants alleging I’m a minimum wage clerk in one of these vile firms. And I correct you I avoid replying to any thread you post you make on any subject so as not to provoke more libellous slurs from you. In this thread I wasn’t replying to you or posting about gambling and still a crazy rant comes my way. So either prove it or shut up.
  4. I have never worked for an online or any other betting company. I consider it utterly immoral. You have made this libellous allegation many times before and I have corrected you many times.
  5. Watterson. I would say Rob but that would be a very flattering silhouette.
  6. I’ve a pamphlet called Give Your House a Manx Name from 1973 it says The Old Homestead is Yn Shen Valley however I guess barn convertions weren’t a thing back then because there are no names for barns or sheds let alone a cowshed or byre
  7. There's no need for boundaries to match. If they must, perhaps an easier solution would be to accept the reality that Onchan is just part of Douglas and abolish Onchan Commissioners. Move the bit that's represented by Garff MHKs into Lonan and and rename Onchan constituency Outer Douglas.
  8. Oh dear ... https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/onchan-boundaries-do-need-reviewing-says-mhk/ A summary of Rob’s Interview - - Onchan people are too thick to understand different boundaries for the Keys and Commissioners - Onchan should merge with Garff and have four MHKs or maybe 6. - it will be difficult to represent such a vast constituency.
  9. Declan


    I think the treatment of Anna Soubry (who personally I can't abide) and other female politicians recently has been appalling. Because the criticism often turns into men angrily and aggressively using their gender as part of the criticism rather than their policys or their actions their competness. Nobody ever said they wouldn't even rape Chris Grayling.
  10. Declan


    The dog got off scottie free.
  11. Declan


    So they fined him £600.
  12. Declan


    She withdrew the comment in the same sentence as it was made and said the milkshake thing was a bit daft. It was clearly a daft joke. I wonder if the joke had been made by a bantery bloke in Farage's local rather than left wing woman would he have reacted quite so snowflakey.
  13. I quite like it. The dialogue can be hilarious.
  14. Did Mrs PK tell you it was on for an hour every night?
  15. He is right in a way. I think the idea that everything is run at a "loss" or a "profit" is a problem. We don't talk about schools and hospitals running at a "loss". Some things are run at "cost" because we believe that they are worthwhile. My last holiday (flight, hotel, concert tickets etc.) cost about a grand, but I did win $50 for a short story I wrote on the plane - so that's a loss of over £950, right? But I don't look at it that way because going on holiday is a positive thing for me to do. What I need to think of is did I get value for money, could I reduce costs (cheaper hotel, visit UK rather abroad) and still enjoy myself, could I have monetised the story better or written more whilst on holiday? Would it be good for me not to have a holiday and avoid all the costs. So, yeah, obviously all heritage railways cost money to run, otherwise they wouldn't be heritage! That's why most are run by volunteers. But the question that need asking are really - Is it worthwhile having these railways? Then you look at issues of how much it costs to run the railways and how much revenue they can generate. Then ask ... Is it still worthwhile having these railways? Then if the answer is NO because the government have more worthwhile projects to spend their money on see if there is someone (a volunteer group, charity) for whom the answer is YES.
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