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  1. Declan

    The budget

    I'd have thought it had been well publicised since the late 90's. I think it is a shame that there isn't a stakeholder pension type scheme that people have to opt out of to avoid paying into.
  2. Declan

    The budget

    Unless you've been paying into a private pension.
  3. Declan

    The budget

    "Hon Members, as planned the new single-tier Manx state pension will be introduced in April this year. I can confirm that the full rate of the Manx state pension will be £184.15 a week on its introduction. This is in accordance with a resolution of this Honourable Court made in July 2016 for the new single-tier state pension to be £170 a week, revalued in line with increases to the basic state pension since that date. Some people who have accrued significant amounts of additional state pension up to 5 April 2019 may get more than this amount, whilst others who have been in contracted out employments for considerable periods of time will most likely get less than this amount" Does this mean I'll get at least £184.15 per week when I retire? What does being "in contracted out employments" mean?
  4. Declan


    Milliband, Kinnock, Callahan. He’s only been leader for a little over 3 years. Though it seems longer. Interesting how few permanent leaders have been ousted by the party you’ve got to go back to Attle’s predecessor George Lansbury. The Tory’s are much more ruthless - Duncan-Smith, Thatcher, Heath, Eden
  5. Declan


    Corbyn's role should be Jimney Cricket conscience on the shoulder of a more pragmatic leader.
  6. Declan


    I didn't say they were split, I said they were inept and that the wing that would take over from May are the opposite of those that quit Labour. They're making a Hard Brexit and rule by the extreme wing of the Tories more likely.
  7. Declan


    They are utterly immoral. I agree with them that Corbyn should have taken a more pro-Remain stance and been more robust on the anti-Semitic issue. But you stay and fight your corner. All they've done is make common cause with an inept Tory Party lurching into the arms of Rees-Mogg and Boris.
  8. Woody2 You seem to be saying that the sins of the mother should be held against the baby. I still think that British justice is the best route for the mother. And the British Welfare System best for the baby.
  9. Her child is a vulnerable because it's a new born baby. It is a British Citizen born to a British mother. Do we just leave it in a warzone to be raised by Jihadis?
  10. Is that a #woodyfact - everything I can find online says she was born in the UK?
  11. Then lock her up according to British laws. She was born, educated and radicalised in Britain. Her child is a vulnerable British citizen. We can't make this someone else's problem.
  12. She should be allowed to return to Britain. Then she should be subject to British Laws for any crimes she has committed. Anything else seems un-British.
  13. Declan

    KFC & Starbucks

    It's nice of Shoprite to announce that for them.
  14. Declan

    Cut & paste

    Did the member of staff concerned formerly work for Wigan?
  15. Declan

    Voting numbers

    Since his manifesto was devoid of ideas and states he has no vested interest because he doesn't live and work in Lonan, I guess it will be easy for him to keep those promises.