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  1. You underestimate a politican's ego.
  2. Baker's effectively accusing Robertshaw of projection (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychological_projection), however, it looks more like Baker's projecting his own shortcomings on Robbo.
  3. What I don't understand is what kind of whistleblowing procedure is this - Head of Department receives allegation of poor morale in department. Head of Department to read out allegation at a news conference to score a point against a colleague. Destroy Allegation Take no further action
  4. I would be less likely to vote for him if he was going to be a minister next time. If he could guarantee he’d be Speaker next time I’d vote for him.
  5. I thought there was a smell of supher in the air. Might have known there was a Ramseyboi in town.
  6. I’ve just been promoted from Fresher to Newbie.
  7. Both Watson and Bentley got more votes than Robertshaw in the GE.
  8. It's interesting how often online discussions around the abuse of women, end up being about men who've been falsely accused. And it's always men that change the subject "just for balance."
  9. Yeah, "everything possible to ensure everyone is able to cast their vote" = nothing. Mealy-mouthed toerag.
  10. Sadly that's a local group for local people. Are you able to expand?
  11. Monthly bus pass is £80, although you may find discount journey tickets cheaper if you aren't using the bus outside of commuting and depending on number of days worked.
  12. Must be easy to vote in Jurby. Just don't vote for the four that nominated eachother and the one who got the bike race cancelled and whoever remains is the council.
  13. I think I said Southgate when I meant Pickford. Him and Maguire are an accident waiting to happen. But that said Southgate is out of his depth as a manager and was tactically exposed in the final.
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