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  1. That’s an important stat Wrighty. It means that Liverpool have finished in the top half for the last 57 seasons.
  2. https://www.gov.im/media/1365784/2019-02-13-earnings-survey-2018-report.pdf 2019's isn't out yet but, see table 11. Doesn't quite answer your question, but if you that bothered a freedom of info request asking for a variation on table 3 but with the population split between public and provate sector. (Interesting that Men in the Public Sector are better paid than private sector, but not woman.)
  3. I can't understand why anyone with no connection to the place would relocate here. Sure the seaside villages are nice, but the town is a bombsite, inland the countryside is unremarkable and most of the villages are like something from the Village of the Damned. The local culture is great, but unless you've been immersed in it for many years, your only ever going to be a tourist. There really is only reason to relocate here and that is for work that you find challenging. I can't understand why anyone would retire here - away from friends, family and familiar places, which probably explains why those that do retire here are oddball scum who's aim in life is to turn the Island into the mythical England from their psychopathic fantasies.
  4. Chelsea must be a bit worried. Six points ahead of Spurs, United and Wolves. But Chelsea still have to play Liverpool while the others don't. Rather liking this stat from the BBC ... "Liverpool have amassed 67 points from a possible 69 this season - five more than any side in English top-flight history have after 23 games." So that's five points better, at this stage in the season, than every other team ever.
  5. Ahh you’ve found the flaw in Manx Radio’s reasoning.
  6. No. But downloading died around 2016.
  7. Welcome! You appear to have fallen through a gap in time for 2005. Things are very different now.
  8. But you can’t be too careful. If you don’t have rules, what’s to stop a nerr-do-well bumping off somebody, building a coffin, burying them in the woods and wantonly putting an obituary for them on Manx Radio?
  9. £5 for the pillow, £25 for the vaccinations.
  10. I don't see how that prosecution was in the public interest.
  11. You wrote ... ”the interpersonal skills of a ...” You can’t finish that sentence without a noun. You may choose to add an adjective but that’s optional. Add an adjective ... ”the interpersonal skills of a fluffy...” ”the interpersonal skills of a green ...” ”the interpersonal skills of an irritable...” You still need a noun.
  12. That's because that sentence is needs a noun. I hope your English teacher isn't getting a pay rise.
  13. Unpopular opinion: The Second Coming is better than the first lp.
  14. It's not like they are going into the mechanics of it all. It's just helping them make sense of why some kids have two dads and why somebody's big brother is now wearing a dress.
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