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  1. Sorry. But your point is fair enough - I think they’ve proven that it takes a long time to be an overnight success.
  2. Found this thread... a bit of a chastening lesson for local music fans. The one time we get a band on the upward part of their career we don't go. Now, of course, Top 5 lp, Mercury Prize nomination, sell out shows at Ally Pally later we'll never get them to play the Villa.
  3. He certainly favours weighty prose.
  4. Someone pointed out on IOM news that he may have dementia and the response was "no excuse - shouldn't be driving".
  5. Course is 60725 metres. 530 marshals per race, thats one every 114 metres. So assuming an evenly spread for your experiment they should all be able to see the preceding Marshall. It takes a football linesman less than a second to wave his flag (pre VAR) after an offence. Let's say two seconds because marshals don't have the muscle memory of a top linesman who practices flag waving for 30 hours a week. So 530 marshalls @ 2 seconds = 1060 seconds = 17 mins 20secs. But with practice and with marshals spread further apart I reckon it could beat the lap record.
  6. Declan


    Saturday will be a pool party to celebrate Howard's three years in office. The public won't be allowed in. Or want to.
  7. More controversial. Bigotry is still bigotry whether we label it Racism or Islamophobia.
  8. Maybe not, but they shouldn't be used for a cheap joke that conflates the concepts of "muslim" and "terrorism" either.
  9. Anyway @politebear2 this thread has a bit of info on the history of the Cherry Orchard ... See Terry Loon's post on page 3
  10. Yeah! He should get a life and start hanging around semi-abandoned 70's hotels looking for ghosts.
  11. What's wrong with hanging out in the old bus station like your parents did?
  12. The phone can be used whilst it is being used as a hotspot. Also keep in mind that you would only be able to use the internet when Mrs D-F was in and that a wifi hotspot is heavy on battery life.
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