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  1. Napoli were hopeless, we just didn't play well and were sloppy. They were lucky to get out of the group. Unless the new manager turns things around I can't see them going much further. Salzburg though will cause some headaches in the Europa League.
  2. Saltzburg are probably the best team we've played so far this season. Apart from City of course. The only problem is they tried to beat us at our own game (high energy, press, plenty of attacking options), but we've got more options. I think people think we're lucky, because in a lot of games the opponents kind of live with us for much of the match, then we get two quick goals.
  3. Declan

    Just William

    Every author has their own process, there've been quite a few books written on the subject. (Writers like to read about other writer's methods, because it makes procrastination feel less like procrastination.) My favourite is JG Ballad, who was a single father. Who says, " I used to start the working day once I returned from delivering the children to school, at 9:30 in the morning, with a large Scotch." A thousand words of fiction a day, every day is good going.
  4. It must be quite effective since Wilko Johnson was diagnosed with terminal cancer in about 2012 and is still touring.
  5. It really doesn't matter who you vote for, you can't vote for or against the next government or their policies. Just deliver a verdict on the previous one. Quayle's government is obviously hopeless it was obvious in 2016 he wasn't going to be up to the job. But I don't know how I could have voted in the last election that would have prevented it, even if everyone in my constituency voted the same way.
  6. It's like they made your life into a song...
  7. Somebody could be raped and not know the perpetrator, but they've still been raped. It's not the rape victim doing the accusing in court, it's the police and prosecutors. Yet you consistently over many years have used the language of equivalency. Accused vs accuser. Alleged rapist vs alleged victim. You don't do this for any other crime - someone says they were robbed you believe them whether the cops get the guilty party or not.
  8. Jurby's the perfect place to consolidate tourist things, because of it's great connections to the heritage railways we run, wonderful bus service, and all the nearby local businesses that will benefit from increased footfall.
  9. They're not equivalents - A rapist is not the opposite of being raped. Even being accused wrongly and then acquitted isn't nearly as bad as being raped. And all this "alleged victim" language is fucking despicable. No other crime victim is put under such scrutiny.
  10. I'm utterly ashamed at Tynwald.
  11. I'd certain go to a museum on Laxey's subway system.
  12. I don't really have a problem. I probably won't vote for a 16 year old, but neither would anyone else. But I think excluding people who have the vote from standing is wrong in principle. It's for the voters to decide on suitability to be elected not rule makers.
  13. There's a missing word "pay" in there. We pay MHK's and CS a lot of money, the least they can do is express themselves clearly. Rather than use tortuous English like in LDV's example. So for the lack of clarity. but in my first post. But at least I'm free.
  14. But that's the point, there are grammatical and syntax rules because they make things clear. Also we these people a lot of money, the bar should higher than barely understandable if you translate it into English. If you write sloppily and expect the reader to put it together, they might put it together in the wrongly. What if the Chief Minister's pledge had been on signing. "Chief minister's pledge re signing" or "Chief Minister's pledge resigning."
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