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  1. It’s cheaper to make studio “games shows” than scripted drama or comedy.
  2. Is he buying excessive amounts of dried pasta and bog roll?
  3. And being able to spot that someone is doing a bad job is not the same as being able to do that job. (https://www.goal.com/en/news/13452/opta/2016/03/30/21851192/gary-nevilles-terrible-record-at-valencia-in-full-but-he)
  4. Declan

    Good News

    Made you laugh though!
  5. Declan

    Good News

    I am sure it tasted lovely. But there is an air of melencholy hanging over that pavolva. The sombre tones of the berries and merrangue, are dusted with sugar so that it looks like a demonstration model made of polystyrene in an abandoned cake shop.
  6. It doesn't really matter if they are standing as independents. There was quite a lot of turnover of personnel last time. I remember talking to a bunch of youngsters weekend after the election and they were really excited because they thought there'd be change. What happened next? Within days all the Independents joined the COMIN party, Quayle becomes CM in dodgy circumstances and we have a less progressive, less compassionate, more incompetent, more change adverse government than the last one.
  7. I think he's talking about two or three people.
  8. MTP's response here is to Simon D moaning about the first deleted post on the other thread. Who's trolling who?
  9. I think Liverpool will overhaul one of Chelsea or Leicester but not both. Going with Leicester, but I'd be more confident if Lampard was still at Chelsea. 1. City 2. United 3. Leicester (if not Chelsea) 4. Liverpool
  10. Obviously it's troubling. But looking at our remaining fixtures there is an opportunity for us. There's Chelsea at home in two weeks, then United at the start of May from the teams above us. We've played Spurs and Everton twice as well. After the United game our run in is Southampton (H), WBA (A), Burnley (A), Palace (H). With players back from injury, if we're a couple off points off forth which group of players would you put your money on? West Ham? Chelsea? Everton? Leicester? Or players who've won the league and European Cup? They've a week to the next game. Time to bang hea
  11. Because if it was above ground the DOI would turn it into a race track or insist on laying horse tram tracks or turn it into 57 mini-roundabouts or build the entire thing in Chinese granite or decide not to have a speed limit but to use sleeping policemen instead.
  12. Declan

    'D Notice'

    I doubt the IOM Government can issue a D-Notice without the Governor or the UK's approval. And they're a request to not publish anyway. I suppose there's nothing stopping Howard asking Paul not to publish something, but that's not the same thing.
  13. Klopp does rotate, too much at times I think. Jota played so that Mané, and Firmino could rest. That starting line up had - Kelleher, Rhys Williams, Tsmikas, Keita, Clarkson, Minamino, Origi and Jota. There’s only Trent and Salah plus Fabinho playing out of position from the previous seasons first choice line-up. (Although the bigger names came on as sub). Don’t forget CL squad sizes are limited. And Liverpool don’t have an Arsenal or Chelsea style shadow squad of disgruntled internationals bought by former managers. I recognise that United make their money via footballing st
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