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  1. `I meant CRHS - I thought it opened before 1961. In fact I'm pretty certain. It was pretty grotty in the 80's - but wasn't everything. It certainly didn't seem only 20 years old. They added a new block / library etc then but we had many lessons in mobile classrooms. I think they've added more to it in the 90's.
  2. It says built in 1961, but I thought it opened late 40's / early 50's - was it pre-fab then?
  3. Seems like one PC was acting the Hardman and the other acting too Hastie.
  4. This would be an ecumenical question.
  5. “After making sure he had his partner’s consent Karl seized Engels’ means of production.”
  6. Of course he googled it! Did anyone think a Tory boy racer can rattle off a list of Jewish Historians who take a particular stance on an obscure subject.
  7. “Come back to mine and see my collection of left wing perspectives on the Israeli - Palestine conflict?” Does that pass for romance nowadays?
  8. Sooner or later any conversation between Manxies ends up being about what shop was there before the shop that was there before the shop that's there now.
  9. Chick Corea always is heavy going.
  10. I should probably have included SF Sorrow instead of Their Satanic's Majesty
  11. It's pointless arguing sub-sub-genre definitions. We all have our own. I came accross this earlier - https://www.albumoftheyear.org/list/555-pastes-50-best-post-punk-albums-of-all-time/ I'm not sure how a record released in Feb 1977 could be the best post-punk lp of all-time and The Smiths's classic rock disaster the second.
  12. Wheras you do your trolling from your main account. Congratulations you've found the lowest moral high ground possible.
  13. SF Sorrow would meet the definition and is a great album. But it's already forgotten by the zeitgeist. I was trying to think of an reconisable genre term so I changed chamber-pop to psyche-pop, so The Yardbirds weren't really what I was thinking about. I doubt they'll be remembered in twenty years other than as a footnote in the Led Zep story who'll be token representative of seventies hard rock.
  14. I wasn't even thinking of you!
  15. An industry plant in modern terms? Connections might get your first novel published, it might get it reviewed in the right place and sell a few copies but you've still got to chime with audiences to get sustained success. Victorians were weird is the best explanation.
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