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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buster_Gonad
  2. It doesn't need policing. Unless someone alleges there's been breaches.
  3. All that does is highlight how daft it was not allowing the original returnees an hour of exercise. Police people in their own homes or going about their lawful business?
  4. Did he even get the allegation directly from the victim?
  5. It would be nice to have. I can't physically cycle to Douglas but there are times it would be nice bring the bike in and cycle around Douglas. I can't see it being something I would do often or it being something the lycra crowd would need so whether it could ever be cost-effective is dubious. From a safety point of view. Why buy a load in to test? Couldn't the workshop have knocked up a prototype and tried it on one bus?
  6. 52 people donating nearly £2k indicate some people support him a great deal.
  7. But there would be more fun in getting Howard to do it!
  8. Maybe we should set up a petition... "In order to recognise her part in setting up “a testing regime that is second to none” and ”the envy of many countries”, we request that Chief Minister Howard Quayle nominates Dr Rachel Glover for an MBE."
  9. Some of the language is very politician-like “a testing regime that is second to none” ...”the envy of many countries”. Is that nebulous unprovable assertion the sort of phrasing a scientist would use? One whose job is all about precision and evidence? Also I’m not clear what point he was making in reading that letter in answer to the question “What is your reaction to Dr Glover’s resignation and why do you think it’s reached that point?”
  10. Declan


    I'm cool with a gentle curve.
  11. I really don't know what point you are trying to make now.
  12. Declan


    I'm sure it's nice if you like hills and countryside.
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