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  1. Or should the wages saved go to top up the fund? I bet their contract will have them paid in full for a notice period.
  2. Persumably those being refused entry have been observing social-distancing in the UK, for a few days longer than we have in the IOM. I'm not sure how they are any more of a risk, especially if they socially isolate for 14 days, than anyone who's been in the queue at Tesco.
  3. Apart from Brexit, the impending Johnson Premiership and a forthcoming Gavin and Stacey Christmas special.
  4. Sad to learn that Adam Schlesnger of Fountains of Wayne died of the Virus recently. Probably best known for Stacey's Mom, but they actually had loads of great pop-rock songs, especially on the first album. Including this ...
  5. Just pick up this season in September with the results counting to this season and next.
  6. Isn't it only 365 * 365 that nan, mum and baby have the same birthday? so about 133K And that assumes Nan and Mum only had one baby each. The odds would only be 50 million to one if someone, say great-grandad, placed a bet pre-conception specifying the date. i.e. "the missus will give birth to her only baby on 8th February any year and that baby will grow up to give birth to her only baby on 8th February any year, which will in turn give birth to her only baby on 8th February any year."
  7. I don’t think it’s possible for three generations of a human family to be born on the same day. Mayflies maybe but not humans. (Unless a 16 year old gives birth the same day as her 32 year old Mum and 48 year old Gran, which doesn’t seem likely). Incidentally, did you see that the world’s oldest man turned 112 yesterday. And that he shares his birthday and year with Britain’s oldest woman. And until recently he was only England’s oldest man because there was a guy in Scotland also born on the same day and year, but he died, too many battered Mars bars I guess.
  8. To be honest, at it's heart the players are just lads who were born poor or at least ordinary, and got good at something they love by hard work. Some are dickheads, but there's always been dickheads - Jimmy Greaves, Dennis Law, Leeds Utd - who you wouldn't want to have a pint with.
  9. I went out earlier. Within about half an hour of getting home I got a text from IOM Government, saying ... "IF YOU CAN, STAY AT HOME, SAVE LIVES ON THE ISLE OF MAN. IF YOU REALLY NEED TO GO OUT, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. IOM Gov" Now I support the message, I'd just about live with them tracking my phone's whereabouts in an emergency like this but is there any need to shout.
  10. It's not the footballers though, the current generation seem more responsible than the Gazza andTerry eras, but its the owners and CEOs.
  11. I accept that. But the season could be played out in August or next January or whenever football resumes.
  12. I don't see why they need to cancel it. Simply finish it whenever they're allowed to play. The games to be played could count to this season and next if neccessary.
  13. We now know what the lead story on Manx Radio will be on Monday - "Howard Quayle tests positive for Cornavirus"
  14. He probably just saw it is mark of European superiority.
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