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  1. I was given one of the pod machines, but prefer the cafetiere. Less waste. I suppose if you want an espresso (or something like a latte that builds on an espresso) then the machines are better. But if you are happy with Ground coffee (or looking for an upgrade from instant) then the Cafetiere is better.
  2. Declan

    Black Lives Matter

    He has previously posted that the British should get over the war. (I'm paraphasing a more sophisticated point egregiously, but that was the message I took away).
  3. Declan

    Black Lives Matter

    My understanding is he inherited plantations, but these were quickly sold to cover his debts. The sale was to a very pro-slavery MP. I suppose an abolitionist would have found a way to exit that situation in a way that freed the slaves. But if you're selling to cover a debt - it's probably out of your hands who buys it. He was a bit of a character. He probably wouldn't have been in a position of influence to bring about the founding of the RNLI without his family's wealth (which seems tainted). But I don't think he's a Colson figure at all. There doesn't seem to be evidence of him investing in slavery or seeking to profit from it, you probably wouldn't lend him money but the founding of the greatly outweighs the other. This from the RNLI website is interesting ... You have to wonder about that mental gymnastics that enabled people to see the humanitarian need for RNLI but not the abolition of slavery. https://rnli.org/about-us/our-history/timeline/1824-our-foundation
  4. Declan

    Black Lives Matter

    Sir William Hillary's in the one opposite Bar George.
  5. Why do we need to bring key workers in for a couple of days? Are the specialist doctors?
  6. Declan


    That’s because the Pilgrim fathers thought spelling mistakes were caused by evil spirits. Many a dyslexic was burnt at the stake.
  7. "Radio Radio" by Elvis Costello https://genius.com/Elvis-costello-radio-radio-lyrics
  8. Declan


    This? https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/local-dyslexic-pleas-for-empathy/ It doesn't mention MF. Anyway it was Tim Baker in defence of the poorly painted road sign that raised the prospect of dyslexia. And, as a dyslexic, I thought that was the only out of order comment I've seen, until that clip on Manx Radio anyway. Dyslexia may cause spelling errors, but not checking causes them to reach a wider audience. And how dare that woman say we don't know how to spell.
  9. Do any of those with unelected ministers have a system where the person choosing the ministers isn't directly elected either as president or as head of a political party?
  10. Or it could be get there's a gap for someone with that eye to detail in the DOI and the hope is she'll catch the snags before they go live. But experience says you are probably right.
  11. Youngsters who don't remember Punk or Post Punk. They should really have come up with a new name for that batch of bands. Woke 'n' Roll perhaps.
  12. Is nothing sacred ... https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/news/bristol-news/statue-wurzels-frontman-adge-cutler-4271416
  13. Stu's statement is that he asked for the removal of the call element. Setting aside this show, I think in general phone-in shows are usually crap now. I turn Five Live off whenever they go to phone ins, even 606. Question Time is pointless and never reaches a conclusion or resolution. Danny Baker used to be good because he would just say "tell us a story about the time..." and people would phone in and tell a funny story, but all this opinionated shit is the reason the World's in the mess it is.
  14. Declan

    Black Lives Matter

    Yeah but the black notes are better.
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