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  1. To be fair she must be pretty good at spreadsheets. The one she produced for the court case showed that to buy him out of the house, she owed the other party less than he'd originally contributed (not to mention the subsequent mortgage payments).
  2. Hopefully that will improve when he grows into his legs.
  3. Is "Covid is a con" "threatening, abusive or insulting"? It has to be one of those as well as causing "annoyance, alarm or distress".
  4. Obviously, Tesco have a right to decide who they serve and this guy is a knob. But he's wearing an item that doesn't contain profanity, lewd or discriminatory language ... that's a dangerous path to go down. Although is that mask effective?
  5. He does resemble Bambi at times but there's more good in his play than bad. Long run he'll learn from it.
  6. Declan

    Next CM

    But unless the KM and Ayre MHK becomes CM no-one there has voted for him or his policies. WOW! It's a relatively small island, with newspapers, post, radio and the Internet. I really don't understand this. It's one community - we're talking about people a couple of miles apart. It's not complicated. Everyone over the age of 16, resident on the Island, votes for a CM.
  7. Declan

    Next CM

    That's quite absurd! 1. Every vote will count equally. 2. If the interests of the people in Dalby are so different to those in Peel, that everybody having a vote for CM disenfranchises them, they're disenfranchised now! 3. The current system disenfranchises everyone - we can't vote for a programme of government or who's going to carry it out. We don't live in a democracy and you're saying universal sufferage would disenfranchise people?
  8. Declan

    Next CM

    How is having an equal public vote disenfranchising anyone?
  9. Declan

    Progress !

    That was Whitestone stores I think.
  10. I wonder why they want to split employed people into 1-39 hours per week and 40+ hours? Surely full or part time would be meaningful.
  11. Easy to put up with it for a few weeks. They've had months.
  12. That's not the culture, it's about the government and authorities here failing to recognise that lockdown is difficult and people are doing their best to comply. We have been asked to curtail our freedoms for the greater good and we are, but there's no recognition of that. No respect for the general public. Look at the hysterical Police Social Media troll account. Or the courts imprisoning people for minor Covid breaches - how can we ever trust these institutions after this?
  13. That's a bit hard on Melania, but then Trump's base hates immigrants.
  14. To be fair we have been led to believe it will keep on turning till the sands of time run out.
  15. Bear wrestling would bring money to the Island. But don't tell Skelly.
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