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  1. Tim Betteridge is one of the madder characters on Vader’s site.
  2. The problem here is that the way this seems to have been handled by department has prolonged and complicated matters. Then they’ve tried to say that the matter is time barred. This seems to have been thrown out in this preliminary hearing.
  3. This paints a shambolic picture of the DHSC too. https://www.judgments.im/content/ET 17-81 Tinwell V DHSC PHR 1.pdf
  4. Why is this a matter for his employer?
  5. Pity. Everyone living on top of each other in rabbit hutches. Whilst perfectly good land is left for rabbits to run around in.
  6. "Despite its popularity, the Flat Earth theory has been disproved countless times."
  7. I didn't think that Shimmings made much sense. "Don't build on fields build in town" was his rant. Essentially he thinks people should be cramped together in ever smaller and smaller flats with no outside space whilst land outside town is left to rot as a mucky farmers' fields only occupied by a few sheep and mud. I bet he lives in an "executive home" built on a greenfield site in the country.
  8. The protester said something about being a common law citizen and that this outranked the police. Then of course people on Facebook saying that it was suppression of freedom of speech. But the interview could have been redone elsewhere. Anyone know what the 19 petitions. I've counted that the following have been reported - 1 Grandparent's rights 2 5g is bad 1 antivax 5 Trevor Cowin gubbins 1 Learning Disabilities rights but what are the rest?
  9. I thought I had said something controversial when I saw I had been quoted 5 times.
  10. In the Manx bible they use the word as a translation for Satyr. So I'd say they're more goat-like than Big Foot.
  11. Yeah but skateboarding isn't an activity that only takes place in skate parks.
  12. I don’t really have a problem with riders doing that had the pavement been clear. Riding on a pavement isn’t really a problem if you ride respectfully. I blame cycle helmets and fluorescent clothes myself. It makes people think they are sportsmen with special equipment and divorces them from their natural ally - the pedestrian. Also if you need to take a shower when you get to work you need to reassess your mode of transport.
  13. Because they want to go from the Sea Terminal Area to the area by the former Summerland. It makes sense that the Prom is a shared space, I've certainly cycled and been a pedestrian in European cities where similar paths are shared by cyclists and pedestrians without problem. I'm not sure why it should be different here. The cyclist needs to ride to the conditions and slow down around other people. It's simple to me.
  14. Declan


    Get out of here you. And tell no-one what you saw here!
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