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  1. You’re living in the upside down. Bully people into the recognising someone’s gender! What right have people to assert that their opinion of someone’s gender takes precedence over the individual’s own? That’s bullying mate, it’s what playground tough guys do when the weakest boy gets called “Mary” or “she”.
  2. It’s £179 for members and £195 for non-members.
  3. I have certainly stopped going to Castletown of a Saturday afternoon or breaking a journey from Douglas to PE there in the last year. The absence of cars compared to PE used to make it a better place to go shopping Partly that’s a bit of bloody mindednesses- if Castletown are disrupting my bus journey with protracted roadworks and pointless motorcycle races why spend money there? But the bus timetable changes make my habit of going PE to PSM then PSM to CTown and CTown To PE return harder. But the reality is if the retail proposition was better I’d overlook that. But the cafe’s out of food at 1:30, the butcher shuts at midday, it’s uncomfortable to browse in one of the gift shops.
  4. On a pedantic note but what tense is - “some would inevitably had to have been cancelled.”
  5. Is it possible that they had a spare driver this morning after the school run but he was back on the school run in the afternoon when the services were at threat One issue is the contingency service reduces the number of computer buses into town but they’re still putting a single decker on. These leaves people standing, which slows us down people getting on and off and makes the bus late.
  6. Maybe the majority are insenstive assholes but I expect it's mostly people who've never really thought about it. It's no more effort for you to refer to someone by their prefered pronoun than it is to refer to someone by their prefered name.
  7. No I mean calling a man "she" or a woman "he". It's basic good manners.
  8. Gladys asked "Do you exclusively use their names?" Gladys asserted most people use the name first to identify who they are talking about, "then" Gladys said "pronouns".
  9. It avoids embarrasment when people accidently misgender someone.
  10. I put he/him/his on my internal phonebook. At first I was uncomfortable doing this because I thought it would look like I was saying that something was wrong with she/her/hers, like I would be insulted to be misgendered. And also I worried that it would force trans people to identify before they were ready. However a trans woman told me that if CIS folk identify their gender it makes it unexceptional for them. It's really no difference to a name badge saying Mr Joe Bloggs or Mrs Jo Bloggs.
  11. As a supporter/member I'm comfortable with a small loss after a first season. Especially with the fixture issues denying home games at the start. Probably a good thing to go up via the playoffs rather than automatically since that lead to two more home games.
  12. He probably thought Speedy Gonzalez was a documentary.
  13. I'd say that was a worse crime than some of the benefit fraud cases that go to court - the guy was trying to con someone close to him out of thousands. The impact of doing a couple of hours undeclared to pay bills is shared between all taxpayers so individually costs us pennies. Having to pay back so much a week plus a fine out of sod all, is a massive impact on the individual each and every week. However, the reason this guy got prison is nothing to do with fraud. It's because he lied to the court and falsified documents - they don't like that. Judge said it "struck at the heart of the administration of justice". Which really means don't take the piss out of us.
  14. It’s not just that it’s how long they took to set up. We were 6 weeks behind the U.K.
  15. Maybe if they prepared for it! But to find out at 8:30 to walk to Balla when you have an exam that morning is not on.
  16. Gef's talking about you lot -
  17. Declan


    Probably be the same just different people complaining. Not sure this is a "class" issue but there's definite snobbery.
  18. Declan


    The Family that Pees Together Stays Together.
  19. Declan


    They were in Peel Road and needed the loo. What other reason is there for going to McDonalds‽
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