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  1. "under the iron bridge we kissed, although I ended up with sore lips, it just wasn't like the old days anymore"
  2. They could stop their endless obsession with fireworks. We could go to fortnightly bin collection with recycling.
  3. Morrissey tends to choose his interviewers from his devotees, often it's his nephew. The Smiths were a left wing band - played anti-racism and anti-apartheid gigs. They were also the sum of four people's work and the 80's Morrissey was very different to the modern one. So I think it's possible to make the distinction between them and him. His solo career has descended into self-parody with a rock-a-billy backing band. So I don't think you are missing much. To be honest there's more to dislike about the middle-aged Moz than his Brexity views he comes across as whiny and manipulative. But can you separate the art from the artist? Generally, we probably should approach a work on it's own merits, An actor who's a shit doesn't wreck our enjoyment of the whole film but realistically is that possible? Art is inspired by the world and influenced by it. We approach it with a knowledge of the world and other works in the same field. With a picture of a puppy painted by a perv or a pastoral instrumental by a fascist I guess it's possible to set aside the views of the artist. Also we can read Kipling and disagree with some of his racial attitudes in his work but recoginise that's the prevailing mood of the time but it might still spoil the work for his. It is hard for an author to keep his views out of the narrative - certainly Mozza couldn't, you should read his novel - it's hilariously bad. With Pop Singers though there's an added dimension. Their persona and ideas are entirely wrapped up it how they present themselves. It's difficult to ignore Gary Glitter's history when you see him stomping around in front of children asking "Do you want to be in my gang?". It's probably easy to ignore the modern Morrissey because as he's disappeared up his own arse so has the quality of his music.
  4. Public vilification… oh wait that’s happening.
  5. Does the average listener have more than one head? Or do they count each ear as distinct listener?
  6. Just spotified the Johnny Marr song. Same tempo, same key, vocals in same register they could be parts of the same song. The Church's song is better lyrically, but I prefer Marr's solo and 2013 over 1988 production.
  7. Just playing The Church record now. Under a Milky Sky sounds like The The to me, perhaps they are drinking from the same well.
  8. I tell a lie, according to Last.fm I listened to it once in 2013. From what I recall of his solo stuff it was bog-standard alt-rock stuff. So yeah, it probably does sound like The Church.
  9. I haven't. But then I haven't heard the Johnny Marr song.
  10. I’m sure you’d know that if someone says they’re from Hackney to ask whether they live in Bethnal Green or Hoxton rather than press them on the origin of their bloodline. At first I thought this is an old lady who got it wrong. But me Mum’s even older but has enough emotional intelligence to accept what someone tells her. And this lady had been in circles that required tact all her life. It does rather show up how the aristocracy thinks in terms of lineage and pedigree rather than an individuals personal achievements.
  11. Is the Philosophical objection - Kantianism?
  12. That's not true I saw him in Strand Street and that's miles from Willaston.
  13. Will they have a picket line or protest?
  14. No show without Punch. I quite like him to be fair, he's not always right and is a bit scattergun in his approach but he challenges the people who need challenging.
  15. Does he mean they store it, then sell it to the incinerator?
  16. People need to get a grip. It's not a dictatorship if you only have your bins emptied once a fortnight. Especially, if you can set up petitions and facebook groups and have a dimwit "national politician" like Ashford write pompous letters about it. This is democracy!
  17. Those kids would still be attending a taxpayer funded school.
  18. What was the point of comparing a petty dispute about bin collection and the holocaust, then?
  19. Do you think the real Karen asked to speak to the fake manager.
  20. It wasn't when I got off the bus at 7:55 this morning. It rained so heavy that I got off nearer the office rather than getting a coffee and walking to work.
  21. For when you've completed local Tinder?
  22. @HiVibesI don't think using a poster's friend's suicide to score points in a Forum debate is going to win you many arguments.
  23. I'm not sure that we want critical journalism of politicians. We want journalists to ask critical questions and publish reports that explain what's happening - not just cut and paste press releases, or string together a few quotes without context. But opinion pieces? The "Howie-Time" era of Gef was excruciating and it's Griddles nostalgia and in jokes are banal. But that's their creative decision and I'm probably not their target market. However, they also give Sam Turton the space to do detailed analysis of employment tribunals, official reports and Tynwald debate and nobody else is doing that at the moment.
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