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  1. It's shameless. Old style politicians talk about poverty - I volunteered at the foodbank. Old style politicians talk about heritage - I cleaned war graves. Old style politicians talk about mental health - I did the mental health first aid course. Old style politicians talk about helping young people - I ref netball. Old style politicians talk about accountability - I submitted a FOI request that found 1 letter had been shredded. 1 to 4 I think most long time politicians and many new comers can point to similar and more substantial examples and number 5 is supposed to be his job.
  2. I think it would be wrong for an unlucky loser to get into LEGCO and MLCs who stand and don’t get a mandate should resign. Unless, I suppose, the 12 third place candidates are all nominated and The Keys choose the best to be LEGCO. But you cannot make that process in the hoof.
  3. You’d think a rapper would know what a monologue is.
  4. It was because he wanted someone to speak up against “the woke agenda”, whatever that is. He did say you came across well, spoke with passion, researched and without notes. It’s just he doesn’t agree with you on many issues.
  5. Another reason not to vote for you. I see Robertshaw has declared his support for Stu on Moultan’s channel.
  6. Not according to a 2020 timetable I found.
  7. You also could get on the bus going to Port Erin and stay on it as it goes through PSM and along the Shore Road. Same arrival time, little longer journey but no need to change. Do we know when the change was? I’m thinking at least since spring 2019 when the 15 minute Douglas to Castletown service came in.
  8. So when asked about the possibility of a female Quayle thinks the next CM should have ministerial experience, and unfortunately no women have the experience. Says the man who sacked the only woman in COMIN first and then at every opportunity since to appoint a woman chose a man. Men like - Boot, Hamer, Baker, Cregeen, and Skelly.
  9. I suppose Skelly could fill in until the next one is in place - current minister, member of next Tynwald, not seeking reelection.
  10. Very true. How I see him being MHK is voting with the government unless one it goes against one of his preconceived opinions. Then expect a load of blather about common sense. He’ll probably make some comments that will cause a Twitter storm and maybe even one that will get attention across and make us look like a load of backwoods reactionaries. But he’s not going to impact policy or influence direction. That’s why I don’t think it would be worth voting tactically to keep him out. There’s not the jeapody there is in Douglas East or Peel. So there’s nothing stopping Middlers voting Keirran.
  11. He’s not a full time MHK anyway, part of the time he’s minister for something.
  12. @Lost Login fair point. However, I wonder if Stu Peters made more effort to be informed his opinions might change. In the questionnaire in the paper he answers a question about whether he’d take the knee if he was an elite sportsman by saying he wouldn’t kneel to a career criminal like George Floyd. Like that’s what they are kneeling for.
  13. There’s only two people in that debate that have even researched and thought about the issues. Hanif-x and Jane Poole-Wilson.
  14. But you also run the risk of the candidate that you really like losing to the one you can just about bear because at least he's not Cregeen. And Cregeen still getting in.
  15. Because if elected Keiran's going to have to vote for the least-worst candidate for CM.
  16. Look, Amadeus is deeply flawed - we know that. But let's not let his error on this thread distract from the fact that Josem is real threat to the Island in the election that is less than a week away. Let me reiterate - He was a member of the right wing Australian political party He was a prominent supporter of Brexit He runs a campaigning organisaition - Manx Tax Payers Alliance - that is modelled on a UK one that is close to the Right of the UK Tory party. Yet he is standing under a false flag of "Liberal Vannin". A fellow Liberal Vannin candidate was Gubey's henchman and some decidedly illiberal views. The source of funding of the MTPA is opaque - it claims to be donations funded but you can't donate via the website It appears that it is funded by one or a small number of HNWI Josem refused to clarify the funding. The activity of the MTPA seems minimal, considering Josem is paid a full-time wage. Leading many to be concerned that the MTPA is merely a mechanism for unknown people to pay him a wage whilst he's a full-time candidate. Josem has ample opportunity to dispel these fears but hasn't. He's dismissed voters asking these legitimate questions as anonymous trolls and blocked them on social media. He claims to want government transparency, but is far from transparent himself as the failure to provide details of who is funding him demonstrates. He seems to use volunteering to boost his profile. For example, there was a paid facebook promotion of him cleaning war graves. He uses Manx symbols in the very odd way, more reminiscent of nationalists in Europe and American politicians, than the way normal Manx people do. I mean what Manx person keeps a Manx flag on a pole in their house or office so they can be photographed in front of it? He tried to use a cringey Corbyn-like slogan of "My pronouns are 'we' and 'us' not 'me' and 'I'" to sound all democratic and inclusive and ended up sounding anything but. cis people declare their preferred pronouns to avoid confusion and to normalise this process for Trans people. This is a nice thing to do. And Josem's slogan trivialises this. Reasonable people when errors like this happen would say sorry and change their slogan. No harm done Josem took to social media claiming to be a victim of the Culture Wars like a Poundshop Stu Peters. So let's focus on Josem's unsuitability for now.
  17. Looking forward to your comprehensive list of all MHK candidates flight histories, then.
  18. Yeah, if my vote had swung from Skampy to Skelly - he'd have needed more. And it's largely irrelevant because Skelly isn't standing.
  19. He was within a swing vote of 55 of being elected in 2016, you know, but doesn't like to mention it.
  20. Amadeus unites forum in defence of Josem!
  21. As a bus passenger, I don't think it would solve a problem. On bad weather days I'd have to walk further in the wind and the rain to get to the Sea Terminal from Strand Street and the Town Centre.
  22. Makes a change from IOMG usual policy of braking them on the wheel. Only from an actual windfall. The candidates in Rushen were very doubtful that anything like that would be achieved, when the world is moving away from gas rapidly. Though they thought it was Maughold and suggested a wind farm in that area.
  23. Was that transcript by Stanley Unwin?
  24. Supergrass haven't aged well.
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