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  1. "Kane is injured" - how can they tell? I won't be disappointed if Liverpool don't win the league, provided we win our last four games.
  2. I'm afraid I can only see Champions League through the prism of what it means for the Premier League race. Disappointing outcome yesterday, a fluky Spurs beat an inept City. A shame because I wanted City to go through to incentivise Spurs for the League game and to clog up their fixtures. I think the title has swung a bit towards City after that game. Spurs will probably play the kids and that donkey Kane on Saturday and get hammered.
  3. Not really, if the Government is paying Manx Radio to provide the commentary, it seems reasonable that the advertising from that commentary is goes back to the government. Also why should Manx Radio effectively advertise itself for free during the races. (Although it does stem from the absurd position that that the government are subsidising the races and paying it's broadcasting wing for coverage, whilst telling us it is massive for the economy.)
  4. Can you truly be said to have declared if you are anonymous.
  5. There's a comprehensive thread on his previous ventures into local politics.
  6. Ignore him, Teapot, just use https://www.traveline.info/
  7. That was a pointless function that used the phones battery at a massive rate.
  8. Travelline is much better though. It is a shame that the DOI didn't go the Travelline route originally rather than waste money on the insultingly bad Bus Mann ap.
  9. Just use the traveline webpage. Infinitely better than that embarrassing travelmann ap.
  10. I think you misunderstood when someone told you the pen is mightier than the sword.
  11. 2009 according to a post on Facebook earlier today.
  12. Even by his standards that was a new low.
  13. I think easyJet and Ryanair put paid to the Easter Festival.
  14. Declan

    Leisure Tax

    Not really. Socialism would increase income tax to pay for these facilities not a flat fee irregardless of wealth.
  15. The sort of person who takes pork pies on holiday with them is the sort of person who probably supports a no deal Brexit and will proudly guzzle a fortnight’s supply of Cornish pasty in the custom queue at Marbaella Airport, thinking it a small price to pay if it means a Spanish tourist visiting the U.K. is prevented from being Chorizo.
  16. It doesn’t affect me. Other than that less of my taxes and bus fares will be going to subside school transport. But I don’t really mind my taxes being spent on that, it being one of my responsibilities as an adult to contribute to the cost of educating children.
  17. I see where you are coming from. She looks like she would have drunk in Bushy’s during the eighties and still rather likes the music of the Cure. I suppose she would have been unconventional for her time though. Artists often are. She was better educated and more widely travelled and read. Contemporaries seem to have seen her as remarkable and indeed she was.
  18. Labour MP making the same point on the wireless.
  19. We really are in trouble she's listening to me!
  20. Declan

    April Fools 2019

    Well Manx Forums would be much improved if you got in touch with your sensitivite side.
  21. Declan

    April Fools 2019

    You don't need a white list of acceptable topics Sultan, just some sensitivity and empathy.
  22. Declan

    Lycra lout

    Ahh, yes, it's cars.
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