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  1. Cameron, after failing to get conscessions out the EU, gambled the UKs prosperity by calling a referendum and lost.
  2. Not according to this article from the time the Supreme Court ruled he had mislead her. https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/24/lying-queen-treason-boris-johnson-say-queen-elizabeth-ii-10798612/
  3. The main controversy in my time happened when the Woman's Office put out a leaflet on consent in relationships. It would not be that remarkable now - you know the kind of thing "no means no", "it's not ok to get someone pissed to shag them" and "don't use wealth or position to get what you want". I don't think it was expressed very well. The Student paper was run by a mature student in his 40's/50's and had quite a ladsy environment and they took the last bit to mean "If you buy a girl flowers and then sleep with her that's rape" and that was the front page. This got picked up by the local paper and there was a snippet in the Daily Mail about political correctness going mad. The Woman's Officer faced a vote of no confidence from the Rugby Club and the editor faced one from the Woman's Soc. There was a big kerfuffle, but everyone ended up keeping their jobs. But I actually learned a lot about the issues I was oblivious to during the course of the debates. I guess the two SU officers involved learned something about the presentation of ideas. And isn't that part of what University is about - student campaigners will make mistakes and go too far, but that's part of the learning process. Better they learn it then than when they're on a local education authority or their County Council or are Minster for Health in the Isle of Man.
  4. If the PM thought he was at work meeting when he saw the booze and nibbles, it makes you wonder what all his meetings are like.
  5. Family member tested positive today. Boris confined to No 10.
  6. If you want to keep potentially sackable behaviour private don't post it to facebook.
  7. I was involved in the SU in the apathetic 90's and towards the end of that time there was talk of bringing loans for fees. (The NUS leaders of the time became New Labour ministers). One of the positives put forward was that this would turn students into consumers particularly in the ex-Polys. They would have to fork out a lot of money eventually and therefore would demand value for money and Uni's would need to provide an an acceptable level of tuition and access to resources. It wouldn't be like going to the HE equivalent of the local Comp and getting what you are given. Well consumers demand Fair Trade Coffee, or that the paper shop doesn't stock the Sun, and Starbucks and John Menzies make a commercial decision based on that. If the student consumers demand no platforming of X* and the university suppliers acquiesce is that different. Or do we make a special case for Uni's? * and Millenial and Gen Z students are more inclined to kick up a fuss than their Gen X forebears of the 90's who just wanted to be left alone to smoke decriminalised pot and listen to Nirvana.
  8. Had they took that approach in the 1970's there would be a surplus of Hotel Management graduates in the 1980's. Someone studying an esoteric subject like "Colour Technology" might return to the island set up a business doing technical things with colour. An English or history graduate might write then next Game of Thrones and boost the Islands tourist economy. Also you'll be asking civil servants - who've left school at 16 and only ever worked for the IOMG to make decisions about the usefulness of subjects they have no understanding of.
  9. Can you imagine what the output of a newsroom run by 2112 would be? Anyway @2112 you're so concerned about "the supposed news article, has publicised someone’s errors of judgement, potentially discriminating him for getting another job." That you create a thread here. Although presumably the contents of Keggin's reference would also "potentially discriminate" against him getting another job.
  10. Historically, it means “member of the COMIN Party”.
  11. Woke is a fictional construct created to shut down criticism of various types of discrimination.
  12. I saw him once. He was waiting for a cab on the corner of Regent Street and that road where the cover of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars was shot. He looked very dapper. Previously, he reminded me of me Nan, but since then I associate him more with Ziggy. Not that Ziggy is Bowie's best work of course.
  13. His defence is "I was there but I didn't realise I was at a party"
  14. Whenever Ed Miliband stands in he's more effective than Starmer (although to be fair he has more experience).
  15. It would be a Kinda Karma if the man who's ambition to be PM has unseated the last two PM's became the shortest reigning one since the fifties.
  16. Declan


    There's a pattern.
  17. Except Rob's would be weekly and an hour long.
  18. I don't have a problem with MHKs keeping the voters up to date like this. The problem with Rob's blog wasn't the idea, it was the Pooterish execution. I just hope it doesn't mess up my you-tube algorhythm and I end up with suggestions to watch the kind of videos Stu watches.
  19. When I was at school if they told me that I'd take have taken my mask off.
  20. The Stirrup had a big impact on post-Roman society.
  21. The ornate one would look rotten in Castletown. Nothing in Castletown is ornate, it's solid stone and brickwork. Even the Smelt monument is just a column.
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