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  1. The plans to lock ‘em up if they venture out. But will Jurby have capacity?
  2. That would depend on how beautiful the chef's wife is.
  3. He looks like a man at a football match who doesn't know which team he's supporting.
  4. Should we have moved it to Cornwall then?
  5. Credit to Guernsey, they announced the case in a clear restrained press release. Our CM would have called another vainglorious press conference to ramp up the public concern.
  6. On a similar note ... https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/dna-evidence-frees-teenager-accused-of-burglary/ 17, found not guilty. “Mrs Hughes awarded costs to Mr R*****, and he asked the court to remove his name from the internet as he left the dock.” So Manx Radio then names him
  7. That's a bit disingenuous. Irrespective of the cause speed is often a factor in the severity of an accident and reduces the time available to take action and avoid an accident.
  8. The Klopp clip I saw on Facebook was funny.
  9. Joni's voice is too hollow and when she sings it's always as if she had something better to do. Which she does - write songs. Judy Collins's version is better.
  10. I see Lancashire has moved to tier 3. As far as I can see the only difference between Manchester and Liverpool and Lancs is that Manchester is led by one of the few effective politicians left.
  11. Would it be wrong to infer community transmission then?
  12. That's a good point, one to keep in mind when we clap for Howie.
  13. A much overused word. Even today I the Lido, not the ballroom of the fifties, or the concert venue of seventies, but the rancid disco of the eighties as iconic. It's just totally random ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cultural_icons_of_England England it seems has more iconic darts players than cricketers.
  14. It's simple. We all get allocated a time and place to report to (the Sefton, Stakis, Premier Inn, a B'n'B, Jurby depending on what we can afford). We then get issued with army survival packs and are infected with Covid. We then get locked in a room. Each morning we slide a saliva stick under the door - this is tested. Once we've successfully returned a positive test followed a suitable time later by a negative one we are released. Obviously, the vulnerable - the elderly, the sick, senior civil servants would be exempt, from this national service.
  15. I remember getting money back on empty bottles of pop. That's recycling.
  16. Did the defendant then claim he was taking them to be recycled?
  17. There is a benefit in everywhere having it's own representative. But I suppose I'm having trouble visualising a situation when there would be a town vs country issue. Most things effect us all. In fact its starting to sound like typical Ramsey paranoia to me and that's rather troubling in the future honourable member for down North. If anything I would have thought there is a bigger risk in an all-Island ballot of someone being elected simply because they had lots of mates in a small area. That's my objection to an all-Island vote for the Keys is that the last few successful candidates wi
  18. I don't understand the question. I just meant that Douglas is the largest town, the retail, entertainment, financial centre. It's the public transport hub. Greater Douglas (Douglas, Onchan, Braddan) is probably half the island's population. It's the only major port. It has most of the Island's social problems. What effects Douglas impacts us all. Of course politicans should focus on it.
  19. But Douglas is the part of the island that MHK's should focus more attention on.
  20. I think the Star was still going in the 80's - it always had the junior football column.
  21. Do we need a dislike? We all know there's a group of posters that like each other's posts if it is a tiny bit ******. Repeated batches of disagrees all aimed at one person could feel like bullying. There has to be room for a range of views and we have to make space for the minority opinions otherwise you'll have a forum where all the fuckwits take turns to agree with one another.
  22. Scoreboard. Speed measuring thing. Maybe some oily tykes are planning to stage their own TT if next year's being cancelled. Call it "a ride out" in support of the NHS (and Howie and Ashy) and Gef and Manx Radio will hail them as heroes.
  23. Except the report says ... "The equipment, laid by the DoI’s Highway Services, was removed from main road in St Marks and has since gone missing." That suggests two stages. Was it removed by the robbers? Or removed and then wen t missing.
  24. You should be like me. I don't know what each emoji stands for so I just think of any I get as a "like".
  25. I'm not sure that would happen. It's a much smaller island than the Isle of Man and all-island elections here wouldn't result in one part of the Island dominating.
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