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  1. 19 minutes ago, Bandits said:

    Yes quite some allegations this morning including an investigating police officer allegedly telling her that Ashfords partner could put a load of flaming dog shit through her letterbox and they still wouldn’t investigate it. Let’s see how long they stay up. But if it is right that the partner of a sitting Minister has harassed and made threats (including alleged death threats) to someone who challenged her partner it’s quite serious really. 



    Shades of Wagatha Christie

  2. 3 hours ago, John Wright said:

    But that wasn’t the idea or intention. It was 3 x 10 hour days on island and available from home the rest of the working week. In case you hadn’t noticed, from March 2020, that became legally impossible.

    But you find a work around to circumstances like that. For example, you widen the command group to include the Island Medical director.

  3. 2 minutes ago, 2112 said:

    At least you can speak to her, she has published her contact details. I can speak to @Stu Petersas his contact details are published, and on the Tynwald website. JPW has her contact details as c/o the Clerk of Tynwald. Not approachable, I am not playing snail mail or email to contact my elected representative within an issue. 

    Democracy and Accountability- forget it, I am afraid Tynwald has gone beyond laughingstock, it would give the banana republics a good run. To think the UK Government are taking action against the BVI. We deserve the likes of the Guardian asking questions and bringing this area of concern to an outside audience.

    So you expect to be able to call your MHK and speak to them?

  4. Just now, Non-Believer said:

    But that's not to say that it couldn't be looked at in an attempt to reduce the losses? It may well be a public service but is there any requirement for it to come with its present price tag?

    Oh definitely costs should be reigned in and revenue increased where possible.

    I think the plan to increase revenue by maximising the amount of time buses are on the road on the popular routes rather than parked up in the depot is a good one. Frequent buses means commuters are more likely to chose a bus over a car, because they know that if they're running late at work they don't have to wait an hour for the next bus. That then increases the number of paying passengers. I wonder whether the increased WFH levels has undermined this strategy. Certainly a reputation for cancelling services at random will be counter-productive.

    And to do that to service one-off customers from cruise liners is crazy. I wonder whether there's been political pressure on them to support the DoE's drive for this trade.

  5. 2 hours ago, Non-Believer said:

    Since when did they ever even try to break even? The buses lose £7M a year on the last release (I think). There's a long way to go before they break even, let alone turn a profit.

    It's not really a loss when you are expected to provide cut-price travel to school kids and free travel to the elderly and cover unpopular routes and times. It's a public service that comes at a cost. It's like complaining the NHS makes a loss when BUPA makes a profit.

    If you want it to be profitable or even break even politicians will need to decide it's not a service they want to fund and let them charge what they want and run only the profitable routes.

  6. 24 minutes ago, Stu Peters said:

    I don't believe any MHK or MLC is 'frightened' as you suggest. But if the presiding officer tells you you can't discuss the detail of a tribunal because of a sub-judice Standing Order, it's just wasting your time to try, as a couple of members found out. Whether or not it should be sub-judice is a matter for debate, but apparently the SO has been in place for a while.

    I think after Christian and Faragher were shut down persisting would have been simply making a token protest. Maybe there's the opportunity for a point of order to question the ruling. Sometimes a symbolic protest is necessary; sometimes it looks like grandstanding. 

    I'd have tempted to follow up the first question to Ashy with a supplementary asking how widely he'd consulted his departmental experts in preparing his reply. 

  7. Just now, Ham_N_Eggs said:

    Not to matters that are sub judice. 

    But is this matter sub judice - when the tribunal has ruled. There are matters outstanding - what remediation Dr R is due, issues about the government's disclosure of documents but the core issue is settled.  

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  8. Skelly, as a member of the previous COMIN, has ridden to his former colleagues aid by putting the widest possible interpretation on sub judice 


    (Grammitical aside - should I have "written colleagues' aid" in the above. I feel I should it should, but the aid belongs to Skelly not Cannon and Ashdown)

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  9. 18 minutes ago, hissingsid said:

    Well everyone is entitled to their opinion and there are a lot of the public who are on David’s side he is very well thought of by a lot of his constituents.   Inquiries and tribunals aside nothing is ever black and white and none of the people who are playing judge and jury were in the playground at the time, lots of questions asked, lots of questions unasked, it was a tricky time for any health professional or politician.     I wonder how many of the critics would have handled a pandemic?

    Dr Glover and  Dr Ranson for a start.

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  10. 8 minutes ago, Newsdesk said:

    I’d disagree with that. He was awarded an MBE specifically for his covid work. Chris Thomas read out what they said at the time on the radio about his ability to understand complex medical data which we all know is total nonsense. He’s all but admitted he had nothing to do with the day to day issues in the department so I’m sure its legitimacy could be questioned at the very least. As for the poll you’re free to do your own rather than moaning.

    It's irrelevant because it won't happen - there's no mechanism to remove an honour because we later believe it is unmerited - there needs to be something like a criminal conviction, or a ruling against him from a professional body (and the tribunal ruled against the Department not him). It's a distraction from the more serious matter. 

    It's amazing how many on the left and how many anti-elite righties get hung up about honours. If they're irrelevant undeserved awards to start with why make such fuss. 

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  11. 56 minutes ago, Youaintseenme said:

    I never understood why he had so many fans during the whole COVId farce.  It was like people went lockdown crazy and just because he was on our radio it didn’t matter what tripe he spouted people just fell in love with him.


    He seemed ok to start with when standing too late. That's partly  because the Government took action in closing the borders, which most people supported. Of course at that time there was no discussion about whether the action was too late and the public expected him to have made sure he was properly informed. 


  12. 2 hours ago, Newsdesk said:

    Really? I hope not. My intention is to find how other people think as my MHK said that quite a few people had got in touch to make their views known in advance of Tynwald tomorrow. 

    Pretty shit poll construction. I think the answer to the first question is "YES" to both options - he should resign and if he won't he should resign. Also the absence of a He Should Carry on Regardless  option means you can claim 100% think he should be sacked or resign -when it's probably closer to 98%. 

    Question 3 is irrelevant - these circumstances don't meet the criteria for withdrawal of an honour.  

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  13. She didn't moan about receiving emails out of hours, she answered a question about the affect of abusive emails. She said she would block repeatedly abusive correspondents - not angry, not emotion but repeatedly abusive.

    Bank contact service staff don't face abusive callers all day, most calls are just transactions. Occasionally they'll face complaints  but they have resources available to sort most issues and if not there's managers and complaints teams to hand the matter off to. Repeatedly abusive callers get their accounts closed.

  14. 3 hours ago, Non-Believer said:

    Personal opinion...the rot set in with Bell, firstly with Mount Murray and then the MEA debacle.

    Others have since picked up the ball and run with it.

    I'd say it began with Gelling. Situation was positive economically and a self-satisfied smugness crept in, so progress halted. This became inertia under Brown. And inertia led to small c conservatism as change is resisted. Bell's CM-ship tried to turn the tide (though he was complicit in what went before). Quayle was the worst of the lot.

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