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  1. Well Obvs. But is Neil Down Vader?
  2. Given the structure as outlined by John, who is responsible for delivery failures?
  3. You mean you’re not Vader?
  4. By publishing the letter to Alf, he's brought the allegations that he is incompetent into the public domain. He could have resigned for "personal reasons" or been moved because Alf "wanted a different direction" as far as the public was aware. But now we know he's been sacked for incompetence.
  5. But the people working with him thought he was incompetent. He's the Dunning–Kruger effect made flesh.
  6. If your positivity is only in relation something else being shit - it's not that positive.
  7. Presumably, Mondeos don't go up in value whilst left on the roadside.
  8. So he's basically running a business without premises?
  9. I think the question was trying to understand what the motivation was. Clearly there's a cost and hassle to having so many cars - are they rare cars and he's a collector?
  10. Soviet Agit-prop loses a lot in the translations.
  11. Is it the one linked to by Holte End?
  12. SSSSHHH! Don't give them stupid ideas. They might do it.
  13. Strangely, my objections to the coppers' post would be called woke by OP.
  14. If only the new passengers could be persuaded to only get the bus when they’re half full.
  15. Would there then be an increase in demand? And therefore those staff would need to be redeployed as drivers?
  16. Well that's a debate we can have. The way it's been done here is the COMIN decided on the cap without seemingly talking to Bus Vannin about how to impliment it or much thought about how buses are used. Bus Vannin then adhere to the letter of the decision, but rather disjointedly. Personally, I find it hard to justify that my commute to work is subsidised when people worse off than me who are forced to use cars etc don't get that help.
  17. I suggest though that many on those 20% shorter journeys may not be paying full fare anyway - they'd be OAPs, kids, using some sort of discount card. So Ashford's concern is for those paying £1.30 or less. Would reducing their fares proportionally really help with the cost of living they're experiencing? Also those doing the journey regularly would get discounts by buying 12 journey cards. Those doing more than one return journey a day would benefit from the reductions to the daily, weekly, monthly go passes. He's basically trying to save infrequent bus users a few pence on the times they use the bus.
  18. It wasn’t a vote against Churchill it was a vote for Labour. Who were part of Churchill’s government and running the the country whilst he concentrated on the war and foreign issues. In fact it was Labour support that put him in place to replace Chamberlain because the Tories were split.
  19. There can be years between her posts.
  20. Not if he’s Secretly Sikh.
  21. Everything but the Tofu.
  22. 5 days ago Suella Braverman - Today - "Suella Braverman has been re-appointed as home secretary"
  23. Rees-Mogg has resigned from the government. Presumably, before he was sacked.
  24. Isn't Boris part of the metropolitan elite?
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