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  1. He wasn’t especially challenging of politicians and the establishment when he was at Manx Radio. But that might have come from management. Young people saying they’ve experienced racism, or autistic kids he’s a tough character. Ministers, senior CS, spokesmen for monopoly utilities find him more amenable.
  2. I don't think the Isle of Man has a compulsory work place pension scheme.
  3. It's handy because it's like Boris's insistence that we wait for the Sue Grey report, which has to wait for the police investigation, which must wait for the local elections to be over by which time the initial anger is forgotten.
  4. Surely sub judice element only applies to the non-disclosure of documents and the redress / remediation of Dr Ranson's claim which the tribunal is still to determine. The findings of the tribunal aren't covered by sub judice - they've been published and commented on widely. I would ask who this "sub judice" claim is coming from - the people who wrongly suggested Dr Ranson shouldn't give evidence to PAC because of sub judice for her tribunal, OR that PAC subsequently shouldn't publish that information? Again wrong.
  5. He's doesn't like having his emails blocked!
  6. Teams in the NWC Prem division- Couple interesting clubs there - Bury, Northwich Victoria, AFC Liverpool.
  7. He's just finished a shift at Tesco?
  8. That's what Quayle thought ... "At a parliament sitting on Tuesday 22 June, Quayle said: “Manx Radio, who were told this, chose not to run with the full story and just went and put a sensational headline, which is very disappointing, when you are giving a radio station £1 million of taxpayers’ money, that you are not getting balanced news where the full picture is given.” " https://www.publicmediaalliance.org/editorial-independence-of-manx-radio-must-be-respected/
  9. But the criticism of him is not that he bullied Dr Ransom, or took the decision to unfairly dismiss her. It's that at the height of the pandemic he refused to speak to her when she was trying to act as the conduit for the local medical professionals relying instead on a CEO with no medical training who wasn't on the island and had little local knowledge. I'd also be interested in his input into the decision to defend the claim and be selective with the disclosures.
  10. What do you think he's disappointed by - the ruling or the unfair dismissal?
  11. She could always send an anonymous letter to his home address.
  12. I don't think there is a suggestion that the lockdown was wrong and if the medics were listened to it wouldn't have happened. If anything it would have been implemented earlier without these shenanigans, although we don't no for sure.
  13. From teams that would not have got near the top of table had the better teams not had their players playing for FCIOM?
  14. That’s what is most troubling here. Ashy and Howie were keen to say they were following medics advice. But really they were getting filtered information from a non-medically qualified administrator. Should they have recognised that and consulted more widely.
  15. Except the full part is … ”has been censured or struck off by the relevant regulatory authority or professional body, for actions or failures to act, especially which are directly relevant to the granting of the honour” Ashford’s not a member of a professional body. Nor been censured by anyone, yet.
  16. Magson sounds delightful!
  17. I think they had one but a former mayor lost it on a trip Northern Ireland.
  18. And for most passengers it will mean a 15 minute wait for an alternative. Although that might be over full leaving Douglas.
  19. Neither meze or tapas is particularly Alpine.
  20. Won their semi-final on Saturday with a young team. 2000 gate.
  21. How about evidence originating from children, as told by their parents whilst drunk and repeated the next morning by a man with a history of latching onto any fake news that supports his prejudices?
  22. Depends where you start.
  23. I thought he was dead - he must be in his eighties
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