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  1. It wasn’t your speciality that I’d heard about. Here it has always been mental health services or similar that are quick to discharge as non-cooperative following no shows. Precisely the people who may have complex needs, or disordered lifestyles. A friend across with a chronic condition that involves multiple specialties was “struck off” from one specialist (private hospital contracted to NHS) because a flare up in another part of her condition meant she couldn’t attend.
  2. For me it sounds good in principle. But I have spoken to many people who’ve been struck off consultants lists or from the mental health service because of missed appointments. Mostly these were because of reasons connected to their conditions.
  3. The lad seems to be alleging the masons have something to do with it and have appropriated his inheritence. But the gran at the time didn't think the masons were involved with her hubby's death.
  4. Because the human brain doesn't work like that.
  5. I agree, but given how she expressed herself and MR framed the comments you can understand how Get a Life reached that conclusion.
  6. The recording sounds like she's complaining that it's going to take until November?
  7. There was a guy on the bus yesterday complaining that whilst he'd been waiting for a cancelled bus two full Private Hire buses went by.
  8. IOM FC would have a height and strength advantage, they’d play high balls into Furo or another big lad and hope. It might work. However, the Lionesses are professional athletes. They’ll be better organised, have a greater range of attacking options and probably play at higher tempo than the Ravens are used to. The Lionesses are better at the dark arts of “winning” a penalty and “tactical fouls”. It would be like a FA cup third round game IOM FC would be the plucky non-leaguers against a premier league team. Sometimes the underdog keeps the big team from scoring and scabs one of their own. But not often. As you go up the levels the skill / professionalism gap will narrow and the physical advantage will swing it towards the mens team. I think a more interesting challenge would be between the lionesses against an under 23 team from a premier or championship club.
  9. If the bloke with a bull mastif says it’’s a guide dog it’s a guide dog.
  10. That’s the worry. They need time in front of audiences to get comfortable in that environment. It’s not just the bands that aspire to record contracts that need it - function bands or cover bands in pizza places all need stage time. Even all the sound guys I know began in bands
  11. On a positive note, though I spent the weekend at Dark Horse. Mostly local or local acts or at least local connected acts. Mostly originals from analogue synth electronica to rap to folk to many shades of rock and tonnes of dance music. Final act was Penelope Isles, whose key members are products of the local music scene, who’ve released two well received albums and play the major U.K. and European festivals. Played a fantastic set tweaked for the homecoming event. Anyway, Harry Radford, of all people, said something interesting the previous evening fronting Call Me Armour, about how him and Jack of Penelope Isles had started in the same band when they were 15 playing the Traf and Bushy’s Basement Bar and Cornerhouse and name checked Traf-era bands like Suspect Package, Romero, Circus World. I wonder does that pathway exist for today’s 15 year olds?
  12. Following on from this The Deep South Festival guy wrote … “In a time when Music and contractual issues are making the general news here on the Isle of man, i often think that the general public often see the music promoter, as all being like Simon Cowell. The complexities' that goes into putting on a public music event and the financial margins these impose, never run true and more often than not, there will be something crop up, that just bites into the over all figure. So as the saying goes, use it or lose it, will always be at the forefront of putting on music on isle and all the complexities that this brings. I was fortunate enough to be at the China Crisis Gig on 22/7/2022 put on by the very energetic RS promotions.(what he has done single handedly to the entertainment industry, here on the isle of man, is something out of Disneyland) But tonight was the China's night and after 40 years still professional personified. Bravo 10/10 if this was trip advisor But this little rant is all about the small promoter, to which includes us. Yes there has been a world pandemic and yes Business acronym holds no prisoners. But naïve as i am would like to think we are all working for the greater good and all endearing to make life a little easier/better for ourselves, here on the wonderful little island! Last week, as we have always done, tried to advertise our up coming gigs through flyers and was told we could not put them in Government buildings? For those who know our music /mandate, will know we have been campaigning Mental Health awareness/ well being for the last 3-4 years as as we try to get people talking. The world has changed. The Isle of Man has changed? Thank you for supporting Live Music IOM” tldr? Govt won’t allow his flyers in Government Buildings.
  13. I only saw the clip on the news report. He seems to blame the clerks for politicians asking stupid questions.
  14. Perhaps the solution is to thank the cafe for their efforts up to now, ask that they remove their odds and ends whilst the lockers and showers are installed. Then discuss how the seating can be reinstated?
  15. To be fair, it’s has a left-wing perspective. There needs to be media that has perspective whether right-wing or left. All sides need to work through their political thinking before it becomes policy and sometimes it needs to be done from a particular perspective. It also helps hold the other side to account. Having a perspective doesn’t invalidate everything written in a newspaper or magazine, provided it’s journalism standards are sufficient, but should be kept in mind when reading. I think people are too quick to dismiss say the Guardian, The Times, New Statesmen, or Economist as if they’re the Mail or the Mirror.
  16. July’s pretty random time for fireworks outside America.
  17. Still managed to terrify my sisters dogs. The Commissioners shouldn’t be letting fireworks off at random times without at least telling people.
  18. One minute you guys are complaining about a rainbow flag on cheese wrappers; next demanding Red Leicester, Blue Stilton and Purple Helmet cheeses.
  19. Well it was the Robbie Black case so not sexual assault, but yeah.
  20. It seems Rachel can't express an opinion without being called "bitter and twisted", "attention-seeking" and "mental". She posted a Tweet supporting the introduction of hate crime laws into the Island. You brought the tweet to resurect this thread with the words "Talk about bitter and twisted." Is your "opinion" that hate crime laws are "bitter and twisted"? Why not express that in the thread about the new laws rather than singling an individual out in a thread about them? A thread in which she has repeated been called names and received abuse. And the result isn't a discussion about hate laws, it's Rachel getting called mental and attention seeking. It looks like your intention was to prompt a discussion about Rachel knowing that that would bring out the kind of comments we've seen. If it looks like trolling...
  21. It's not really his business is it? He just likes to put bands on. And venue hire won't be his only up front cost. You do wonder how venues accross handle this, as many promotors are one man bands or the artist themselves. Also there's probably less risk renting the space to the promotor than there is if the Villa is the promotor.
  22. I see Shapps has withdrawn to support Rishi.
  23. This conversation you two are having is boring and largely irrelevent. Every point for and against Brexit has been made a gadzillion times. This is just a cover version of PK vs Woolley 2016 to 2021. So who do we think will succeed Boris and what will the consequences be.
  24. I've no idea what a "better than it deserves to be movie" is. Watched the Disaster Artist last night about the making of the film The Room. That was good.
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