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  1. Why don't we start a war between longtails and xxxxxhawks. That way the pesky feckers will wipe each other out.
  2. Steven is, of course, a vegitarian. What is your opinion on Animal Protesters who target scientists families, Steven?
  3. You mean you don't know what you are talking about?
  4. Glad to hear it Steven. PK - You posted a degrogatory post about Homosexuals in which you used insulting terms. I removed it. I would have done it had you been using racist terms as well. Whether I have gay friends or not doesn't come into it.
  5. How Steven? Manx Forums isn't an ISP and therefore without the ability to compare IP addresses to telephone numbers.
  6. Zen and the Art of Cider Drinking.
  7. Steven - They have a Troll of the Year award? PK - Do try and keep up. I'm saying if Steven is another poster posting under an alias I won't reveal that information to the forum.
  8. Thank you for the genuine endorsement.... Don't worry, I don't expect you to understand... Frankly it's just getting too easy. Just to stir it up do you have any friends who are blatently homosexual???? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That is a very strange post. Explain.
  9. If someone posts as say "Steven" and then as say "Declan" in the same session they'll have the same IP. I certainly wouldn't reveal the connection, and I doubt any of the other mods would.
  10. Because otherwise people may draw the conclusion that you are taking out of your arse.
  11. I can. But there is little point wasting decent quips on someone who thinks .... passes for repartee.
  12. Go on, then we're all waiting for you to start.
  13. Pity you don't follow his example.
  14. 6 Gold 12 Silver 6 Bronze 37 fourths 82 gallant finalists putting in really quite creditable performances but still not winning anything.
  15. Cheers Monkey, as much as I hate that bastard's guts, he could be hilarious. Does anyone know if his horse won?
  16. erm if you hit letter b on the first game you seem see the game scanning your hard drive? Can anyone explain?
  17. Quantity vs Quality. Discuss.
  18. I did believe Steven was for real, yes. However, the fact he didn't post on Manx On Line and has only posted here once - where we can match his IP addy to his normal user names IP - makes me think he was trolling all along. Which is a relief.
  19. Funnily enough, Mission, I was only thinking about John Titor today. Greatest Troll Ever. Compared to him all others, even Steven, must bow.
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