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  1. OddBod

    Response To The Fishy Bill Clause 44

    I went fishing off Peel last Monday on my boat for 2 hours.... Thats about it really as caught nothing more than a slight cold. I dont actually mind fishing for 2 hours and catching nothing if its free to do so but paying for catching nothing would be another matter, i am happy to hear that no licence fee will be payable for now.
  2. OddBod

    Naseem Pishvaie

    Without question one of the nicest people i have ever met. A personality the positively glowed. R.I.P
  3. OddBod

    Ryanair - Online Check-in Fee

    Booking flights online gives you a sense of control that is very rewarding..... That is until the realisation hits you that with each click of the mouse you are in effect assisting the owners of whichever Airline your using to fleece you of your hard earned. I simply choose not to fly so often these days!
  4. OddBod

    [BBC News] Reef plan to attract more sealife

    Can we please have one on the west coast near Peel, as much fun as it is to catch Mackerel all day it would be nice to have the chance of catching a few other species....?
  5. OddBod

    Port St. Mary Pier Lighthouse

    Where are all the fishermen going to take a pee now...?
  6. OddBod

    Manx Tattoo

    Generally all tattoos are by appointment as most tattoos done these days require quite a lot of design preperation, but if he is not busy or has had a cancelation then it is possible to have it done straight away. You can just walk in for piercings though.
  7. OddBod

    Manx Forums Caption Competition #55

    They only realised that the Giant Cups had been super-glued after they picked them up !!
  8. OddBod

    Manx Forums Caption Competition #50

    "If only you had not bought the bloodi bike" (she thought) "I could of afforded a proper Boob Job"
  9. OddBod

    [BBC News] Police complaints chief is sought

    Well if you think it would help!!! I will...
  10. OddBod

    [BBC News] Police complaints chief is sought

    HI can anyone tell me how much they pay for this post as i reckon it is the perfect 2nd job for a tattooist. Seriously though i cant find how much the salary is for this post?
  11. OddBod

    Food On The Prom..

    Microwave cheese butties with salad cream are the dogs its just the 3rd degree burns from the floppy bread and molten cheese slapping you on the chin thats the downer. Worst drunken meal "Cornflakes with slices of apple with water as had run out of milk" Took me 3 years before i could even look at a bowl if cornflakes again.
  12. OddBod

    No Food In Tesco

    It was in a similar situation as this food shortage that the island was handed over to the 7th Earl of Derby in 1627 who became the Lord of Mann and we have had nothing but trouble since. We should watch this current situation carefully as if we run out of spuds "n" herrin we could end up with the UN moving in!!
  13. OddBod

    [BBC News] Manx police test mini head camera

    And Liverpool just got another step closer: Liverpool police get mini-Black Helicopter The era of Robocop - and perhaps of the surveillance society - came a step nearer today with the announcement that Merseyside plods have started trialling a flying police robot. Headcams, vancams, normal cctv and now robocop and his flying friend - this is getting out of hand..... How come the police get all the best Boys Toys ??? We will see these in Woolworths by Xmas.
  14. OddBod

    Trains During Tt

    I think the police could encourage more people to use the available trains by employing the tactic of closing the surrounding roads for at least 4 hours every time there is a motor accident!?