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  1. Does anyone have a 2.5" sata hard drive for a laptop they wish to sell, anything above 200gb. Please ? Thanks.
  2. ManxMinx. Happy Birthday , have a wonderful day Babe.
  3. All, I must apologise for my rant before you read this below, but it is blatantly obvious that some people who are commenting don’t have a clue about the use or the state of the lanes. First I would like to say that as normal this is directed at the bike's, Bike's are NOT the only user of the track's. As a regular motorbike user of the green lanes I have to agree that the tracks are being damaged more and more each year. Yes something has to be done to Reduce the impact, but it's not just the bikers, it is down to 4X4's , farmers and WATER damage & no one maintaining them. When we get it in the neck for damaging the lane's it is a little unfair, I don’t doubt that some people do try to repair damage. Shit3hawk, It is unfair to have a pop at enduro man, he brings money to the island and he takes the guys out so that is an element of control on were these guy's go, thus stopping illegal riding so give him some credit. We go out and I cant remember having a bad word of anyone, be it horse riders or walkers, but some of the latter need to have more respect for us, it is a two way road you know…!!! However talking to people who have used these lanes longer than myself, the Government / the moaners / friends of the earth type that don’t ever use the tracks . ! Dog walkers (well they have much more to go at than we do and we don’t leave SH__! Every wear for someone else to deal with). In my opinion made things worse, with regards to a few things below, 1, Reduced the available tracks, the effect is more people both Uk and IOM are using limited track's thus more damage. 2, DOT close tracks to work on, or so they say and don’t do any work and make the tracks worse, Gravel roads increase speed. (pipe line) 3, I see increased four wheel drive use, they rip the green lanes up far more that we ever could, see you tube (isle of man green lanes, I think) 4, The tracks aren't maintained by anyone, it's only when someone complains it becomes an issue & every tom ,dick and harry jump on the bandwagon. 5, The tracks are poorly defined, so visitors will go off on to unofficial tracks, It only takes one track in the ground and more people will use it. 6, Tracks are closed over the winter, is this the right time ? How can they be worked upon ? Its very easy to grumble on (above) but if something is not done. No one will be able to use the lanes. What would you do to fix it ? 1, Regulate the use more patrols. 2, Close tracks but open unused ones so we have some wear to go. 3, Create 1 or 2 enduro tracks for people to use. 4, Isle of man government actively working on the tracks, let's face it they are happy to promote David Knight but are unwilling to put any efforts into maintenance. 5, Clearly defined tracks, maybe a green lane guide.
  4. Has Japan Direct Closed down ? I was told that it had been soldto someone else, it that true ?
  5. Hi Gavsta. I am interested are you willing to haggle on the price ?
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