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  1. I think its a bit more than that , but unless its all day for £2 or less , whats the incentive to park there , as its £1 each way on the bus from there unless you walk it. Douglas Council : Screwing that little bit more out of their residents since 1860 ....
  2. I hear word that said contractors may be on that boat in the morning , as its taking an absoloute age for the government to pay them any cash, and thats whats holding up a lot of the work.
  3. Still assuming im from England MM. And where did this thing about crime come from? Theres no mention of that in my posting.
  4. Two of Jersey's leading financial 'lights' had letters published in the FT a few days ago fighting the corner of offshore financial centres and theirs specifically. Nothing from the IOM. Possibly since most of the ones here came in from Jersey in the initial influx , and plan on heading back there if the bubble bursts here.
  5. I always like quoting circulation facts.(yours are accurate BTW , im not taking a shot at them). It amuses me to note that by playing the lowest common denominator (Race , Fear of Change , young girls with big tits) , any media outlet can become massively popular. Note that despite being respectable papers with historically accurate journalism , the combined circulation of the Telegraph , Times , Indy & Guardian is less than the Daily Mail. Big Tits for 20p = profit.
  6. Indeed. Someone I worked with had a cocaine habit which would have killed your average 80's rock star, yet for the hours of 9-5 you couldnt meet a more professional individual. Outside of work however, if you ever got him away from the bar , it would only be for a brief period before he had to visit the bathroom. Personal opinions. Where would this forum be without em
  7. Seconded. Lloyds has something similar, but dont ask me to recant , its years since i was there. Anyroads, as much as the Guardian may have a hard on for the tax havens , its problem , and the problem for UK PLC , is that political parties are funded to a very high degree by non-doms. The fact that repeated legislative attempts to shut loopholes that allow this to occur have been voted down in the commons. Adog is not going to bite off its own tail, even if it knows thats where the fleas are. The guardian, as usual, is about 2 years behind the investigations which the likes of Private Eye have undertaken , and curiously never seems to mention Lord Ashcroft , whos non-dom status is remarkably dubious (Belize) , or other political figures who, under any rules which resulted in a crackdown on offshore jurisdictions , would stand to lose a considerable sum. Its tubthumping on a global scale from Broon , and even if Obama does go all out on offshoring, the majority of banks and financial institutions on Island have been avoiding business with US Nationals for years, due to the fact that the SEC over there is a serious beast to pick a fight with, unlike the toothless, spineless , Fundamentally Supine Authority that monitors the UK banking system.
  8. My own experience of this was a good friend of mine (though weve lost contact over the years). Having just completed his second degree , he began smoking a little bit here and there, with Uni mates , etc , and over time developed into quite a solid little habit. His job gradually suffered through inability to concentrate , lateness , showing up in an unfit state to work, etc etc. His girlfriend , who had just finished her BSC , and aside from being a truly good looking woman, was highly intelligent , walked out after another blazing row, the type of which had been escalating over the previous 12 months in line with his increased usage. Shortly after , another girl within our combined social circle, who had a reputation (quite justifiably I might add) for being a lazy , workshy cow who got what she wanted through flaunting 2 particular assets, usually wrapped in a very tight outfit, moved in. Having worked her way through 2 or 3 of the social circle, inevitably moving in, living off their incomes/drug stash for a while before walking out when it became apparent there simply werent enough drugs to meet her needs (Actually, I doubt there were enough in the entire continent to meet her needs) , she promptly latched onto said friend , and as anticipated, worked her way through the drug supply , cash , etc etc. I moved about 4 months after she had moved in with the guy. When I left , he was unemployed , skint , had a habit which could only be fed by dealing to his mates. Oh , and hed sold his rather nice car, which he could no longer afford to run, and which he needed to pay off a debt to a rather unpleasant bloke who just happened to supply a good portion of said small town. Ive not heard from him since. Neither have most people within the social circle we used to frequent. He became a bit of a recluse , partly due to the fact his temper and paranoia were getting the better of him regularly, and partly because he simply couldnt afford to do anything other than sit around the house all day. If anyone wants my reasoning for being anti cannabis, there you have it. The timescale from start to finish of that story is 4 years. With heavier use from the start , would probably have been a lot shorter.
  9. Mugs Game I like the odd regular flutter, but ill stick to things where the results cannot be fixed by the jockey , trainer or vets. Too many corruption scandals and people falling off certain winners to ever convince me theres any real judgement involved. Bookies love horse racing above all other betting. Theres a good reason for that
  10. Bit like IOM Post then. Except they cant blame the lack of delivery of your off-island letters on someone else, even if it does turn out its because they couldnt get a plane to fly for 3 days over the weekend.
  11. Kurashima


    Killing time at lunch (and downloading the FM Live client for later use) and im reminded that every time I log onto a machine in here, the history has ManxForums in it sometime in the previous 4-5 hours. How many of us actually spend lunchtimes in here?
  12. I think if you cant work out whos in and whos out based on the speculation of the first few posts , youre too far away from the issue to find it interesting anyway.
  13. Whilst theres a group of taxi drivers who are undoubtedly a menace to society on the roads , I will add this in their defence. Would anyone here go out and do a 12 hour shift , and at the end of it , come home with around £33, and think that was a fair wage for their job, just because its driving someone around town. Answers on a postcard please to "About 5% of Taxi Drivers in Douglas make more than £300 a week , and very few if any top £500 a week".
  14. It really is a truly depressing experience going into Shoprite looking for anything. Theres rarely anything you want , the staff look as though theyd take their own lives if they could afford the weapons , and the lighting reminds me of a police holding cell (dont ask). Its just so badly run, its criminal. If their idea of "Manx to the Max" is to try and portray anything Manx as poor quality and always out of stock , then fuck me theyre doing a brilliant job!
  15. Its just a rumour, but its a bloody strong one. Said senior local bank chaps wife may also , rumour has it, have been moved on.
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