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  1. buzz

    Headline...movement at Castle Mona site

    Not any more, they lost their licence a couple of years ago.
  2. buzz

    Summertime or Wintertime (GMT or GMT +1)

    Looks like the UK is planning to turn back the clocks 40 years
  3. buzz

    Steam Packet to be sold

    Was the sailing rough? They seem to lower the temperature if it is, less people chucking up.
  4. buzz

    Hosepipe ban

    Fair enough. But that was admitted in a staff meeting.
  5. buzz

    Hosepipe ban

    Heading towards the thick end of 50%. And they’re reasonably happy with that figure.
  6. buzz

    More death and destruction

    If they're doing 80/100mph at the Creg turnoff they ain't getting round the corner anyway
  7. buzz

    Tesco car park.

    About £15000
  8. IOM Gov changed contracts for phones etc. to Sure a few months back, dunno if this will have affected it
  9. buzz

    £104k to spend a penny?

    Listening to the interview on MR with Richie McNichol, what really pissed me off was the reason the old toilets (which are still there but locked off) were shut was no disabled access. So if disabled can’t use the toilet then nobody can. Bloody ridiculous. Keep them open until new ones are built but don’t stop everyone using them. He then blustered on a bit about flooding in certain tide conditions.
  10. buzz

    Police support workers in pubs and clubs

    Strange how this comes up just as Gov is considering minimum alcohol pricing Eh?
  11. buzz


  12. buzz

    Kawasaki FA76 Carburettor

    depends what bike its on, usually possible to get the float bowl off without removing the carb.
  13. buzz

    Kawasaki FA76 Carburettor

    take the float bowl off and spray carb cleaner around, then brush clean petrol to finish it off?
  14. Low sun this time of year maybe?