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  1. You couldn’t be more wrong. If you read the post properly, I said I read that somewhere. And I would guess that sensible people back up their phones so will lose nothing. So I guess you won’t be referring my question to yourself. Come back when you know what you’re talking about.
  2. Thanks, think he’s on a iPhone X and having similar problems. I did read somewhere that a complete reset can cure it, might be worth a try.
  3. What was the solution ? Got a mate with the same problem. Ta
  4. If this goes ahead it’ll make the bill for the Prom look like loose change
  5. Those look like old cables that are over the gas mains, probably going to be removed as new cables are/have been laid.
  6. Due to the road closure between the Archallagan turnoff & Foxdale no doubt, forcing all the westbound traffic onto the main road. Another DoI triumph.
  7. Whereabouts are you? I checked the coverage map and the iom has no 4g or 3g coverage.
  8. buzz


    Another vote for the royal India, never had a bad meal there. Great staff too.
  9. buzz


    Better than 1D
  10. I'm not saying it is the cyclists fault. Or that they shouldn't be given enough room when passing. But you can't deny that people are more scared of passing them now. And as far as I know its only in the last 2 or 3 years that an actual measurement has been given for passing.
  11. Part of the reason that cyclists seem to cause more of a hold up these days is the new rule for passing them . You see it all the time, people are so shit scared of getting too close they sit behind for ages, and when they do finally pass they nearly scrape the kerb at the other side of the road.
  12. So he drove from Laurel Bank to Ballig on closed roads, then drove back again, also on closed roads, and you consider that a minor error? OK
  13. “ I know mild cheddar is normally for kids but I am circumcised which means too strong a sensation can cause pain. “ what exactly are you doing to the cheese?
  14. That’s what I was trying to get at. Rather than bringing in new restrictions, enforce existing legislation and use the maximum fines/penalties available. Do that and it would be self financing, at least for the first year or two until the message gets through.
  15. Seems to me the road safety strategy is basically going to be to reduce or introduce speed limits. Over the last ten or more years, a lot of speed limits have been brought in. Is there any info on wether these have brought down accidents? How about hammering drivers overtaking on double white lines, talking/texting on mobiles, blasting through existing speed limits. See how much that improves things over a year or so. Let’s face it, idiots are going to do all the above anyway, so what difference is a lower number on a road sign going to make? It’s lack of a deterrent at the moment that’s making things dangerous, not lack of a national speed limit.
  16. Not any more, they lost their licence a couple of years ago.
  17. Looks like the UK is planning to turn back the clocks 40 years
  18. Was the sailing rough? They seem to lower the temperature if it is, less people chucking up.
  19. Fair enough. But that was admitted in a staff meeting.
  20. Heading towards the thick end of 50%. And they’re reasonably happy with that figure.
  21. If they're doing 80/100mph at the Creg turnoff they ain't getting round the corner anyway
  22. IOM Gov changed contracts for phones etc. to Sure a few months back, dunno if this will have affected it
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