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  1. A good shake up of teachers would be good, just before they have full time contracts does not mean they are good teachers, please please please Board of Education keep your good teachers that are not on contracts dont push them out, new blood is just what you need. My daughter has had a wonderful teacher this year, who my younger child would have been having in September, but sadly she is out of a job, everyone I have spoken to sings her praises. If I was lucky enough to have money I would pay her to teach my children privately, Maybe then they would be able to spell.
  2. I have a really wonderful home to give to some kitchen units, I have some vintage 1970's units to swap in return if you would like them. Its only a very small kitchen but I am looking for a built in cooker and the unit for it, sink unit and various cupboards if anyone can help PLEASE, my budget will just about cover the electrian and plumber to fit. Tracy 303004
  3. QUINNY ZAPP in pink Brilliant little buggy fits into tight spaces when folded up, comes with a carry bag. A must for holidays abroad. 50 of your manx pounds and its yours Tel 303004
  4. Cheers guys I watched from the golf course in Onchan Park, will be booking my space for next time.
  5. Got to agree whole heartedly with that bees Agree Also the cafe at the Wild Life Park charge 60p for using a card, and thats after charging you for well overpriced food.
  6. Was it only me or was there a plane missing last night? Fantastic show as always, well done guys.
  7. Just correct what you like, its xmas and time to forgive a mean spirited old bat, that has nothing better to do than try and put other people down. Lets just say I will not be posting on this forum again.
  8. I'm a swimming teacher and only teacher for 5 hours a week, and only get paid for what I work and will not get a pension etc etc. Anyway I received homemade mince pies from one of my pupils this year in a box, it was so thoughtful and they tasted wonderful, and didn't cost much but meant so much more because they were homemade. On the other side my child who is in reception received a book all wrapped up from her teacher this christmas, and seeing as I'm a single parents and lets admit it money is tight for everyone this time of year my child just gave her a card.
  9. I took my children wednesday night and it was fantastic, well worth going to see. The panto is funny and the cast worked the crowds with humor worth every penny and more. WELL DONE to all involved.
  10. Try front page and page 3 of the indy, interesting reading
  11. Some people have to really act to be considered stupid, and to be given one liners like that must be a blessing
  12. Waltons have always been helpful with everything I have taken to them, including child/vidoe/toast problems ;-)
  13. Dent Devils or if you want a really good job Trim Tech
  14. Golden Grill I think is was where Adams is now, or Nobles arcade to have coffee on a saturday, I even remember that when it was the coop or something and mum took me upstairs for a coffee as a kid. How about Crellins for the lunchtime specials (opposite Principles now). Sunday school picknics and Police treats. And as for the outdoor pool in Peel, with the swimming galas and biggest splash comps.
  15. Why dont you just use the trams, they are a great way to travel, only problem with them is they dont really go anywhere if there was a way of getting up summerhill and blackberry lane without walking then lots more people from Dandaraville and Onchan would use them in the summer. Now summerland has gone it just ends at a pub. We need Summerland there again to make them work.
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