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  1. Hey, my fella has done a few bikes up in his time. He just said that aslong as you mark up all the wires as you take them out it should be really easy. If you need a hand then just PM me on here and he says he will pop up to you and help you out. Hes only here for another couple of weeks though.
  2. Or will they just put it back up in Douglas to the same as elsewhere?
  3. Might have alook into the whole oil C/H thing. Ps. Glad the phones ok So was the roof of the van!!!!
  4. It is stupidly expensive trying to heat a house with gas. Ive kinda given up on actually being toastie warm and aim for not fozen! Really cant figure out if its gonna be cheaper in the long run to go to oil C/H given the oil prices rising etc.
  5. Ahhh, that explains it then. Told you i just probably wasnt seeing the obvious!! Roll on Ramsey getting the natural gas then!!!
  6. Ive just been looking at the Manx Gas tariffs and realised something that i hadnt done before. Even on a small island you pay more or less per unit for your gas depending on where you live!! In Douglas, Onchan, Braddan, Glen Vine, Crosby and Union Mills you will be paying 5.890 per unit (talking about central heating "Star Saver Tariff"). In Ramsey, Peel, Port St Mary, Port Erin, Castletown, Ballasalla and Andreas its 8.185 per unit on the same tariff. If my maths is right (which it probably isnt!!) then thats like and extra 40ish% per unit. Does anybody know why this is? I might be being stupid and just not seeing the obvious. I mean can they really justify it by saying that the further from Douglas you are then the more you have to pay. The island isnt that big!
  7. Panasonic car CD player. Model CQ-RDP101N Took this out of my last car and i now dont need it for my new car. If you're interested make me an offer. Moving house at the weekend and dont want to have to take it with me. Cheers
  8. Hi Ive got one thats as new. Got it about 2 years ago to replace my Blackberry but just didnt like the OS on it so went back to my old phone. Only had about 2 weeks use out of it. Found it the other day in a draw and was about to stick it on Manx.net. Dont know if it has any update thingy on it though. Also dont know if still got box or charger etc for it. If your interested make me an offer. Cheers
  9. Hi Try www.prosearch.im Also, local estate agents are :- Chrystals Cowley Groves Deanwood Harmony Homes Island property Consultants All have rental property searches online.
  10. Cheers guys Am now also looking at trying to get another of my boyfriends bikes over to the island for me. Its a yamaha TZR which has a good low seat. Now the issue is trying to get it here!!!! At this rate i will be giving up on the whole biking thing. Thanks for all the advice.
  11. I would need the platform boots to be 6inches tall! Unfortunatly i cant afford to buy another bike, the DT is my boyfriends so im stuck with that.
  12. Hi Guys Ive recently got a Yamaha DT125, its a great bike except that im a little bit to short for it. Its my first bike so its scary to me that i cant put my feet on the ground properly!! As i cant make myself any taller i need to make the ride height of the bike shorter. Now ive looked on the internet and apparently you can lengthen the suspensions links but i cant find out how much this will reduce the ride height by. So, if anybody can help or even give me some other ideas that would be great. Cheers
  13. I'll put a fiver in for a bottle of something fizzy for you. Thanks Tugger Serious point though that even people who work full time have to struggle on very low income with no support at all from the state.
  14. Actually, i bet that some people on benefits do get alot more money than me. Im not entitled to a council house so i have to pay rent on a private property. Just have a look online at rental properties, its really not cheap. My disposable income is pretty much zero, no money for treats like nights out or holidays. Ive worked it out that i would be alot better off not working. Would get help towards my rent etc oh and now a nice little xmas bonus! Sounds appealing.
  15. To be honest i think this bonus scheme is a little unfair. I work 40 hours a week at near enough minimum wage and am entitled to nothing from the government. I cant afford to enjoy Christmas. I wont be going out for a few xmas drinks or buying nice presents for my family because i dont have the cash. A bonus from the government would be much appreciated but because i work i dont get anything. Again, people that do choose to work for a living no matter what the job/wage are being made to feel its not worth while. They want people of benefits and back to work, well this isnt going to help. If they want cash to enjoy a nice xmas then they should try and help themselves by working for it.
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